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Poems On / About ALONE  5/3/2016 9:26:22 AM
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Silence Has Fallen

Now I sit here only the passage of the air from the exhalation of breath a white noise in the silence. Silence has fallen and the rhythmic beating of the heart a reminder life is abound, the steady pulse in my ears. I am alone yet I am not alone, despite the lack of anyone in the room, the silence is a life of it's own. It pulses with the beat of a heart beat in the ears, breaths with the rustle of air with each exhale, and speaks in a deafening voice. Silence has fallen to remind me that I am truly not alone, even when no voice speaks.
Jael Courtney Wolz Smith

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I Cant Understand My Pain Inside

please help me understand why i feel so sad its not meant to be this way i thought im ment to be happy or feel at least a litle glade but no its not that way for which im alone in this hole in the ground some where unknown iv tried to get out iv even called for someone to come but still not no one hears my voice, my crys, my tears in my eyes this is sad to hear im alone and i dont know why. But when im here sitting alone ill think of what really will become of me and let myself be able to bring myself home but untill then ill tell you all now we dig our own pits to learn from the these lessons we seem to fall into with blinding eyes but when im back then ill understand the reason and why
Tamara Kelley

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In My Loneliness

I never distance myself from anyone, but I feel only alone... To be alone means To take that refuge from Cases in which one feels that... I tend to be lonely When I feel that I need to do so... Keeping oneself away does not mean To be alone, but To re-think about people and about things... Loneliness never means to be away or To distance oneself from others, but To review things in a clear view... I discover things that lead me To a better world and is better than That world I see anytime... _____________________________________________________________________

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Here I am alone again stuck in the case of depression. I went through hell and back trying to tell somebody I love them then get rejected. And there it is everything I've done has been wrong so sometimes I think of giving up. Being alone is fine but being alone is also horrible cause being in silence is bad for depression cause you start thinking of the bad things in life then it makes you more depressed. Rather I stay or go only time can tell. Jackson Wings logging off.
Jackson Wings

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Poems On / About ALONE