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Best Poems About / On ANGEL
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I'm Your Angel

I’m your angel
In and out
I’m your angel
In trouble and pain
I’m your angel
In happiness and sadness
I’m your angel
In failure and success.

I’m your angel
Wherever you go
I’m your angel
To protect and guide you
I’m your angel
To make you feel you’re not alone
I’m your angel
Saying: “ I’m only here my friend …
I’ll be with you till the end.”

No matter what life would bring
Don’t be afraid
Just put your trust in Him
As God has sent me to you
To make you smile and won’t feel blue.

I love you, Friend!
Amor Olorvida

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Emotions of Angels

Turn on the news hear what they say
Wish world hunger could no longer be
We need someone to show us the way

Ground shakes an angel's frustration
We don't need these damn complications
Wish for laughs to be heard in are nation
Rain that falls an angel's tears
Wish their were no more fears
But the fire smoke from a car
Covers up my wishing star

Emotions of angels
Weed covered fields
Just hear the magical things children say
Wish for no more war it's a killing spree
We need to put are kindness on display

Twisting winds an angel's mix of emotions
We never think of our actions or motions
Wish for no more tears salty like the ocean
Lightning an angel's anger
Wish evil didn't lingered,
Wish it didn't feel lonely to say farewell
But the economy crashed and fell
So no money for a wishing well

Emotions of angels
Mountain sized hills
When we were kids we dream of peace with pride
But when we grew old are dreams died
Told us don't reach for the sky

I wish I could believe people could change
Angels are the audience and the world is our stage
Give are enemies love for theirs in exchange
We're suppose to perform are best
But we have failed the test
This is something we can't run from
Look at what we've all ready done
We won see angels happiness that is the sun
cynthia fino

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Sleeping with the angels

sleeps keep the immortal soul at peace with
the eternity calls, the tranquility of our warm
heart recalls

as angels watch our deep snoring, every
breath wakes our imagination of what we want
in the most astonishing super hero of our dreams

the sole witness of our moving spirit to venture
beyond our human faculty, of being more than
we come to guide our steps for only
by following our strings of aspiration our mortal
body reaches beyond human satisfaction

lives not the fears of every immortal of tears, for
the night comes like lightning of the sky, swifting
thunders of the angels fury where echo of souls
cried for mercy, of the slaying angels of darkness

let every sleeps be a moment of unifying souls of
beauty, lying with angels memory, where each
stay is with in heaven's nest of rest, for every day
is a good sleep with an angel’s best

as you sleep, always make yourself happy, for in
every snoring, lying the angel’s touch of cooled
sleep, leaving you its angelic breath ready
to wake and see angels sleep

then you come to know that it’s the angels who sleep
with you...until Today
Antonio Liao

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My Angel

Something in me is changing,
my soul is rearranging.
It's a gentle thing really,
a calming revelry.
I believe it is love...
real true love.
I've found an angel,
a real live angel.
I rest here in her wings.
Where softness sings,
in a voice… that only true love brings.
An angel,
a real live angel,
here now,
loving me.
A miracle occurs right here,
every moment she is near me.
I believe it is true love,
glorious love.
I am always so surprised,
at the love within her eyes.
An angel,
a real live angel...
holding me so tight.
I believe it is love,
a glorious love.
From an angel
My angel
Monica Paris

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