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Poems On / About AFRICA  5/28/2015 9:05:22 PM
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Best Poems About / On AFRICA
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Zambia The Real Africa

Home to the mighty victoria falls. A place were 72 different tribes live in peace. Land of many water bodies. Home to the endangered rhino.Zambia truely the real Africa.
George mwandu

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Views Of The North Korean Peninsular

kim jong ill is just a chink.he's not really red he's just a pink.so a south korean ship he did sink.what will they do when they find the link? north korea your so old.your children die from being cold.where is your female gold? i heard in africa they are sold.i have no use for a north korean.why would you want to even be one?
chris bowen

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Give Me Seventy Times Seven Reasons

for Mothers let babies cry at selfsoothe practice.. Gaddafi, now a dead man was victim of eye to eye resolution. Che guevara assasinated yet again by a tyrant nation. Chris Hani exiled in his own country in cultivation of UHURU.. Kwame never lived long to see the people whom he fought for fight now against each other. Tsvangirai witnessed the excrutionating death of his familly. Now why should i forgive you Africa? ?
Opelo Boingotlo Letshwiti

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A Colonized Mind Of Africa

Don't call my Africa a moron!
After stealing its means
Poisoning its food
Larcenous its resources,
And made it to look poor, like a church mouse
My African? Your mind is still colonized even today!

Africa you are now monotonous
With fake accent of colonization
Look! What colonization have done to your bright thoughts
I didn't know that it will last during your lifetime.
'Africa your mind is still colonized even today'

You use to have sharp shooter mind
You where In depth and independent
And now you are forever broke and in debt
You are breast feeding your children with disease-ridden milk
And your generation is mislaid generation,
Shorn of self worth and delicate identity

African children are on denial
They have give-up their Africanism 'Ubuntu'
They size their short hair with extensions
And paint their skin with this!
What is this? On African daughter?

Africa you are not yourself
Why? Who gave you food poisoning again?
When I gaze at you I see America!
When I take a glance at, you are Europe!

Your pregnancy with colonization
Was supposed to be miscarriage
Then I will approve death
A vital misfortune of your expectation

Your TB affects your children
Your infections give them a running bowel
They don't know which is which

Africa can I brain wash you?
And give you a medication for this infection.
'Africa your mind is still colonized even today'
Jacques Sprenkie Mateya

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Poems On / About AFRICA