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Best Poems About / On AMERICA
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America the beautiful,
America the great,
America suits us all,
America I cannot hate

America we've come so far,
America the free,
If we wish upon a star,
Then that wish shall be
Olivia Taylor

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Fighting For America

“Fighting for America”

I am Fighting for America. I wonder if I’ll live for another day. I hear the shooting of the guns. I see the bombs busting in air. I want to make a difference. I am Fighting for America. I wonder if I’ll live for another day. I pretend not to be scared. I feel cold. I tough the coldness of the gun. I worry if I’ll live or die. I cry cause I don’t want to leave my family behind. I am Fighting for America. I wonder if I’ll live for another day. I understand why we fight. I just say why. I dream of a perfect life. I try to make it true. I hope for a peaceful life. I am Fighting for America. I wonder if I’ll live for another day.

John D Barton
John D Barton

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Rebirth Of A Nation!

Oh Flag of America, I see your colors bleeding like running tears. Why are you so sad?
“My children have lost their Innocence, their Courage has fled, and Justice has died in their bosoms.”
Oh Flag of America, oh Flag of America you are fading away! What can be done
to restore your brilliance?
“Light the torch of Valor once again, and give it to the pure that remain, the few who remember me in all my gaiety. Send them to burn down into ashes the pillars of corruption and as the ashes scatter to the winds the name of Justice shall ring through the
Oh Flag of America, I find no one pure, there is no Valor left to spark the flame of Justice. What do we do now?
“Oh sudden fall! All is lost without the pure, only they can wake the slumbering perseverance of old. Oh young one, you cannot remember how we used to stand vigilant with Justice as a fiery guide, Valor our shield, and Purity the rock upon which we stood.
Oh, the foul waters of corruption have shifted the soil 'neath us, now we tilt and sway.
Unless the pure awaken and steady the rock, we shall tip o'er and vanish like snow ‘neat Spring's sunlight.”
Oh Flag of America, I am young, but I know that which you speak of. Let me carry your torch of Valor and set Justice free!
“Hark! I hear the voice of a pure one, I hear the cracks forming in the pillars as they vainly fight against the flames of Justice! Oh children of America! Children of America! You once again stand upon solid rock! Your Valor has turned the skies crimson, your Purity has turned the earth white, and Justice has dyed the waters a deeper blue! America, America, the Lord of Hosts is pleased, for those who were pure have crushed the Serpents head! ”
Oh Flag of America! How brightly you shine now! You have become more brilliant than all the gems of the earth!
“America you have made me so.”
Tolly Rebeka Christian BlackWolf Hawk

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for Jack Kerouac (1922-69)

Jack the America of your dreams is gone
Gone the brownstone tenements of the night
Gone the empty coffee houses of lonely evenings and silence
Gone the boxcars and hoboes and prayers to St Teresa
Gone the warmth of a blazing fire on a winter night.
Jack the America you loved has become
the America of senseless noise
the America of arrogant impositions
the America of threat and aggression
the America of brutality
the America of broken hearts and broken promises.
An insect feeding on the world
suckling greedily demanding more
deaf to the voice of reason and temperance.
Jack come back
bring back with you the America even outsiders loved
the America of open highways
the America of boundless forests
the America of sunsets by the river-pier
an America generous of spirit.
The planet needs this America.
Jack bring back your magic
and banish our nightmares.
Bring back your gentleness
and teach America how to be free.

Jim McDonald

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