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Poems On / About ALONE  7/23/2014 9:18:41 PM
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Never Alone

When the one you love leave you
You are alone
When the person in the whole entire world you could depend on leaves
You are alone
When the odds look likes there against you
You stand alone
When your heart & mind has different reactions
You are alone
When you look deep within yourself
Your courage will bring u up like a mighty lion
Then you shall not be alone you are
Antwan Graham

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I Stand Alone

I stand alone in this war
playing a game i do not want to play
every hit I'am taking
I still stand alone
trying to get out
standing alone in this nightmare
I must get out
remembering my mistakes
so many wrong corners
so little time
but I just stand alone in this nightmare, geting out
but I can't
someone help
cus I want this nightmare to end
I can't fight it
I need help
Aris can you help me? Odin can you? someone help! I don't want to stand alone!
Dallas Stevens

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Again alone I am

walking by myself down dark streets

alone even with all my friends

alone without the helper

alone again preparing for the end

not now but sometime

streetlights one, two, three, four, and more

I pass under them all but yet its still dark

not seeming to really leave a mark or trace

all i do gets erased

and done again

its hard to keep going

when it all seems a little pointless in the end

but travel alone

travel again back down the road

again and again
Aaron Mac Lean

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Not alone

No call, no email
No book, no movie, no poem
No coffee, no massage
No one that says: Hey come on, keep your head held high!

No flowers, no photograph
No song, no letter, no company
No mother, no preacher
No one to turn to when it all goes downhill again

No kiss, no love
No friend, no brother, no neighbour
No sunshine, no light
No one to love and to comfort me in these dark days

But the thing I want the most right now;
Is someone that would sing to me:
You are not alone

Not alone
Not alone
Not alone

Someone that sings:
You are not alone
Melissa Koeman

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Poems On / About ALONE