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Best Poems About / On ALONE
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I Stand Alone

I Stand Alone, all alone, by myself.
Self, being selfish, self-willed, self-evident,
self-sufficient, self-serving, self-assured,
self-disciplined, self-righteous, self-seeking,
self-less. Yet,

I Stand Alone, all alone, by myself.
Guilty, of sin, of blindness, of hatred, of fear,
guilty, of torment, of ignorance, of neglect,
guilty, of procrastinating, of judging, of criticizing,
guiltless. Yet,

I Stand Alone, all alone, by myself.
Fighting, against pain, against my feelings,
against depression, against the evils of this world,
against my family, against my foes, against friends
aggressively. Yet,

I Stand Alone, all alone, by myself.
Making, mistakes, making life worthwhile,
making every moment count, making some cry,
making a difference, making and leaving my mark
eternally. Yet,

I Stand Alone, all alone, by myself.
Yet, back then I could not see.
Am I Alone? No not Alone,
God's Angels Stand By Me.
Singleton M. Tate

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Being Alone

I am alone
I have no brother nor sister
Yet, I'm happy...

I am alone
I have many friends
Yet, I'm lonely...

I am alone
I am always going alone
I am always going alone in the dark...

I am alone
I want to see the beauty of the world
I want to hear the sound of the sword
But I can't...because I'm alone

I am alone
I like to be with you
I want to join the group
I want to help them
I like to teach them

Why am I always alone?
Why am I isolated?
Why am I secluded?

Please answer me
Please help me
Please take care of me
I am alone....being alone...

I want to be happy
I don't want to be lonely
I want to know you
Even if I am alone...

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I wake up alone
I eat alone
I laugh alone
I cry alone

But what is loneliness?
I have finally done it
sinned have I
Joy have I none

I walk at night
To try to see the right
Running into a fight
have I tonight

I fight alone
I fall alone
I run away alone
I will die alone

For there is no one to join
In this very life
All i have seen is nothing to join
Wife will I have none

I wake up alone
I eat alone
I laugh alone
I cry alone
Jake whaley

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Ph: Echo: Alone Too

Alone….. what relief in the face of life's riot,
Alone….. and what sweet space, fragrant air all around,
Earth's rotation imparts no real sense of motion
Until stars appear! Their swirling dance makes no sound.

Alone….. tanning by an immutable ocean,
Alone….. I surf breaking waves on wind swollen sea,
No hint of confusion, I'm one with the motion,
No sad message from others that disappoints me.

Alone….. in my hammock beneath swaying palm trees,
Alone….. time now to ponder just what a cloud needs,
The wreck of a ship sits rockbound in the distance,
Its broken spine's now home for disparate life's seeds.

Alone….. with the lost! Are prayers ever answered?
Alone….. my heart overwhelmed. Could that be a prayer?
I look at the rainbow as summer squall passes
And find that I'm grateful that I am a player.

Alone….. strange it seems almost no load to shoulder,
Alone….. if I fall down there's no one to make fun,
If life seems too tough, well, whose load do I carry?
Is it just my own stuff or have others piled on?

Alone….. yes it's true that I miss other's laughter,
Alone….. of course there is no real sharing of tears,
Maybe in fact I could set better boundaries,
Taking charge of protection from all of my fears.
Brian Johnston

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