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Poems On / About ALONE  5/23/2015 12:45:19 AM
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To Be Alone Is Over

Loneliness is not a pretty merit, but A scary thing anytime and anywhere Because a pretty life needs us not to Be alone for ever and ever, A pretty life needs us to be together to Build a pretty love and to look forward, Being alone means to give up and to Surrender to all ugly obsessions, Life is built with all hands and all Hopes, so to be alone is over from now on.

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i made yet another mistake, i let myself fall in love, with someone i knew was wrong, but now i guess i learned my leason, cause i'm alone, he went and played me with some other girl and now i set alone in my room, wanting to end it all, just say good-bye. but i won't cause i got my friends who are always there, he now he is left alone.
sarah butler

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Memories To Remember

When we laugh Does the world laugh with us When we cry Do we cry alone The world is full of troubles So now are we really alone Always remember that even when your alone The world is right behind you written 4/15/08 Postted 4//15/08
Susie Sunshine

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All Alone In The Dark

all alone in the dark cant find my way out of the dark tryin so hard just to find light but there is no light but i can see it far away and i know the lord is callin me and im tryin to walk but somethin holdin me back im tryin to make it but i cant do it alone and im alone in the dark the divle tryes to take my soul but im strong and i aint bowin down to him never will i give my soul only to the lord only him
stephen vega

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Poems On / About ALONE