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Poems On / About ALONE  9/1/2014 8:49:06 PM
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dark afraid alone

Deep down inside
Shall I be free?
No I shall not
Nobody can take me to the light
If I go I will not feel right
my place
I went to the light
It was not right
I want to be alone
In my place
Light can not be for me
I am the
Person who does not want to be free
nikkie arnold

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Little Girl Left Alone

little girl left alone
where'd her parents go
they went for ride
and never came home

little girl left alone
doesn't have enough to eat
she digs through the garbage bins
in search of some meat

little girl left alone
at night she has to roam
the river banks and railroad tracks
cause she doesn't have a home

little girl left alone
has her daddie's eyes
a wild shade of violet
that darken when she cries

little girl left alone
pushes the blade in
with blood flowing down her arms
this little girl cashes in
Linda Racaniello

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I wonder if i die who would cry,
Who would go see me go six feet into the ground,
would i have friends there or would i be alone, would pople have sorrow and pain or would there be laughter and joy,
Death is a question to me, Death is a wonder, I wouldn't want to die alone, i would want my friends and family there but they wouldn't want to so the'll mone and grone, so that proves I'm alone, alone in this world to die, so will anyone cry, No one will know, I wish I could but I know i'll be alone
Jessica Losoya

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..5: 03 AM

In this late hour,
I'm utterly alone.
no one,

Your ego driven view
a cracked hour glass,


why couldn't you have her,
too beautiful


a pillow can comfort

and alone.
David DeSantis

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Poems On / About ALONE