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Poems On / About ANGEL  5/22/2015 8:00:05 AM
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Beautiful Soul.

A dying angel bleeds to death on the corner of broad way while the rich man slept. The man dreams of a forest in which he is lost, the angel get sick, but has no money so she get nothing at all. her mother get murderd, father left to find his richests but forgot the real treasure and that his daughter who he missing.

Years and years past by the man gets richer while the young girl die holding her parents picture. Life shed tears and there is still her sign saying one dollar can you spare.

The man walk pass the same corner and didn't even notice the little angel who bloom like a lotus. So cheap he couldn't spare a quarter but now to bad he would never get to see his daughter.
tyrone allen

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Angel Of My Eye

She walked w/ grace. Head held high. Wings ready 2 fly. She had a smile dat lit up the whle room. It shined so bright. It could out do a full moon. She's da Angel of my Eye.
She was so giving. So open. Down 4 whateva. So responsible, and respectful. Always smiling. She was a phenominal woman. She's da Angel of my Eye.
She was a wonderful mother. She was a gift from heaven. She is and will always be da Angel of my Eye.
shaniqua parker

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when i look at me i don't see that pretty girl of yours anymore, where did all our love go. All i get is beat and bruised up even when you put a knife to my throat i kept silence. You've abused my past to inflict more pain on me which i don't need. Your power and lust is your advantage that you use and you don't care when im on my knees pleading, begging you to stop. How much more blood do i need to shed to show your destroying me. The beatings and rapes i take because theirs nothing else to do i can't get through to you. Lies, Lies, lies pile up. Many many excuses i make up for you.People will see you as the an angel and me the love of your life. But all you are to me is a Monster.So i tell people i fell, i'm clumsy i say all this for you. I've known this life all my life i figured this will stay my past but i guess not. You tell me what i wanna hear and spoil me, You tell me to show everyone your a great guy and were the happy couple. but they don't see the monster i see behind the mask. you just don't understand you never have and you never will. i stay with you because i love you and because i believe you can change & be the man you used to be. But i lost faith & don't know what to believe anymore, you have the nerve to say that I've betrayed you when Ive been true to you from the beginning & always will be. You make me complete your my other half and you mend my broken heart. You and me together till the end Angel of mine. Your gonna have to kill me to leave you be but you won't because you love me. You are my love and i am your betrayal. Sorry but that's why you had to die, i love you so much angel of my heart and soul, forever and ever we'll be whether your alive or dead.
Hadyn Rodriguez

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Sweet Angel

pretty beautiful angel that you are an angel of heaven and goodness greatness such a sight to my delight ur smile u make me shine always wanna be good never wrong i try to be the days i count down til wen i can see ur smile ur golden soul of forever more ur never bad jus sweet great greater then great better then any treasure in this cosmos ur smile shines like starligh starbright better sweeter
ur smile makes me wanna be better then the nothing i am and was back then and as i am now ur mind such a nice nice thing weh u speak ur voice in my heart in my soul in my mind i could never ever not ever never wanna forget ur voice or ur smile always there in me in my mind til the last days in my grave id remember and take with me to heaven or hell or to nowhere alone in darkness my soul would
wander but torn asunder if u forgort bout me aLLright that be to me but you ur presence would always be with me and this ur memory id always hold true sweet sweet angel.
dorian suchelle

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