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Privacy Statement
Our applications and rules on the collection and usage of information about the members


Collection of Information

PoemsAbout.Com, takes certain information from its members at various parts of the web site.


Although our site does not require a password in general, the members have to register in order to view some of the pages (such as MyFavoritePoems) and to participate in certain activities. Members become our "registered members" by using the member registration page.

When one of our members registers, we only ask for Name, Surname, E-mail address and Country information. The password of the member is generated automatically by the system and sent to his/her e-mail address. The member, by entering the password sent to his/her e-mail in the Member Login box on the main page (and on certain other pages), enters the system. When the member enters the system for the first time, we require the information of City, Date of Birth and Sex. Once this information is entered, the process of "member registration" is completed.

In order to obtain a visitors' profile, some additional information can be asked for at certain times (such as level of education), but entering this information will never be made compulsory.

E-mail Lists

There are several e-mail lists (e-mail lists, newsletters) such as "Daily Poems" on our site. We ask for an e-mail address from the users who wish to subscribe to these e-mail lists. Then the e-mails are sent to these users according to the rules of the e-mail list. Under no circumstances are e-mails outside the topic sent or the e-mail address is given to others. 

Other Forms

Our site also includes other forms such as Communication Form, Advertisement Information Form, Advertisement Registration Form. These forms are only and simply used for the purpose of communication. The content of these forms are not recorded in any database; only an e-mail is sent to the person concerned. The person concerned reads the contents of these forms and performs the necessary actions or writes an e-mail asking for more information from the visitor who filled the form. No e-mail will be sent later to the e-mail addresses of the persons who filled these forms and the information will be kept strictly confidential.


Usage of the Information


The information taken directly from the visitor/member through the forms mentioned above and statistical information such as cookies, page visit records and log records, are generally used to develop a profile of the visitors. This information is also used to automatically present a page that suits the requests and inclinations of the user when he/she visits the site and therefore to ensure the satisfaction of the visitor. 

The information given to us by the visitors is never published (except for a general demographic report) and is never shared with a third party through any means or methods.

We do not have any partner organizations or partner web sites with which we share the information collected.


We use cookies in our site to enable the users to perform certain procedures (for example to form a MyFavoritePoems and to later view it).

A cookie is an information notice recorded on the visitor's computer. 

Short-term cookies (also known as Session ID) are used for data transfer in the transition from one page to another during the visit. These short-term cookies are erased automatically when the visitor leaves our site or does not call for any page for 10 minutes.

Long-term cookies are recorded on the visitor's computer and allow us to identify him/her on a later visit. In general we keep only a number on the long-term cookie. We do not keep the name, surname and other information about the visitor on the cookie record. Therefore, a person who reads this cookie on the visitor's computer using a cookie reader program, will not find any meaningful information. 

The cookie mechanism is not a secret one. The visitor may get more information by reading the help texts of the internet browser, (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer) and by looking at the settings section can see where in his/her computer the cookies are kept. (For more information, refer to the web site of the firm which produced your internet browser.)

On the other hand, the visitor may disable the cookie mechanism whenever she/he wishes. The usage of cookies may be prevented from the settings section of the internet browser.

When cookies are disabled, our site may still be visited, but it becomes impossible to register as a user, change information, use the forms or participate in the other online activities.


We use the codes developed by third parties for the advertisements on our site. Among these, are amazon.com, linkshare.com, reporting.net and bfast.com. When these firms publish advertisements on our site, they can record information about how many times an advertisement was clicked by a visitor. But it is impossible for these firms (and the mechanism used) to obtain information such as the name and the city of a visitor and this is against the agreements between us and them.

Log Files

Like most web sites, we also keep the visitor record files. In these files, standard information such as the pages visited, date and time of the visit, size of the files, the type of internet browser used, the version of the operating system, the IP number, the reference web site are kept. In order to ensure the security of our information, we record the IP numbers along with the private information of persons.

Legal Disclaimer

Although we do not share the member information with any person or institution, we would like to state that if authorized courts demand this information, will submit the requested information to the court. 

Leaving membership or e-mail lists

In all the mechanisms included in our site, such as membership and e-mail lists, an option to "leave" is always included. When a visitor or a member informs us that he/she wishes to leave the e-mail list which he/she has subscribed, we carry out this demand without asking for a reason. Other than this, a form that allows the visitor to automatically leave our e-mails is always present on our main page. Any person using this form can leave the lists without having to inform us. 

Our members are never supposed members of certain e-mail lists "automatically" or "by default". Our forms and our methods rest on the basis that a member must be aware when subscribing to a list. 


Our site includes a links section. Other than this, we publish links as advertisements and as recommendation. The links to outside of our site generally open in a new window.

As PoemsAbout.Com we do not assert that the sites we give link to comply with the rules for keeping the visitor information confidential. The whole responsibility with this respect is on the web site concerned. We therefore recommend our visitors visiting these sites, not to give information without making sure that this information will be kept confidential. 

Communication Information

All questions and problems with respect to the information presented herewith can be sent us using the Contact Us page.


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