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Poems On / About ALONE  10/7/2015 5:05:37 AM
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</>As i sit here alone i look at the man n the mirror searching for my soul, my hearts beat's alone... a men with n
manys words..but left unknown.. i grew up with a heart... but why is it soo cold... questioning the things i been told as i see mu life ahead of me unfold... wondering would i always feel like i am alone..? i am searching for something thats bigger then me a heart that will never dies.. or grow old......
chris guice

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Silence Has Fallen

Now I sit here only the passage of the air from the exhalation of breath a white noise in the silence. Silence has fallen and the rhythmic beating of the heart a reminder life is abound, the steady pulse in my ears. I am alone yet I am not alone, despite the lack of anyone in the room, the silence is a life of it's own. It pulses with the beat of a heart beat in the ears, breaths with the rustle of air with each exhale, and speaks in a deafening voice. Silence has fallen to remind me that I am truly not alone, even when no voice speaks.
Jael Courtney Wolz Smith

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Aching Lost

i lost him in this less than significent world we call home, his final words to me were good luck as he slipped from my finger tips, as i grasped in a thundering cry for my friend who died, when all went quiet i searched for him as he fell in darkness from the cliff in a dead smile, now im left alone with this aching, aching for something, something i don't understand, now that he's gone love is filled with pity, i have many pain filled nights while not being fair, watching all smile at me, and yet me dying inside, so as if empathy was used because no one cared, the one person that did is now gone forever, know it well for im a pained human, while others are happy, everynight i ask myself why did he jump? why didn't i? he left me all alone with this aching that's my own, from my sad thought and abused past, i have no where to go now, im all alone and don't know what to do, now that's my aching lost
Timothy Long

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Growing Up Part Ii

Made some friends in life but those friends went on and made some other friends who they became more close to than me......spent most of my days alone.........during the night time with the lights off always felt like the walls were moving and the roof caving down on me..........times that i felt like I was doing everything wrong in my life and with no one to talk to no one to share with everything that was burning inside me and no one to hold me tight and tell me it was going to be okay.........faced almost every challenge in life by myself......got used to always being and doing everything alone.......realised that happiness is oneself because only you can choose what or who makes you happy..........trusted and believed in myself.........made myself my happiness........held on to my self when all my skies turned grey, when times were hard had myself to count on.......with all those long conversations with my mirror all those times I spent alone counting stars I found the definition of myself and I knew as I know now that I can do anything and everything I set my mind on without depending on anyone because I'm Me! !
brian musonda

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