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Poems On / About ALONE  7/12/2014 4:08:00 AM
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For In Ages Past As Knights Did Toll

for in ages past as knights did toll
onward came the night
the darkness of fear
alone they stood
alone against the dark
the fear
alone against there greatest fear

and at their darkest hour
did one stride forth
one of might and valor
alone amongst his kin
alone against the dark cold fear

against his might did the dark attack
with fang and claw
with wing and beak
yet still he stood
alone in the dark
against there greatest fear

even as his back did break
his shield rent and sword asunder
did hope come to him
a simple smile
a simple voice
of hope

for even in this great dark
this greatest depth of his fear
he knew
he was not
Dragon Heart

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color alone

alone is not sad
alone is not upset
alone is alone
but alone is not black
alone is not white
it may seem you feel
black and white
but alone is every
color you just cant
feel the colors.
Fading Heart

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Alone she sits....
Alone she waits....
Alone she hopes and prays...
To be rescued....
But no savior comes to her rescue...
Alone she is...
Alone forever...
Alone in a doungeon of lonelyness...
Forever alone...
Ariel Morris

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ALONE I wait

I MISS your charm
I MISS your wit
I MISS your smile
ALONE I sit.

WE used to laugh
WE used to try
WE used to love
ALONE I cry.

NOW you hide
NOW you hate
NOW your gone
ALONE I wait.

SOMEDAY will be
YOU and I
UNTIL that day
ALONE I die.
Beth Webb

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Poems On / About ALONE