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Alone, am I in this darkened place.
Alone, as I group, search, for a ray of light.

Alone, as the black of night, blankets
all traces of humanity.

Alone, with the only sound I hear, is the
beating of my heart.

Alone, as slowly, panic grips me, with the
harsh reality of oneness.

Alone, as my mind...I, attempt to leave this
prison of darkness, silence and uncertainty.

Alone, as perspiration breaks my skin, and
I slowly contemplate, what if it all ends here? Now.

Alone, panicked, I attempt to recall prayers learned
as a child. ''Oh my God, I am heartily sorrow, ...No!
Not that one! I need another! Something more contrite!

Alone, desperately, I search the jumbled memories
of youth. Where...where is that special prayer I
need? Dammit, where is it! Ahhhh...sorry God,
for the loss of temper. I'm just a bit upset.
Since I'm talking to you, I need to be honest.
I'm scared! Yes...yes I believe in you. I want to
be at your side...but I just don't want to die to
do it.

Alone, and I did it again! I know I made Him angry, with
that type of dialog.

Alone, and I'm thinking, this catholic up bringing, is
tuff on a guy. If one doesn't do what He wants,
bingo, you go to hell! I try to be a good guy, however,
sometime I slip. Then I think, what the hell am I
going to do, to make up for that!

Alone, and I'm now talking directly to Him! What...do
I really expect, an answer?

Alone, and I am now on the verge on being certifiably, mad!

Alone, I gotta hang on here. Calm myself. Think. Think!

Alone, I take a long, deep breath...and let it out. There,
that's better.

Alone. What's that! A noise? A voice? What?

Alone, as a silent, hallowed voice, breaks the
eerie stillness. 'You...you there in the darkness.'

Alone, as I think, no! No Way! That voice is not
speaking to me!

Alone, as my heart is beating like a trip hammer. I
wait...hope, the voice was just my imagination.
Then, the voice, again. This time louder!
'What do you mean, am I talking to you? It
must be you. Are you not the only on there in
the darkness? '

Alone...oh shit, I'm not alone! He's here!
The voice responds, ' I don't think we need
the 'oh shit' part.

Alone...as I swallow hard. Trembling I ask,
'What...what do you want? '
'I want to help you, ' the hallowed voice responds.

Alone, and I'm thinking, Good, that's good, He's not
mad at me. My voice trembles, as I respond,
'What do you want me to do? How...how are
you gonna help me? '

Alone, as I wait for a reply, for what seems to be
and eternity. Then, I hear His voice.
'I can tell you how to never be in the dark
again. Would you like that? '

Alone...darkness, forget that stuff. He's here
to help me! All of a sudden the world is
right! He's gonna help me! As blurt out,
'Thank you! Thank you! Yes, please tell
me, how to rid this darkness now
and forever! '

'You promise to do as I ask.'

Alone, I anxiously, I reply. 'Yes, anything! '

'You will never be in the dark again. If
you do this one thing.'

'God, tell me what it is. I swear I'll do it! '

He hesitated, and than spoke. 'If you
want to rid the darkness in your life,
then pay your electric bill, you putz! '

Joe Fazio
(brief renderings) Joe Fazio

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Positive Thinking

You shouldn't rely on others, cause sometimes in life the one you rely on the most won't be their, then your all alone and miserable, you were so use to relying on that some one, that when your alone you torture yourself by thinking you can't make it through life without that some one their, and thats not a healthy way to live. It could also possibly make you sick in the end. You are your own person, you are always with you, where ever you go, you have your own thoughts and ideas, and think, no matter what, you'll still always be their for youself in the end, even if you feel alone, think to yourself, your not really alone, you have you. Learn to think positive, learn to laugh more, learn to not have regrets, learn to be happy, learn about the good things in life, cause you do only have one life to live, and life is short, so live it to the fullest. You can't change what you've done in the past, you can only learn from what you've done, and be better in the present and future. Think of the good things in life that you have, and when you feel like you have nothing, just remember you will always have something. Push the pain away, whipe the tears away, pick yourself up when your down, switch bad and sad thoughts with good and happy thoughts. When time gets rough, pick yourself up, and turn things around, think of who loves you, think of whos their for you, think of your friends, or anything that makes you feel better. When you go to sleep at night, and you want to hold your loved one, but there not their, hold your dreams it will feel like there, their, hold yourself and and it will feel like your being held. No matter what, where ever you go in life, your not alone, some one out their is thinking of you, some one out their has you in their heart, think about that, when no ones around, you may actually feel like some one is. Forgive and forget, don't hold gruges, it won't help things. Love who makes you feel good, love who makes you feel speical, love who makes you feel wanted, love whos their for you, love who makes you feel love.
When things bring you down, think about some of the good things that come out of it, cause some times, their is something good that comes out of bad, or sad. When you feel like your changing, think good and the change will be good, when its hard to think good, do something that will make you feel good. Go for a walk, write, read, call up a old friend, workout, talk to some one, any little thing could possibely help, also putting your mind to it will help too. Life could be tough, life could be rough, but life could also be beautiful, and that could just be enough. Think about the good things in life that you've done. think about whos proud of you, think about who you made happy, think about who you've helped, think about your good deeds, and think about how it all makes you feel, cause thinking about all the good things you've done, will make you feel good and real. Being away from your love is tough, but being away from your love also will make you tough, think about these three things and it may help, one, you will have learned somethings from it, two, it will make you stronger, and three, you will love eachother more. Theirs alot of ways to go in life, its better to think before you take a turn, cause sometimes you might end up where you want and should be, and happy, or sometimes you might end up lost, or sometimes you might end up at a dead end, or sometimes you might end up dead at the end. Search for good, not for bad, cause in the end only the good will help. Think up, think down, think right, think left, cause thinking alot, most times it will help. Let good and happy things open you, don't let bad and sad things close you. Never hide yourself, or your feelings, their may be some one their thats willing to try to help, or that could help. Try and face some of your fears, you can't always live lfe scared of certain things, and getting over some of your fears may even help you in life. Do something crazy, go bugy jumping, go sky diving, feel the rush of life. Letting loose once in a while isnt bad.
Samarah Essler

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as i sit and think to myself am i alone?
i wonder in the darkest of nights am i alone?
trying to block out everthing
but that question
then i think to myself you
are never alone even though
you may sut here alone in the dark and no one
may be with you physically you are
never alone for god is always with you
'for he will never let you part for you are always on his
heart' qouted michael jackson
jasmine landor

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Tangerine Smile

How will you remember me? Will it be distant as a child? Or shall you then remember me, by christmas tree with smile.

Will the jumper that you bought for me, all reindeers and drift of snow, or shall I be alone upstairs, my tears like snow shall fall.

Shall you kiss the winter night, cuddle children with warm content, or shall your thoughts just wonder then, to heart alone and spent.

Will you carve the turkey roast, the fleeting childrens smile, and then repent of love that spent, a kiss that missed by miles.

The wrapping paper on the floor, its glee that lit the night, or is it within that wrapping paper, a ghost alone and smite.

I see you kiss the neighbours, and a kiss return for you, behind my tinsel curtain, a rum I drink for you, alone and dizzy my brain does spin, another christmas with kith and kin, and wondered soft on hush sweet snow, the gentle flakes do husk, alone now in the kitchen, a heart that fades with rust.

A mothers lone of tears that fall, I hug to my angrey chest, I whish that you could recall this pain, as reindeers gently hush.

And they shall go, and further flow, for the new year has to breath, they whish good cheer and seldom fear, not know of long lost breed.
Fergus Michael Condron

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