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Best Poems About / On ANGEL
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A humming bird slipped accidentally and broke the surface of the deep water. Angel fish approaches and asks: 'but why are you here, golden creature from beyond? '. Bird replies 'but you are the golden one'. They kiss. Nectar in fantasy“. Bird breaks as to not drown, and cuts the barrier. In flight. Like a rainbow. Angel has many prayers, but no answer to the dilemma..

Angel pondered upon his dilemma, and went for discourse with Flying fish. “Well, hold your breath Angel” reflects Flying. “And if you believe enough, you too can break the frontier! ” With that, Flying gave Angel a silver scale. “Take my wings, I’ll take your tears and be silent! ” Angel, missing Humming bird like stopping time itself, took the scale like taking his tears, for he saw Flying’s wisdom. I’m ready says Angel, his wisdom also provoked with that kiss..

Angel looked back at Flying like a distant memory, like a brother, looked up to the sky of his dream, the silver scale opened its pages, red-glitter fantasy cut the surface, dreams cutting existence.. Painted, bird's image in Angel’s eyes, Humming now so near..

Angel found himself in a different world. Held above the security of his depth by his desire, tortured and confused by a humming bird. He holds his breath, as advised by Flying; also because without bird, he can breathe no longer. Where is that golden creature? He asks, suspended, as if time had stopped..

Angel gazed, bewildered by this world of air. The spectacle of his golden red glitter lifting the eyebrows of a now shameful sky. Bird approaches, her feathers more astounding than before. They embrace. They kiss. Tears in tears. “I awaited you” implores bird; Angel suspended in her beauty, holds his breath..

Humming and Angel now lost, hopelessly lost, one in the other’s eyes, share a few words of their pasts. But now we must separate, they tearfully acknowledge. For time must move forward. Rainbow rose in the dull sky, and the deep water glittered, red.

And time moves on! Rainbow’s countless colours bleed into the dark red glittery shimmering water. For the rainbow feels tired of hanging alone in the air, and longs to slide into her paradise. The water is like a mirror, watching her distant colours, and waiting! Time stopping, he just wants her..

In grace, the rainbow slipped under the red glitter, wanting almost to drown. Angel approaches, rejoicing rather like a child: “Humming, again we are one! ” The days sped by. Angel begged his gods to slow time down. “But you are time, and time is now” came their answer. Angel looked up and saw the rainbow in the other world. Humming had gone. He felt his tears gaining ground in his eyes, and a terrible weight, like the silence of darkness itself..
Matthew Holway

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My Angel

my angel has fallen and was lost.
my angel was broken and crushed.
my angel found hope.
my angel found a path.

my angel is being broken
my angel is trying find her way again
my angel is getting off the track that i set for her.

i need to find my fallen angel.
i need to help my fallen angel.
i need my fallen angel for she is my light and my path.

my angel
my angel is now fallen
but shes now my fallen angel
i will always be with my fallen angel.
because she will be my light and my pathway when im lost.
she will always be my angel
carissa jones

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My Angel

I just want to let you know that you are my angel, I will not let you fall down. My love is more powerful than a bomb. i will not let anybody humiliate and feel inferior, I wish I could help you even I risk my life in order to safe yours I don't care my life, the only thing I care is you nothing also. my days has being so sad since the day my angel lost the wonderful smile that make me strong and the wings that make fly so high to feel the beauty of love but I need my angel back in order to survive in this world. I don't know what obstacles I have to pass in order to safe my angel. My heart told me that I have to fight the enemy and defeat in order my angel comes back. i will never let anybody destroy you because first they have to defeat me and kill me because that's the only way can make you them. My angel I love you.
Gabriel Tajonar

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My Angel

My angel is the one who looks over me
My angel is the one who cares about me
My angel who has beautiful blue eyes
My angel has brown hair
My angel will be there to hold me
My angel keeps me warm
My aggel is the one who is always on my mind
My angel is the love of my life
My angel is the one in my dreams
My angel has soft kissable lips
My angel will catch me when i fall
My angel will make me smile when no one else can
My angel will love me for who i am
My angel will be there untill the end of time
He is the angel god gave me
Nikki Addleton

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