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Best Poems About / On AMERICA
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Good Bye, Traditional Marriage

America has one more thorn on her side.
It’s a real piercing for America.
To do away with traditional Marriage of a man and woman,
United as one,
The gay activist won.
It’s more pain for America to follow.
It’s an arrow
In America’s side,
It will be interesting to see who will be there to stand beside her.
And guide her,
Will America be guided by light or darkness?
What will happen to America’s consciousness?
America once guided by Lightness.
Taken over by a dark powerful force that pushes the stern into total blackness,
Pray that the enemy doesn’t see America’s weakness.
Seek the Lord with all of your heart.
Knowing that the Lord set us apart,
From the evilness of this world,
This is our true existence.
Patricia Kelley

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White America-Me...

I often feel like a black spot on new white sheets.
This is white America-me.
They say my music is not music but more a call to violence.
White America-me.
They tell me my people are free if this true why do the prisons look like an old southern plantation. White America-me.
Most of the schools where my people go are shut down. They say it's because of low test scores. I believe it's because they really want to keep us dumb. White America-me.
I often feel like a black spot on new white sheets.
White America-me.
Lore Me34

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America For A Moment

We spend our days as a country divided- so many different groups and factions and clusters
So much so that the melting pot of America has lost it's glow, it's allure, it's luster.

Our country was founded on the concept of freedom; it is at our core...our very heart.
Yet this freedom to be different keeps pushing us further and further apart.

Democrats, Republicans, Christians, Protestants, Yes to guns, no to guns, Straights and Gays.
Black and White, Rich and Poor- we're becoming as different as night and day.

This in itself is not a problem, our differences make the world a more interesting place
The problem arises when these differences in others we fail in ourselves to embrace.

Then America becomes a country we call the land of the brave and the free
Only as long as everyone in America thinks and acts just like me.

As I watched the World Cup Soccer matches and fireworks on the 4th of July
I couldn't help thinking for a little while at least America was unified.

Americans watched our soccer team, Americans celebrated Independence Day
There are moments every now and when we celebrate America the old fashioned way.

One country, one people, one America united for a moment in our beliefs and our views
Americans celebrating America- Americans when we win or we lose.

Tomorrow we go back to being an America divided, me being me; you being you.
I only wish that united feeling would last...longer than a moment or two.
Jim Yerman

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I Never Slept In America

I never slept in America
Eyes wide open in America, constantly cautiously looking around for threats
For advice on what I should do so as not to be devoured by a horrific, drooling greed
That takes one over then hijacks the outer shell-the only thing left

I never slept in America
Tossing and turning in America
In an all night mini-mart looking at dirty magazines
I never dreamt of others in America
Our lust is canned goods, heated over low flame, not to be confused with something that tastes good

I never slept in America
Because if I did, I might get replicated
Like in the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Just another pod person on the road at 7: 15 AM

I never slept in America
I felt so strongly that something vile had gotten around my defences
Was poking my snout and making like a rubber hammer to the reflexes
The tortured spastic outpatient and his condition that mistakenly thought itself unique

I never slept in America
I bedded down on the airplane
I woke up in another land
Impressed to no end that the weight had been removed from my chest
Raj Dronamraju

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