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Poems On / About AMERICA  11/26/2015 4:33:08 AM
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Best Poems About / On AMERICA
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Without An American Heart

Without an American heart, how to sing, sing the songs of life, without, without an American heart, how, how can I America in its Americanism and Americanness?
An American heart want I, an American love to sing the song of America in full Americanness and Americanism.
Without an American heart, how to sing the song of America?
Bijay Kant Dubey

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Land Of The Free

You tell me that america is a free country,

but I ask you, 'What is free about America? ' If America

were a free country, we would have no religious intolerence. We

would have no racial or interracial discrimination. Language

would not be a barrier of separation. America can never be

a free country, because no matter how diverse we

become, there will always be hatered and segregation

Somewhere in this country.
Jamal Brown

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Star Feelings (Prose) (Part Two)

At dawn, in the crying mornings of America, when people rise with the sun, off to their tragic lives, the paranoid red sun jumped into the palms of my hands and I held it there feeling the warmth in the mysteries of my flesh, the mysteries of my heart (the mystery of love) , and I held it there all day until I knew I had to give it up, and I threw it into the west and when all that color and light faded, I drew your picture with the stars and you were glistening magnificently in all that darkness; you’re the visible twinkle of star hope, and you twinkle in my heart all day, through light and darkness, you shine, star.
You’re a mystery baby and you knew I was crying with my head in the palms of my hands/ baby, you’re off there faded in the red mornings of a paranoid day/ sun mystery of lives, heart mystery visible out west and at dawn, you smile star lovely/ mysterious sun over America/ glistening I jumped out west and then your became the sun- that color of love/ “I got star feelings for you. You light the dawn I live under, so I need you to rise the day, my west sun”/ you’re all heart, the mysteries of stars, broken heart dawn/ love/ the Universe threw us together and knew you are hope/ America, all with your color over darkness/ mornings knew it, and made our hearts visible baby, color/ I held you up there, my crying blue eyes/ my light stars shine with paranoid light/ I need you to shine heart... all day until I jumped out west and I knew you were hope/ “I got star hope, and I held a smile and star feelings for you. You raise the red mornings in the east, and when the darkness falls, you become a star of the night”/ you’re the red sun, and when you fell... I was crying/ give me your feeling of stars shine heart with your picture on the red sun mystery of lives/ you’re the heart twinkle baby, and you are red Universe and we’re off crying hearts of America, and I need to see your crayon eyes glow and taste your candy apple red lips/ you were the color until you faded and fell off sun/ out west and you held my heart/ I said: “I’m in love with you... let your light shine over naked life”/ if I had one wish... I would wish for you/
“You’re the Universe baby and I need you...”

“So tonight when I went out for a cigarette, a saw the picture I drew of you in stars glowing up the darkness... do you love me now, Goddess? ”
J Knight

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The Fall Of America

The sound of planes thundered above. Mortars rained down a hail storm of Shock and Awe. The final march of America has began.

Planes fell from the sky like Flaming Demons of the Great Void. Fellow soldiers screaming ungoldly sounds from their lips as they fell before the blizzard of bullets.

Women and children cowered in the shadows of ruined buildings, soon to be found by the enemy. Every hour another group of them were found and slain without mercy. The blood thristy soldiers of the red army cared not for the safety of people not of their own country or alliance. The cold blood of the innocents spilled upon the soil of the free, which was soon to be free no more.

Above the hilltops of the blood lustful Russian's Headquaters hung the stiffing, cold corpse of our beloved President. Hanged by his throat on the American flag of the United States, a taunt to those of american blood who still yet lived. A sign that America had fallen to the will of their foes, they're fate was no longer their own.

'The land of the free has fallen..', A young soldier whispered softly to his fellow squad members. And that was the final sound that came from the man's lips that would ever been heard for years to come. The Germans had found their make-shift shelter, a barrage of bullets stormed into their den...And the final thing those souls had seen was a flash of red..and then nothing but a enternal blackness..

More and more blood shred befall the great home land of the free. Buildings and shelters were raided, the soldiers, women, and children who were huddled inside were slaughtered, their food and ammunition taken by their murderers. And finally, the shelter they'd stayed in burned to a pile of black sooted ash.

The United States of America. The great land of the free. Stood alone in its greastest time of need. Every country in the world turned against them. Old foes come back for their revenge. All of them in a great alliance, whos one, single purpose of creation; Was to see the United States of America..burn to the very roots of Mother Earth as nothing more then blackened soot and ash.

World War 3, was simply a murder. A murder of a country. And a murder of its people. This, is the fall of America. This is the final March of Freedom. And God help us all, for we shall lose. And we shall never see the lovely light of day again. America has fallen. And Hell has risen.
Jesse Milligan

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