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Poems On / About ANGER  5/28/2016 2:51:48 PM
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Compassion And Anger

Compassion and anger were my only love
Came to me winging like a lonely dove
Gimme some loving from the Lord above
Compassion and anger

Down on the quayside things getting rough
Somebody trying to prove they are tough
Compassion and anger will soon call their bluff
Compassion and anger

Compassion and anger won't make you sad
Compassion and anger will just make you glad
What will you do when the world's turning bad
Without compassion and anger?
John Thorkild Ellison

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The anger that i feel seems to steal my only joy,
boy! i can't imagine another emotion that erupts into motion,
as quickly as eyes see a floppin' bee.
Anger is a traitor false like a frequent masturbator,
it hides between the lies that materialise between our lips,
if hips don't lie, than do eyes not cry?
Why I wonder do we anger ourselves in ways that prevent days from being ablazed with happy thoughts as preachers taught,
'the sinner will rot in a burning pot' so... is it anger or are we always in danger wether it is September or December?
Is it any wonder that we gather this useless treasure in banks and ignore the noisey tanks that run in Afghanistan or Iran.
Do we prefer to remain ablure of anger?
This emotion, the iron curtain that is certain to pain any person
that chooses to inherit it's possessions that of war, hunger and pestilence, that of scare, dishonor and sins.
So let anger not be amongst You for You will have no clue of how to unglue it's curse. It get's worse with every passing second,
minute and hour. Time takes no shower!
It is a constant power that blooms the flower and melts your butter, so let anger fly and send a taunt to it's reply, ' I, I will not die'
Adens Kamwi

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A Dark Cloud

A dark cloud in your anger!
Of what you could do and could not do;
But, anger kills a fool.

Thrown down because of your anger!
And, in the day of your anger,
You were swallowed up with the muse of your greed.

Fierce anger!
But, you are now brought down low to the ground beacause of the truth.
Edward Kofi Louis

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The Children Of Anger...

Anger, an emotion. who's children are,
anxiety, fear, frustration, animosity, passion,
outrage and a thousands of other, emotionally
affecting articulations.

Anger, the replacement of reason.

What is the enemy of anger? The
enemy of anger, is, patience, understanding
and love.

Anger, the emotion, the world would be
far better off, without.

Joe Fazio
(brief renderings) Joe Fazio

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Poems On / About ANGER