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Poems On / About ALONE  7/25/2016 4:58:52 AM
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Alone Forever

My feelings make me alone
alone forever

My friends dont know my feelings
My family dont know my feelings
im alone
i can be in a crowd yet alone
i walk alone
i talk alone
i live alone

My feelings are what seprate me
My feelings make me alone

i wish to be whole
i try to bring myself together
i become strong in the process but ill still be
alone forever
Stacy Bea

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Sadness, A Boy, My Life, Im Alone.

1.SADNESS: Is everywhere I go, sadness is everything I do, sadness is in me...Pain is in my heart, pain is in the world, but pain is everywhere I see...You make me feel bad, you make me feel sad, I make myself feel bad, I make myself feel sad...Do I hate you or do I hate me, why can't you see...Im alone, im sad...Im so empty inside with no love in the world...What would it feel like if I was'nt born, what would it see like if I was'nt there...This world is a cruel cruel place to live in, but its still our home.

2.A BOY: I want a boy that will make me happy...I want a boy that will love me...I want a boy that won't cheat on me...I want a boy that will stay with me.

3.MY LIFE: Sucks, my life is sad, my life is bad, my life is mean, my life is cruel, my life is stupid, my life is dumb.

4.IM ALONE: In the world, im alone in my house, im alone in school. My heart is empty inside, my heart is alone inside. There is no boy for me, there is no one there, there is no one here. I can't find any boy for me, so why am I different than you and her. I am so lonely and so sad, your the reason im feeling bad, your the reason im feeling sad.
Crushed Bone

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The Unique

there is a distance that tears alone can erase
there is a feeling that distance alone can make you realise

there is a word that silence alone can reveal
there is a silence that words alone can't deal

there is a pain that love alone can give
there is a love that pain alone can feel

you may be far away
there is a presence that belongs to you alone

there is an absence that you alone can fill
a word that you alone can fathom

there is no moment that can be without you

there is a poem that can't be written
and that is You....
santhosh kana

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Alone she sits....
Alone she waits....
Alone she hopes and prays...
To be rescued....
But no savior comes to her rescue...
Alone she is...
Alone forever...
Alone in a doungeon of lonelyness...
Forever alone...
Ariel Morris

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