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Poems On / About ALONE  7/23/2016 6:02:23 PM
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'Dont Be Alone'

I seen you cry, it broke my heart that you were crying all alone.
Don't be alone if you needed someone to lean on ill be there right beside you.
Ill be there ill hug you till your tears stop. Ill stop the time if your needed more time, to cry on my shoulder.
Ill be carrying your problems with you throught the end, Ill lead the way if i needed to.

I seen you walk alone, Ill run into you, hold your hands and start holding your problems with me.
Don't be alone ill be there watch and see the sunset going down, walk by the ocean and start walking
to the new tomorrow with you. Ill walk throught the sharp things with you, ill let my tears fell down on my face
with you. Ill let you see the star while walking to the new tomorrow that were facing together walking and hold hands.

I seen you without no one, don't worry ill be there with you ill be alone with you throught hard and easy times,
no matter what happens ill never let go... So dont be alone cause im here with you throught the darkness and lightness.
No matter hold on to me never let go, ill fight for you, ill cry for you and ill suffer for you with everything i got.
Oh now your with me, your not alone anymore let me see the smile i've looking for. Show it to every one with me :)
mariel cabildo

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I, who is alone in my inner earth
Lonely in a world of mist
I am a song without a tune
I am a river without any tide...

Alone with my thoughts
Alone in my dreams
Alone to celebrate my joys
Alone to cry out my sadness...

You can see loneliness in my eyes
Alone i am in the rain
Wishing for it to rid my pain
Look at me...

I stand with you, still i am alone...
Lutful Sadiq

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Im from a family of seven
which to most it would seem
as if I would never be lonely.
But somehow in all that crowd
I always feel as if Im alone.
Alone as a feather on the wind,
or alone as a single grain of sands.
My voice speaks but no one in the
family hears it. I reach out for
a hug but all I grasp is air.
Im alone.
Alone as one ripple is on the sea.
Alone as the sun is in the sky.
In a family of seven somehow
Im alone.
Lore Me34

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I feel alone most of the time.
Sometimes i wish i just dropp down and die.
Is this the feeling of being alone.
I have no friends and family.
I hope this pain will destroy me silently.
Is this the feeling of being alone.
Leave me alone i say to the world.
This pain is unberable i cannot behold.
Is this the feeling of being alone.
How stupid was i to think i had friends.
They left me for someone that was just pretend.
Is this the feeling of being alone.
This pain that i feel is killing me now.
I ask mayself questions of when and how.
Is this the feeling of being alone.
My life is a part of a little dream.
A much smaller part of a giant scheme.
Is this the feeling of being alone.
I'll wake up one day and find out I'm dead.
This time ill wake up not even close to me bed.

This is the feeling of being alone.
jesus cardenas

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