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Poems On / About AFRICA  12/19/2014 1:12:17 AM
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Mama Africa.

Mama Africa
Listen; I am hooked, driven by your inspiration
I am raised, strengthened by your enormous love
I am free, released upon the skies flying like a dove
Today I breathe, walk as a result of your patience penetration

Walk with me; to raise my hand to victory
Smile, rejoice and witness as I draw history
Mama Africa!
Mishack Mchunu

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It Is All About Us

13 wives for the kinf of Swaziland,
With oriental minds to respect his muse;
But it is all about us in Africa! !

Yourkshire Puddings,
With words from the Westminster Abbey! !
But this story is all about us in Africa;
And like your love dedicated to the king.
Edward Kofi Louis

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he came, his sword unsheathed
like his forbears in -deed
cutting through thickets of injustice and oppression
he plunged deep into
the hearts and the heart of corruption

he came, a priest in lyrics robe
made an altar of music
he called forth saxophone
horns and drums did his bidding
lyrics, rhythm and harmony were his adornments

imbued with power of music
he cast off cassock of white lily thoughts
and embraced the gourd of black wisdom
necklace of cowries adorned his neck
he pulled down frontiers and fortes
of imperialisms and all isms

he lived Africa
bought and thought Africa
he died African....
ifedayo oshin

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Code of Conduct

Many atimes human around the world mis-uses figures but not again:
Understanding is equal to 160%,
Forgiveness is equal to 133%
Self-control is equal to 129%
Attitude is equal to 100%
Knowledge is equal to 96%
Misleading is equal to 93%
Vision is equal to 88%
Wisdom is equal to 83%
Feelings is equal to 76%
Perfect is equal to 73%
Love is equal to 54%
Poem is equal to 49%
Change is equal to 38%
Hate is equal to 34%

what makes africa africa is 100%
use of conduct
which is attitude
Senator alufalism

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Poems On / About AFRICA