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Best Poems About / On ANGEL
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Angels In The Skys

angels are everywhere in the sky when we awake we here they angel sing a beautiful song they angels are our keepers angels are everywhere when you look at a baby or when you look in to the beautiful bright blue shy theres an angel that is so bright and beautiful the nicest thing that you could ever see this world wouldn't be the same without the angels watching down on us. o my theres those beautiful angels in the sky.....
callie Spain (forbes)

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Grandma’s Little Angel

Grandma’s little angel is what you will be called, sent to us from the wings of another angel, heaven has a kiss of blessing with your name all around it, a loving gift from God “Grandma little Angel.”

Grandma’s little angel is who we are waiting for; I have been blessed with a grandchild that I will love forever more.

Grandma’s little angel I will truly adore, cherish the ground she walk upon, kiss her baby feet, hold her tiny hands until she falls to sleep.

Grandma’s little angel the apple of my eyes a wonderfully feeling of joy until the day I die. Little angel kiss my heart, touched my soul I can’t wait until the day comes that I could behold “Grandma’s little angel.”

Grandma’s little angel has already embraced my soul, our eyes has not yet seen the love that will soon unfold. She is my little light the fire that burns deep from within Grandma’s little Angel a kiss from heaven sent.

Grandma’s Little Angel from blossoms flowers grows, beautifully like a red wine rose touched my heart like no one really knows.

Grandma’s little angel I did not fully understand the blessing that was sent from God’s loving hand, he opened my eyes so I can clearly see the love that he in trusted in thee.
Kimbaline Navas (she who waits)

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A Angel With A Smile Is A Angel With Respect.

When one see a star thus one see a angel with a lovely smile but for every smile for one wish upon a star for every star is the family of Starbucks for there where respect is just to look into the of the angels for what one see is the eyes of respect.

For every bird that one see for it's the bird of respect for it's the angel hat look like a bird with respect thus when night slowly slip in for the stars shall twinkle in the night for every min that one see the twinkle for every twinkle whisper the name like being Star bucks for it's Star bucks where one see the angels of respect.

Every ouch of respect is the like being touch by a rose that is a rose of respect and yet it was the angel of respect that fill the rose with respect the more one feel the touch of respect the more the sun shall shine with respect for the sun been fill with respect yet a angel with a smile is a angel with respect.

For every lovely smile thus one shall feel the touch of respect but yet for every lovely smile is like the beautiful sun thus when once eyes twinkle for that is the light of the angel of respect that touch your heart with respect for a angel with a smile is a angel with respect.
Raymond Sawyer

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The Star Of Star Bucks Is The Angel Of Respect.

For the family of Star bucks thus there one star one star that one see and that star is the angel of Star bucks for the star that fill once heart is the angel of Star bucks that has the touch of respect but yet one wish for a good cup of fresh coffee that been fill with respect.

Thus for one who just want to taste a good cup of fresh coffee is the one that he angel pick thus once heart beat with happiness and yet the star of Star bucks is the angel of respect to the family of Star bucks respect is special to the family just to dream for one wish for he touch of respect.

For where the family is there a star that fill the hearts with respect thus every heart is like a rose in bloom but with a heart lie a rose shall be fill with respect for the angel of respect is the angel that fill that one rose time after time the day the angel fill once heart for there a warm smile that shine like the sun in the blue sky.

For one who feel the sun thus one feel the warm smile of a angel for who is the family of Star bucks just to the sun one feel like the angel of respect has touch once heart with respect every moment that the angel of respect touch once heart thus once eyes shall twinkle like the stars in the night sky.
Raymond Sawyer

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