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Poems On / About ALONE  11/23/2014 6:04:17 AM
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Alone here
laughter there
Friend - help you out
call on me

Alone here
they're in the next room
do they know i'm here?

Alone here
sitting beside you
you've nothing to say
afraid of my quietness
you don't know who I am in this silence, or
do you not know who you are?

Alone here
it will be okay
don't think
alone here
Angie Martin

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Being Alone

Alone you are born,
Alone you'll die,
Alone your thoughts may rise high.
Alone you struggle with fate,
Alone you hate being fed up,
For you know not what to do.
Growing a beard to look mature,
Become mature while life still runs.
Success is your right to be achieved.
Rinku Tiwari

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I wonder if i die who would cry,
Who would go see me go six feet into the ground,
would i have friends there or would i be alone, would pople have sorrow and pain or would there be laughter and joy,
Death is a question to me, Death is a wonder, I wouldn't want to die alone, i would want my friends and family there but they wouldn't want to so the'll mone and grone, so that proves I'm alone, alone in this world to die, so will anyone cry, No one will know, I wish I could but I know i'll be alone
Jessica Losoya

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Im so alone, every minute thats passed
But i cant complain
washed off by the rain
cigeratte ash left on my fingertips

Im so alone, every song that I sing
fall asleep alone
reap all the pain sewn
and hear the laughter that isnt myself

Im so alone, because im so alone
but ill keep waiting
and live out my life like it was nothing
phil turner

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Poems On / About ALONE