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Poems On / About ANGEL  1/28/2015 6:05:37 AM
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Angels among us
Angels beyond us
Angels watch over us
Angels are there for us
Angels hold our hands
Angels save us
Angels set us free
Angels fly around us
Angels to hold me
Eve Anderson

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Akon angel
Is the only black angel that lives in heaven
The rest of the angels are white
And the white angels finally got used to akon angel
Of course the white angels were upset when they heard that a black angel
Was going to live with them
At first they felt outraged
But God had a talk with all the white angels
And told them that their behavior was unacceptable
Because heaven is for everybody and not only for whites
Also God explain to them that he made the people different colors
Because he wanted a spice in life
Akon Angel doesn't have anything against the white angels
But the white angels will ignore Akon angel and not say anything to him
Because they don't want to upset him
So they try topretend that the Akon angel doesn't exist
And that helps them to deal with it
AkonAngel looks after the garden in heaven because he loves to work in The garden and doesn't mind to get dirty
But the white angels don't like the garden at all
And they work inthe kitchen preparing their meals for the day
God is in charge of the laundry and the cleaning of heaven
Also God loves to clean and do the laundry
Aldo Kraas

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Angels At Play

There are remarkable things seen every day!

Are these Angels at play?

Angels fighting fires,
Angels helping the sick,
Angels teaching our children,
Angels visiting the sick and abandoned in hospitals,
Angels that run errands for seniors and neighbors,
Angels that smile and say good day,
Angels playing,
Angels playing,
Angels playing every day.

All we need to do is look every day,
We will see Angels among,
Us doing wondrous things at play.

Just look up!
Take sometime to watch some,
Angles at play today.

In these
Moments of kindness. Angels give
To us and say,
"Look at the lonely, sick and hungry today."

You too can be an Angel this day!
Will you do some helpful and kind things today?

Angels will always be playing at our side.
Because, you have given excellent,
Helpful things this day.

There are extraordinary things seen each and every day!
Ronald Chapman

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angel wings

my angels wing is broken.
my angel wing trys to take me high.
my angel that some one have taken.
my angel that can not lie.
when i am down my angel takes away my tears.
when i am happy my angel helps me sing.
my angel has a broken wing.
my angel can not sing.
my angel can not fly
my angel is broken in side.
my angel can not guide me.
my angel is diying.
some one heal my angels broken wing.
some one save me.
god cure my angel wing.
and save me.
victoria barns

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