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Poems On / About ALONE  7/10/2014 11:36:19 PM
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dark afraid alone

Deep down inside
Shall I be free?
No I shall not
Nobody can take me to the light
If I go I will not feel right
my place
I went to the light
It was not right
I want to be alone
In my place
Light can not be for me
I am the
Person who does not want to be free
nikkie arnold

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All Alone

calm waves rising in the sea
Are trying to reach towards me
To ask why I'm walking all alone
Quietly in the silence zone

Where no one understood what I said
Neither the meanings of the tears I shed
For I was walking all alone
Slowly in the muteness zone

Where traces of the previous leads
Were blocking the growth of happiness seed
Because I was walking all alone
Quietly in the quietness zone

Where no one knew what I went through
Neither they questioned my silence hue
So that's why I walked there all alone
Slowly alone in the speechless zone.
Seema Chowdhury

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..5: 03 AM

In this late hour,
I'm utterly alone.
no one,

Your ego driven view
a cracked hour glass,


why couldn't you have her,
too beautiful


a pillow can comfort

and alone.
David DeSantis

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you are never alone

you are never alone even if you feel so

people love you they love your glow

you are never alone even if you are the only person that you see

pepole love you cause of who your going to be

you are never alone even if people tell you cause they what your heart

which is pure and sweet that' makes there heart break cause they do

not have what it takes

so do not never feel alone cause there happy your here

and forever will be your never alone

L& H
moriah puriefoy

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Poems On / About ALONE