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Poems On / About ALONE  5/24/2016 12:38:56 PM
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Best Poems About / On ALONE
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My 'Things' My 'stuff'

The truth is simple, take a humble approach when you meet the King.
Pride establishes an exclusive agenda of self-reliance. No others can enter the domain of self, not even God, unless of course you let Him in. You are your own king and reign in a territory of your own making. How's it working for you? Does the king possess all he desires? When your heart is complete and you possess all you can possibly hope for, give me a call and we'll talk; until then an honest assessment will bring clarity. You are never more alone then the time wasted gathering what you will never keep. 'Things' and 'stuff' you accumulate today, will be scattered and useless by tomorrow. Ever watch a kid playing video games? He will have dozens tossed all about, and still tell you He's bored. Same premise in life once you get older, just bigger toys. All you believe you own will eventually own you. What do you possess that won't be left behind? Funny, the importance achieved by having 'things' will never compare to the time you gave up helping someone in need; the look in their eyes, the shake of their hand, the friendship integrity brings. By helping others, You will never be alone again. When you were a wee tot did you not have the most fun playing games with your friends, and even sharing your 'stuff' for the games. Same premise later in life, an island is beautiful only when you have someone to share it.

Pride is a lie. It will always help you negotiate a plan to side-step the land-mines of sin; remember Lucifer. He was allowed total reign over the gifts God gave him. Pride set in and so did his Fall. Where pride is you will also find rebellion, both of which create a barrier for others in your life. Your greatness or lowliness is God’s decision.

We all take our turn through the transformation station, alone. Some seek power, some awareness, some renewal, all seek answers; never find yourself positioned alone without God. Leave your pride with the father of lies. Making good choices in life becomes a desire rather than a chore as the Master humbles us in the palm of His hand. The world will never be devoid of opinions, be sure the guidance you accept from another is verified by God.

We live in the shadow of the almighty, a fortification unmatched in strength and security. We cannot become spiritually careless. 'The Eternal Rage' awaits his prey when they cease to pray. The rules of spiritual warfare are manifold. First, be sure to choose your prayer warriors wisely, for those who live in opposition to God will devour the unprepared. Secondly, be aware of time (or lack there-of) spent with God and the affect it has on your strength and ability to do battle. Never hesitate to do the right thing? Lessons in life demand unquestioning courage to stand alone as light, while others stumble through the darkness.
Ghost Writer Insomnis

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I Walk Alone

I walk alone on a moonlit night,
When the birdies cease their fight,
I walk alone on a lonely street,
With hope in mind of a lost friend to meet.

I walk alone when the breeze is friendly,
And the memories let me smile happily,
I walk alone when the thunder roars,
And the sea-waves can't wait to feel the lovable shores.

I walk alone when you are far away,
I keep doing so, almost everyday.
Md. Ziaul Haque

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The Hermit Crab

The hermit crabs life is all but exciting live all alone
and in the sahdows in the bottom of the teary sea
feelings no comfort and no love this crab is all alone
no friends and allways hurting everyone
he use to have friends till the day he found him self this shell of dark sleeping alone
and being alone this crab used that bad to fell worse
we the other crabs of life the ones that live a full happy life
need to find him/her and bring this hermit out of it's shell
show to the hermit that talking isn't all bad
but being alone is talk about your problems dont hide in a shell
fade ward

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A Misery

So lonely is this life alone
Very painful and pricking is this lonely zone.
None is to stand at your sorrows and pains
No one will share your delights and gains.
It might be very easy to say, in staying alone
But it's a misery for a man to remain forlorn.

We as the human race -
Are known as a social animal
Being void and to stay alone
Is completely abysmal.
It might be very easy to say, in staying alone
But it's a misery for a man to remain forlorn.

Though we all on this earth came alone
And at the end even have to go alone.
But in between a company -
Makes you believe that you are alive.
Living alone is like to be in quarantine,
Is no way better than a vegetable life.
It might be very easy to say, in staying alone
But it's a misery for a man to remain forlorn.

Amitava (1.1.2014)

Amitava Sur

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