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Poems On / About ALONE  11/28/2014 12:00:01 PM
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I'm There

Im surrounded by people
People who love me
But I'm so alone

Alone to face my demons
Alone to confront my skeletons

Is it possible to feel empty?
I feel it.
Is it possible to want to be seen
When you are everyday?

I'm seen.
I'm heard.
In there.

But I'm still alone.

Charlotte Lidia
January 4,2012
Charlotte Lidia

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All Alone

Yesterday I was all alone
Today I am all alone
Tomorrow I'm proably going to be all alone
There are day.were I walk all alone as I wish someone will run up to me just to say hello, but intill then I'm all alone
r.e.d. xcxc

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No thing after the war and you!

I was to say you over looking to me of silence window
alone like me
and you are to lead my heart to the dream
alone like me
and the road to take you from to you
alone like me
and the earth graves to point to you
alone like me
but the ash of gravest one to mold me alone
where are you from I?
faleeha hassan

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All Alone

Am all alone,
no friend to say hello,
I know Death will be glad to do so,
God help me I die not alone.

Am all alone,
no one to lend a loan,
no cause to make a gain,
I find solace in my pain.

Am all alone,
like a lonely cloud on its way,
searching for a cause to stray,
God help me I see not of that day.

Am all alone,
somewhere where I hope not to be found,
and wish to be found,
stricken by loneliness,
I die not of helplessness.
Laura Nnamdi

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Poems On / About ALONE