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Best Poems About / On AFRICA
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Tata Madiba I Cry For You...

A great leader of Africa is gone,
departing on a summer evening of December 5,2013.
having lived a life full of opposites,
love flanked by hatred, peace embraced by violence
stone pavements wrapped in Arabic carpets,
prison bars shadowed by marble walls,
soft voices and harsh tones...

A great leader of Africa has left,
departing at a great age of 95
having lived a life full of journeys,
“the long walk to freedom”, he said.
footpaths and bridges, rivers flowing with hope,
a silent steam boat to nowhere
silently slicing the cold waters of the Cape,
emerging in an isolated landmark,
alone in the belly of the ocean...
the curse that became the light – Robben island

A great leader of Africa is gone,
departing at the end of a life full of fear and misery
having lived in the shadows of prison walls,
the bloody streets of Soweto,
the murderous riots of the Apartheid era,
the sweet voices of those he loved
engulfed by screams in the midnight,
African children calling him to lead
To lead from the front as the darkness was creeping with monsters, hot bullets from machine guns, souls departing in haste,
young African lives consumed by apartheid beasts.
The fear and misery in their hearts oozing into the African soil - the path that Tata Madiba was on...

A great leader of Africa is no more,
departing at the end of a life full of hope
having lived with great men and women of Africa,
people full of passion, empowered by the believe in the African spirit.
The same Spirit that boiled in his blood, showing him the way...
“Even though I walk in the valleys of death I shall fear no evil”, he mumbled.
Consumed by the hope that one day, just one day...
light will shine in his homeland – South Africa

A great leader of Africa has left,
departing at the end of a life of liberation and democracy
having lived in the Rivonia times,
the New york times and Sunday Heralds times,
the colonial times and the liberation times.
The times of freedom, truth and reconciliation,
blacks shaking hands with whites, whites hugging blacks,
Tata Madiba ushering democracy in Soweto,
the dark alleys of Johannesburg,
the beautiful beaches of Cape Town – beacon of Africa

A great leader of Africa is gone,
loud cries carried by the whispering wind,
telling me Tata Madiba is no more,
having departed on a quiet summer night,
the beautiful African City
the city where it all began - Johannesburg
Kenneth Maswabi

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My Name Is Ebola. And Officially You'D Be Most Wise To Fear Me!

By Stanley Collymore

My name is Ebola, and to all intents and purposes it seems that
I am a highly infectious and deadly disease like no other
before me in living memory, or even on record I'm
told; and going by the immense and undeniably
propagandistic hype surrounding me, I
veritably constitute a very scary
proposition both to behold
and likewise to get your head around, understandably;
as well as being as unlikely a favoured companion
you could ever possibly imagine to expectantly
find; freely want to relate to; or sensibly
involve yourself with; if, that is,
you're genuinely compos
mentis and truly of
a sound mind.

Yet despite all that I've actually been around now for more
than half a century, and as circumstances previously
dictated was habitually and exclusively confined
to Africa it's true; although surprisingly as
it happens and incredibly as it may seem
to you relative to my global infamy,
neither the relevant details of
my origin nor how I came in the first place to be there are
either known to me or have ever, I assure you, been
made explicitly clear; and it's a safe bet I guess,
courtesy of the official scaremongers in the
west whose job it is to manipulate and
deceive you, that nothing about
this, whatsoever, will you
learn of or ever hear

But fatefully or even perhaps more fittingly, deservingly,
logically and propitiously so and no longer alone, the
oft-referred to, generally regarded within some
sections of our white Caucasian societies
and contemptuously categorized by
them as the Dark Continent, and whose luckless and
endemically poor inhabitants have consistently
against the concerted backdrop of my intentionally
implanted, devastatingly rampant, much feared
and understandably unwelcome presence
and longstanding residency among
these Africans been at best studiously
marginalized and at its worst callously
ignored by the more acquisitively
affluent and aforesaid white
Caucasian west that could
have made a perceptible
and quite constructive
difference towards
curbing my zest
but instead and
together with
all the rest
chose not
to know.

And so now predictably finding themselves rather
dauntingly and inescapably thrown well within
the trajectory of my ever expanding reach
they quite cowardly and selfishly
scream blue murder, evidently
afraid to die; yet very much aware as panic-stricken
and fatalistically they watch me cross over and
establish myself well within their own
precious borders, that their racist
hypocrisy and most appalling
double-standards towards
Africa, starkly epitomized by their criminal
attitude of studiously not caring have
forcefully and with a terrifying
inevitability come home to
roost and axiomatically
will be their own
damming but
sadly merited

© Stanley V. Collymore
17 October 2014.

Author's Declaration:
At the height of apartheid the white Caucasian racists infesting the southernmost corner of Mother Africa, which they unilaterally renamed South Africa, and very much aware that however much or brutally they subjugated the indigenous peoples of the region, hamstrung their inalienable rights as fellow human beings, grotesquely restricted their freedoms or negated their entitlement to the same dignity they reserved for themselves that was also intrinsically theirs as well, that demographically, unless they could find and quickly adopt extraordinary and extreme measures that would seriously counter or else eradicate this observable and for them a most challenging phenomenon they would otherwise be backing a noticeable loser, since the Black population of South Africa generally and that of Africa in particular far outweighed in number the somewhat paltry total of white Caucasian colonial immigrants who unilaterally and quite savagely controlled not only South Africa but also the wider African continent.

Therefore, drastic measures were needed and had to be introduced as a matter of the most urgent priority if the continued survival of the white Caucasian man, woman and their offspring in Africa and crucially their ongoing theft, exploitation of that continent's vast mineral and natural resources, and their exclusive grip on them together with the control of the said African continent were to be guaranteed and maintained.

World War II had taught these white supremacist warmongers and their kith and kin across the so-called western world that all out conventional or even nuclear wars attendant with their massive destruction was not the answer. For starters, they were too costly and manpower-intensive, and furthermore damaged infrastructure ravaged by the wars fought within these countries had to be rebuilt at some time or other if even a modicum of civilized standards of doing things was to be maintained; and that too was a very costly exercise as the post World War II development of a massively destroyed and the subsequent embarked on redevelopment of West Germany, as it was then proved to be.

As such therefore an alternative had to be found; and after detailed and secretive discussions and negotiations among themselves the Cabal of White Supremacist Countries from Canada in the far northern hemisphere to Australia at the other end of the world and all the other usual white culprit countries in-between: the United States, Britain, France, virtually every other mainland European state, including Germany, for example, together with Israel and apartheid South Africa hit on what they considered to be a most efficient and in relative terms cost effective way of dealing with the world's non-white populations, and most particularly so its Black inhabitants. And the panacea that embodied their intractable racist views and whose concerted implementation they earnestly pinned their jaundiced hopes on fulfilling them was germ and or biological warfare.

Through these biological and viral mechanisms this global Cabal of White Supremacist Countries, their racist governments, scientists and populace at large hoped at best to manage and at the other extreme even eradicate at will in both instances those non-whites anywhere in the world that they quite subjectively and selfishly regarded as superfluous to human requirements and therefore no longer fit to continue living. Blacks who indisputably constitute the oldest and most longstanding of all the races on Planet Earth and from whom all others, including these white supremacist most ironically are also descended, would have the most torrid of these viral and systematic biological germ warfare assaults directed at and conducted against them.

And in apartheid South Africa the fevered minds of those running the apartheid government and system there together with scientists from every corner of the white world including, most ironically and perversely so, those from the Zionist state of Israel with its World War II holocaust survivors and who leaders apart from their love of money like nothing better than repetitively bleating to the world how monstrously their white Caucasian Jewish kith and kin were mistreated by German and other European Nazis, yet here they were clandestinely collaborating with others of their ilk not only in the planned viral and biological extinction of the Palestinian people but were also in cahoots with the apartheid Boers of South Africa - to a man and woman proactive supporters of and significantly staunch fighters with the Third Reich - to intentionally through the auspices of viral and biological machinations at best drastically reduce South Africa's black population and in the worst case scenario ably assist in its extermination altogether.

Hence the creation of AIDS and other laboratory designed diseases targeted primarily at those with a greater concentration of melanin, a principal constituent of all Black People, in their physiological make-up, extending right up to the present time and the so-called current Ebola outbreak. Pray tell what exactly is current about the Ebola outbreak; and what are these odiously infamous but all the same extremely accomplished, propagandist-jerks and their useful and manipulative idiots ranting on about, when Ebola has effectively been ravaging parts of West Africa now for in excess of 50 years, around the same time that South Africa's apartheid leaders were openly boasting about how their home-grown scientists and other white western ones working in collaboration with them and whom they fondly regarded as their own kith and kin had produced the viral and biological means to eradicate Blacks that were openly, unashamedly and contemptuously spoken of by them in the most offensive white supremacist language.

Don't just take my word for it; do your own research, as I always implore you to on every single matter that I write about, and see how the likes of F.W, de Klerk other notorious luminaries within the apartheid system and scientists like Wouter Basson, dubbed Dr Death, did their utmost to annihilate South Africa's black population and in the process create as we see in Australia, Canada, the United States. New Zealand and Argentina, for example, an irreversible demographic change that significantly and even exclusively favoured Whites. Is that why these utterly sickening and odious white Caucasian bastards who following in the footsteps of their barbaric ancestors, and from Canada to Australia and right across Europe are so shit scared of non-white immigration to the lands they now inhabit; petrified that they'll have done to them what they and their forbearers did to other races across the world? Sorry to disappoint you chumps, but not every other race is as sick and evil as you are; because if they were they wouldn't have allowed you to set foot in their countries or regions in the first place, let alone show you the hospitality they routinely gave you and that you so savagely and treacherously abused in your sick process of then dispossessing them of everything they ever had, equitably shared among themselves and treasured for millennia, until your lot came along.

Now stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

The truth is, reverting once more to these obviously manmade diseases, that Ebola just like AIDS only became a problem for the west's leaders, its media and exceptionally grasping pharmaceutical companies when the Trojan horse callously and conspiratorially implanted in Africa actually broke free of its tethered lead and rather unexpectedly started wandering on to the pastures and fields of the white west. Too bad for you, since you had to take action in order to stave off from within your own ranks the identical pandemic that you'd intentionally caused in Africa. Well since you prized assholes seemingly never learn from your past misdeeds that's precisely what happens with Frankenstein monsters whether they are of the military or biological kind; and personally I have no fucking sympathy either with or for any of you!

Finally, Britain which has one of the oldest biological warfare institutions and laboratories in the entire world located at Porton Down is quite literally up to its eyes and ears in nefarious and ongoing activities of germ, virus and biological warfare; and who can forget the myxomatosis scandal that almost eradicated the entire rabbit population of the United Kingdom? And the United States too similarly belongs in this rogue's gallery of perfidious infamy; and to assure one's self that it meets the criteria for this hands down one only has to mention the Tuskegee Project; and in time honoured fashion I'll once again implore you to check out for yourself this distinctly dastardly act of notoriety and betrayal on the part of the USA that went of for decades.

So feel free to believe these lying bastards, if you want to, when they dishonestly and mendaciously tell you and with straight faces too all the duplicitous crap about Ebola that they're currently spewing out; but it doesn't say much for you when you take it at face value and don't do the research for yourself.
Stanley Collymore

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African Identity Is Lost

Thank you South Africa Thank you

Today I don’t know why should I cal myself an African

South Africa I am afraid

I don’t know why you have killed people of Zimbabwe

You have exposed this mother land

It is like what Hitler was doing to the Jews

Why, Why, Why? ? ?

Yesterday we were depending on Zimbabwe for liberation struggle.

We had no fighting machines, no residences and no identity

Robert Mugabe Sacrificed all of his power, just because he wanted to see South Africa out of its previous crisis

With the lapse of 15 years?

Why don’t you look at United State of America?

United State has truly become a Model Liberal Country
Its President is a black person

It is a mixture of different people – none of which we have ever had such South African Tragic Killings

Today I am telling te whole world that I am so embarrassed
Ladies and Gentlemen: South Africa is a Xenophobic Country

If you think to pay a visit for study there: please take another option

I had never think that a person can be boiled with fire for no reason but Xenophobia

I wish you a very bad lucky
Perhaps God can give you a Tsunami over your bad reputation
South Africa does not only needs to apologize to Zimbabweans

It needs to apologies to the whole world
It needs to apologies to the whole Africa country
It need to apologies to God himself
It need to apologies to itself for having lost consciousness
I want to warn South Africa with one thing
Fire is not the end of the world
It is not to terminate the Zimbabweans by burning them alive
God has always been there before the fire
I remember when the King ordered fire to kill three men in the bible
God came out to be a shield
Just like he protect people from the lions he can be an answer to what South Africans have done to Zimbabweans
It is like there is absolutely nothing happened to all over the country
Nobody is feeling the sense of pity about these people
They are being treated as the dead dogs
Eve the policies who were there to mediate seem to smile, during event.

The religious groups who are always regarded as holy have not even gathered to express words of regret not only to Zimbabweans but to God himself.

I don’t know which country I can run to
Because I can hear the anger of Gods –talking to me
I wish I can fly away because the pain that South Africa will feel is more that the fire
I am not talking about a joke, I am talking about god
Africa what you have done is to challenge the Lord himself
Since God is able to protect a person that people are playing with
What about those South African who have decided to kill people the image of God himself.

I don’t know: but I think it will be better to be at Zimbabwean Starvation that to be at tragic South Africa
Don’t you remember what happened when people steal the covenant of God at Middle East Countries?
I am yours and you are not mine
No we are not the same
I am not xenophobic
I believe the extended hand is more blessed with receiving hand
I reconcile the process of giving the poor Zimbabwean the food they deserve
No I am an African; It won’t be Africa to me to kill another African
I cannot stop thinking about this
I have several friends and collogues that are coming from Zimbabwe
I am shame of myself
I don’t know what kind of friendship I have with them if my Brothers are killing them
I don’t know whether I will see the in future because of these continuous killings

Thank you South Africa thank you
I did not realize that you have lost the covenant of God
I don’t know whether you are prepared for God’s reaction




Zambia The Real Africa

Home to the mighty victoria falls. A place were 72 different tribes live in peace. Land of many water bodies. Home to the endangered rhino.Zambia truely the real Africa.
George mwandu

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