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Poems On / About ALONE  9/23/2014 7:18:55 AM
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Why am I,
So alone.
So dark and cold
Alone in the world.

Alone in life,
Alone all day.
All night I think
of why I am.

Alone in the world
So dark and cold,
I don't see why.
Why am I me?
Brianna Wilshusen

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alone in the dark

lost and alone
i cannot see
the little light
has gone away from me

alone in the dark
i stand alone
for the lost withered soul

im lost at sea
i cannot see
the nearby docks
approaching me

the seagulls fly
all gone east
but my ship has crash
leaving me

alone in the heavens
i cannot see
why god has chosen me
to take a seat in his lovely land
the devil himself
i, he did not want

alone in my mind
far out of reach
along and sudden the hand i feel
Kimberley Waldron

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I Stand Alone

I stand alone in this war
playing a game i do not want to play
every hit I'am taking
I still stand alone
trying to get out
standing alone in this nightmare
I must get out
remembering my mistakes
so many wrong corners
so little time
but I just stand alone in this nightmare, geting out
but I can't
someone help
cus I want this nightmare to end
I can't fight it
I need help
Aris can you help me? Odin can you? someone help! I don't want to stand alone!
Dallas Stevens

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She fights her own battle


she walks to her day care


with those gray blue eyes
windows into her soul


and returns to the homeless shelter


alone in the big city
only 4 years old

but already at war
with the world
that just keeps putting her down


Nobody knows
why she is so skinny

why she walks alone
why her cherubic little face is streaked with dirt


god bless her
Annie Janine

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Poems On / About ALONE