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Poems On / About ALONE  2/10/2016 9:10:17 AM
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Here I am alone again stuck in the case of depression. I went through hell and back trying to tell somebody I love them then get rejected. And there it is everything I've done has been wrong so sometimes I think of giving up. Being alone is fine but being alone is also horrible cause being in silence is bad for depression cause you start thinking of the bad things in life then it makes you more depressed. Rather I stay or go only time can tell. Jackson Wings logging off.
Jackson Wings

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Death As Is

When we pass away, We take our deeds With us anytime... We don't take anything Like our money or Anything else simply Because it will be useless... We will go alone and Without the company of Those whom we love or Those who love us anytime... We will be surely alone With our good or bad deeds... We will be alone in our Tombs with those worms That are ready to be fed on us... Our good deeds are only Our Good companions, but Our bad deeds are our bad companions... Death is inevitable for anyone, so Why don't we behave good in our daily life? _____________________________________________________________________

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Alone With Convictions

Alone with a diminishing smile
Alone with and without self-conflict
Alone without a worry with plenty to worry
Alone without a thought
A blank mind brewing insanity wine
Alone without shadow in sight
A man of vision
Alone with the walks of hell and back
A man, wise, stillness
A voice filled with conviction
Kelvin Owusu

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Aching Lost

i lost him in this less than significent world we call home, his final words to me were good luck as he slipped from my finger tips, as i grasped in a thundering cry for my friend who died, when all went quiet i searched for him as he fell in darkness from the cliff in a dead smile, now im left alone with this aching, aching for something, something i don't understand, now that he's gone love is filled with pity, i have many pain filled nights while not being fair, watching all smile at me, and yet me dying inside, so as if empathy was used because no one cared, the one person that did is now gone forever, know it well for im a pained human, while others are happy, everynight i ask myself why did he jump? why didn't i? he left me all alone with this aching that's my own, from my sad thought and abused past, i have no where to go now, im all alone and don't know what to do, now that's my aching lost
Timothy Long

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Poems On / About ALONE