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My Angel

He is my angel...

My angel protects me from everything.
My angel loves me.
My angel would pray for me.
My angel calls me.
My angel watches over me.
My angel would catch me if i fall.
My angel would help get back on my feet.

He is truly an angel.....

I'm so thankful for him...


Why can't i do anything to help you?

I wish that i would help you.


I know i can help by doing the same thing to you....
Because I Love You.. My Angel...
Jenna Wu

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The Garden

The path started as a dusty trail, there were many twists and turns, and hardships seemed abundant. Lost like Hansel I was forced to leave a trail of seeds. Many weeks passed before I returned to the path I had traveled. At first, I did not recognize the trail it had changed. My eyes saw differently the things that had once been there. As I came around the fork in the road I had taken I felt lost and disillusioned, yet I knew I had to follow this path to return to a spot I knew existed in my heart. As I drew closer to the spot, I had first planted the seeds I marveled at the beautiful foliage of the plants that had sprouted up from my previous passing. There were magnificent colors; the leaves hung low shading me from the brutality of what I had seen previously.

Finally, I needed to rest and seek inner solace. The place I had traveled with my angel had grown to be a place of recluse for those searching for solitude from the realities faced in a world without reason. A cool wind drifted from the lips of my angel and it transited through my soul causing me to feel serenity in a place that had once felt void of feelings. Contemplating this I spoke with the angel that had made this transformation possible. She told me of her disparity, the need to vanquish demons only she saw. as I spoke I felt I was floating on a cloud of bliss but the sadness of my angel left me feeling melancholy and as much as I tried to seek the root of her unknown sorrow I was unable to understand.

We spoke of things that drove me to want to be different; I wanted to placate the sadness I thought manifested itself from her disparity. She spoke of the moment as just a glimpse of things that could be without saying they would be. Unsettled from this, I reflected on how I could not want to continue to be part of such beauty.

I explained to the angel how could I possibly wander back into the desert from where I came knowing that such a blessing existed. The angel answered life is a series of events and when you dropp seeds you have no idea that tress and flowers will grow, you just hope they will. When these seeds do not come to fruition you should not be despondent you should plant more seeds. It’s the seeds you continually plant that define your desire to see dreams come true.

These dreams are what keep the wonderment alive in your heart. not every seed you plant will be a rose like not every seed you plant will be thistle, it’s the differences between the balance of these that create gardens of beauty that bring joy to your heart. There is as much joy in watching thistle grown as there is a rose, and when one can learn to see beyond the fragrance of the rose and see the complexity of the thistle as it grows then one will be at peace with life.

Nevertheless, I said I do not understand the beauty you possess makes the day brighter, the lilt of your voice is a symphony of soothing melodies, and you do not see this? You see with the love of your heart not with your eyes, she said. The melodies you hear are derived from the joy of seeing the full bloom of your endeavor, the glow of happiness that surrounds the moment is from your unselfishness, not from my creating anything more than your desire to see me as you feel, not as I am. I cannot believe what I see is not real I said to the angel, for in my heart I feel the joy, my eyes see the brilliance of the garden created by the seeds planted along the way, my ears hear the gentle strains of soothing melodies. Am I to believe these are all mere illusions created in my mind when I see and feel these things? They are not an illusion just a representation of your feelings the angel said, they mark the love in your heart felt without prejudice.

With that the angel disappeared, the melancholy I felt never truly left, yet a serene feeling filtered into my heart knowing that somewhere in my life an angel looked over me.
James Vaughn

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I Thought I Saw Your Face Today

I thought I saw your face today. And then I heard the Angel saytheir work on earth is done. I thought I heard your voice today. And then I heard the Angel say their is peace at last. I thought I felt your touch today. And then I heard the Angels say the spirit neve4r dies. I thought when you left me for the stars so far above. And when I heard the Angels say they left you with my love. Written 8/11/08 Posted 9/25/08
Susie Sunshine

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Last Night An Angel Took Her Home

Last night an angel took my mother home, as she fell off to sleep she had a visitor waiting to take her to her place in heaven.

Where the angel’s dance on the soft clouds the aroma of peace surround the heart and worldly anguish she will no longer endure for now she is at rest.

Last night my mothers Guardian angel talk to her, she let her know that her children will be okay and that her work here on earth is done.

As they talked my mother Angel spoke “ you no longer need to live in pain for your work here on earth is done this trip that we will take will not be long and if you sleep now when you awaken you will be at your final place, ” (Just imagine how wonderful that must be) My mother replied “I am not to sure about this I need more time, ” her guardian angel quickly responded “ your place is now in heaven where the flowers bloom every day,
where you need not to trouble your mind for now you know that all will be fine, ” with one smile the Angel laid her head back and said sleep now my child for home is just a few feet away.

Last night an Angel took her home where she can now love life to the fullest, live in a perfect world and save a place for me.

Dearest Mother I wish you well and I know that one day we will be back together again but until our arms can hold one another this kiss is for you and the angel that took you home.
Kimbaline Navas (she who waits)

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