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Poems On / About AFRICA  11/25/2015 4:18:27 PM
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Best Poems About / On AFRICA
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Mama Africa

Oh what beauty you hold,
Where every country has a paradise dying to be discovered.
Oh mama Africa,
The land of diamond and gold,
Riches and beauty
It’s beautiful to see that our tradition still remains the same till the day of today.
Oh mama Africa,
How beautiful is it to see all your children are speared around the world
Investing and living in harmony,
Even thought we don’t have everything Mum, but we have peace.
The continent that is shaped as a jigsaw puzzle with many lost treasures waiting to found.
Our Garden of Eden.
The land that God Loved and Blessed.
But Mama Africa,
We your children are not all worthy before you
So please unite us as one
For the year of today is suffering
We are killing our own blood
Hate has hit our land hard
Love is nowhere to be found
We are crying,
And also praying
For a brighter day.
Oh Mama
Can you hear us?
Can you see our tears of pain?
Mama, we need you.
Please hear us and be our backbone in this time of need. As this is the cry from your children.Mama Africa
Lucia Domingos Fula

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The White African

The White African

Ross Dix-Peek

Over the great ocean seas
My ancestors did choose to flee,
Europe’s rumblings and poverty,
And to “Darkest Africa” did journey

It was many, many years past,
When Queen Vic’ was still at the mast,
When my forebears resolute did come,
To live beneath the great African sun

Since has Mother Africa suckled our young
To us her lullabies and sweet songs sung,
And all this time ‘neath her fiery mantle
Did my people in Africa live, toil and battle

Africa is not for the mild and the meek,
It's no place at all for the feeble and the weak,
And the days oft be savage and so very long,
Yes, it's only for the brave and the very strong

Many generations did pass, and many years shorn,
Before I too upon African soil was born,
Like my fathers’ before, a White African,
Created and cast beneath her scorching sun

And although I have since her rugged shores left,
My soul to Mother Africa’s bosom will forever be cleft,
And though I may miss the tight embrace of an African sun,
It matters not, for I will forever be a White African!
Ross DixPeek

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Secret Of The Sun

Raised by the bare bones of nature’s grace,
my home held hands with the feral forest,
where nature hid her gold.

I have heard palm trees whisper their stories
I have listened to the silent full moon quietly teach
lessons of those who had lived.
I know of the green secrets of the earth
Soft voices of searching roots that sprout forth, cluster
around my hut to tell.

I am from the bowels of Africa,
I understand the tongue of the wild.
I have swayed to the blue songs of humming birds that fill the
tree branches with their nests.
I have had breakfast plucked ripe off the tree
and lunch caught right from the river.
I have aimed a stick in the forest and secured supper.

I am from the bowels of Africa,
where nature’s breast milk flows from palm trees
and every suckle leaves a smile on wrinkled ebony faces.

I am from the bowels of Africa,
I have seen rains held up at the summons of wooden carved gods.
women foretell events of the next day, and men
hear voices of elders long dead.

I am from the bowels of Africa
I am carolled to dreamland by
crickets, frogs and fireflies
that mime nature’s song at night fall

I am from the bowels of Africa,
I am the dark secret held by the sun
konye ori

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Africa-The Rainbow Continent

Welcome to Africa to get peaceful pleasure,
Here I shall open the box of African treasure.

Africa is a blend of everything,
This safari I promise will surely be pleasing.
This rainbow continent has countries significant,
Even its geographical features are magnificent.

From Kilimanjaro the mountain hard to reach,
To the endless Nile whose infinity is difficult to seek
Sahara, the largest desert on the globe where the heat is scorching,
With ancient pyramids of Egypt makes the continentmore promising.

With more than 50 countries, Africa is exquisite
It will be a miracle that all of these i get to visit.
The numerous languages spoken there give an indegenous feeling,
These miscellaneous dialects have their own expressions and meaning.

The festivals celebrated there are colourful and jubilant,
With their attire that reflects a culture that is radiant.
African music mainly consists of drums, lute and trumpet
And the dance reflects confidence, ambition and spirit.

Africa's wildlife-a multitude of animals is amazing,
It is fun to see elephants and zebras grazing.
Now this safari seems to be endless
I must say that 'Africa' is divinely blessed.

(12 June,2007)
Urvashi Gautam

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