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Poems On / About ALONE  10/31/2014 8:25:54 AM
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Best Poems About / On ALONE
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I came alone in this world with a cry
Mother told me that I cried much after birth
May be I am destined to cry and continue the life
That I am destined to think lonely in my mind.

Alone the feel is not so bad that I think
Alone the life is so happy with freedom
Alone don't make it worse of situations
With fear, anxiety, stress, and tensions.

The Big tree standing near the pathway
Giving so much shade in summer heat
Stands alone and in meditative stand
To help the guests who comes with heat

Alone is the sun the great power of universe
Which gives the light and heat for world over
The energy it gives to the entire lives
Beyond our comprehension of thoughts and imagination

Alone is he going in the final days and demise
No one is going with him even the near and dear ones
As we comes alone and destined to go alone
There is no place for tears and depressive moods

Alone we suffer in our ailing and aging hardships
We cannot part our pain and mental agonies
Unless we prepare a brave mental attitude
Sorry alone here also we have to suffer the feelings.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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It's a dark night
For our love dear
And I'm feeling, so alone here

And when I ask you, can you stay
Turn your head and you look away
I am alone
I am alone

You whisper that you have to go
You got to run
And when I ask you, can I come
Turn your head and start to run
I am alone

I am alone, I am alone

It's a dark night for our love dear
And I'm feeling, so alone here

And I whisper your name to no one
And I cry softly to no one
I am alone, I am alone

And I whisper your name to no one
And I sing to no one
You had to go, you had to run
It's a dark night, and I cry here
In the darkness, all alone here
I am alone.
moon dust

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Alone in my house.
Alone in my car.
Alone in my town.
Alone as a star.
Alone in a store.
Alone in a crowd.
Alone in my mind.
Alone on a cloud.
Alone in the sky.
Alone on the Earth.
Alone in the sea.
A loner since birth.


© 2013 L.K.Sorrows
Little King of Sorrows

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I Am Alone


I am alone,
The silence is deafening,
The wind keeps me company
I am alone,
Lost in thought,
Hearing nothing but the wind,
Why so blue,
Could it be you,
For your not here,
For I fear, where I will be,
I am alone,
But there is no you,
Just my imagination of someone being there,
No family, no friends just alone.
I am alone.
I need someone,
Who will it be,
Will it be you,
For I don’t wish to be alone,
Not scared of dying,
But scared of dying alone,
I hear the doorbell ring,
I answer the door,
There is no one there,
Was it a dream,
I am alone,
Dreams, wishes, hopes,
What is real,
I am alone,
Is anyone there,
Hold my hand,
Give me a hug,
I need the human touch,
I need someone to talk to,
I need a friend,
I am alone.
Rita K Bauer

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