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Poems On / About AMERICA  7/23/2016 4:09:59 PM
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I Never Slept In America

I never slept in America
Eyes wide open in America, constantly cautiously looking around for threats
For advice on what I should do so as not to be devoured by a horrific, drooling greed
That takes one over then hijacks the outer shell-the only thing left

I never slept in America
Tossing and turning in America
In an all night mini-mart looking at dirty magazines
I never dreamt of others in America
Our lust is canned goods, heated over low flame, not to be confused with something that tastes good

I never slept in America
Because if I did, I might get replicated
Like in the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Just another pod person on the road at 7: 15 AM

I never slept in America
I felt so strongly that something vile had gotten around my defences
Was poking my snout and making like a rubber hammer to the reflexes
The tortured spastic outpatient and his condition that mistakenly thought itself unique

I never slept in America
I bedded down on the airplane
I woke up in another land
Impressed to no end that the weight had been removed from my chest
Raj Dronamraju

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As the lights go out in the theatre of life then there in tinsel town I see drama, the strife grow with crowds around who never act slow because this is America a country full of care. Take Elvis Presley, a man I never met, an American through and true, a singer nobody can forget. But so many other feelings rise up within me and still I've only to look in history to see that steely will. The cowboys of old gave us that spirit, their aim to conquer all, help the neighbours, plant the crop and survive each day to walk extra tall. When there 's gold in the hills and life so full of thrills and spills, it's then we know where we are. Best of the best and a hail from the rest for that country America, America,
The End
Cleveland W. Gibson

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Without An American Heart

Without an American heart, how to sing, sing the songs of life, without, without an American heart, how, how can I America in its Americanism and Americanness?
An American heart want I, an American love to sing the song of America in full Americanness and Americanism.
Without an American heart, how to sing the song of America?
Bijay Kant Dubey

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Land Of The Free

You tell me that america is a free country,

but I ask you, 'What is free about America? ' If America

were a free country, we would have no religious intolerence. We

would have no racial or interracial discrimination. Language

would not be a barrier of separation. America can never be

a free country, because no matter how diverse we

become, there will always be hatered and segregation

Somewhere in this country.
Jamal Brown

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