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Poems On / About ALONE  2/12/2016 8:27:40 PM
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Rain, Rain, Rain

Rain, rain, rain...Come down fast...Come right at me...Until i'm all wet...Until I feel cold...But still I stand alone...Just wet...Just cold...Just staring in the sky...Oh sky...Why do you cry...Your clouds have made the sun run...But still...Why do you keep making tears fall......If the sky crys, I will cry too...A tear for every dropp of rain you make falling from the sky...But still stand alone...Still wet, But still cold......It doesen't bother me...Cuz who would knew i'm out alone...Standing beneath the rain, as I let it fall on me...It's not a bother...It's just water......Dirty water thats what it is...
Crushed Bone

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Alone Again

If I find myself, Yes myself, Amid these fallen drops of rain, then It means I am free one-hundred percent To go anywhere and everywhere All by myself anytime Simply because I am alone again... I am alone again... I don't care about that empty world Anymore... I am alone again... ______________________________________________________________________

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Not Alone

When you think of the word alone, you think that alone means to never live with anyone, to not be social, or to never have loved. When I think of the word alone, I think of never being able to find your real purpose in life. To never have realized your full potential in life.
thomas hannah

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Why do I feel alone.How can this bee.You always say you will always be here for me. When I need you the most you are not here. So I feel all alone.Sometimes I feel like a burden on you. Though you are so far away. I know in my heart I am not alone because I know your always thinking of me.
Sandra Coy

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Poems On / About ALONE