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Poems On / About ANGEL  4/21/2015 4:47:27 AM
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Best Poems About / On ANGEL
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Sweet Angel

pretty beautiful angel that you are an angel of heaven and goodness greatness such a sight to my delight ur smile u make me shine always wanna be good never wrong i try to be the days i count down til wen i can see ur smile ur golden soul of forever more ur never bad jus sweet great greater then great better then any treasure in this cosmos ur smile shines like starligh starbright better sweeter
ur smile makes me wanna be better then the nothing i am and was back then and as i am now ur mind such a nice nice thing weh u speak ur voice in my heart in my soul in my mind i could never ever not ever never wanna forget ur voice or ur smile always there in me in my mind til the last days in my grave id remember and take with me to heaven or hell or to nowhere alone in darkness my soul would
wander but torn asunder if u forgort bout me aLLright that be to me but you ur presence would always be with me and this ur memory id always hold true sweet sweet angel.
dorian suchelle

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Lost Hope Or Another Chance X876?

Im here im there im somewhere but im no where im up but im down im goto my right but then i march to my left i see darkness i see the light i see both and i see neither i have hope but dont trust it cant be hopeless but cant and shouldnt be sad should be happier but am nothing other then how i am i wish to be someone and not be a no one i know that in my mind i can be number one and not not be last but in my heart i feel disgraced feel lost wandering thru the darkest halls of eternity a madness my heart races it beats it pounds my very chest at this feeling of complete and total lonliness but yet sumhow way deep down in my very soul laying dormat a thought of happiness a pursuit a glimmer of faith my memory fades slowly but not yet must always remember first and formost if there is but anything other then sadness or sorrow in my future then i seem beaten but not yet my mind races deep down in my subconscious a thought of an angel so pure so beautiful so sweet and so devine so fine thy very memory of angelia (angel) makes my heart smile breaks these very bonds of sadness that holds me deep down in this darkness in my mind the very thought of her very essence releases me of this my mind my soul i feel as if ive risen from the dead and come back to life allover again but yet tis only but a thought but indeed is but a good thought so now there fore i am on the path but to where only i will know as i walk out of darkness and step out onto the path to light and follow my instinct for my heart beats at the very thought of angel to see an old freind like her again would lift anyone out darkness.
dorian suchelle

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Fallen Angels

There are people in this world so close to perfection, so close you feel weird steppin a foot in their direction, cause they got something about em that makes you never forget them, and they get ahold of you so fast but even you wanna let them. Yeah i know, i can say that i’ve met them, fallen angels from heaven, from some other dimension, something amazes you bout em like they grad hold your attention, and from then it just seems like every single intention is to figure them out so you don’t keep second guessing, you know that you like them, you know you respect them. And i know that those that i’ve met have been worth it, sounds like every word, has been scripted and rehearsed, like a verse, but before it comes out their mouth before it’d never been heard, these people are unsure, insecure and probably hurt, fighting battles of their own because thats their only curse, but you’d never know it, they seem like everything is sure, like if you need a remedy their there to be the cure, they’re the ones you learn to see the flaws and overlook because their so misunderstood but they’re there to make you feel so good and its crazy to see all these people complaining, when there are people like this around so simply amazing, people who came off cloud eleven.. so close to perfection fallen angels from heaven to grace us with their presence, i wonder if they even know thats how we perceive them, while they fight their demons, don’t they know that they’re the reason, some of us keep believin that there really is a place somewhere way up, we know because people like that.. guess thats where they came from, and its such an instant notice, i noticed day one, even though a lot of them seem to be hurt, they’re fallen angels, with a purpose for walking this earth
jackie joy

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Gravity is keeping me away from the moon and women have conquered gravity thank god it was the only thing keeping Gravity is grey, and chairs and women are silver and they have something that has to be won, and that should be eternal and that cannot be vexed by there, some i like more, some are angels, especially if you are cockroach like me, its better to be an angel, and angels are pretty, especially when they are not swinging to extremes like me but realising my small part in the organisation of the universe and the beauty of the stars, no need to go to the, mirrors, you did it then, and the prize is for all were supposed to help me, but the glimmer of light so special.that has to guide me to the land of the iguanas with urns of love and staffs of diamond.

I tell you what i really like about a woman, lets reminisce,
cristobal obregon silvertop

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