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Poems On / About ANGER  11/28/2015 3:29:17 AM
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Anger Has No Work

Anger has no work here
Work is not here for anger
Do not welcome anger
My dear since I am here.
gajanan mishra

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The Guardian's Promise(By My Boyfriend)

'Where do I belong? 'The Guardian asks himself everyday. 'Do I have a place here? ' And as he asks these questions, he consults his inner demons. 'What do I do? ', 'How do I feel? ', 'How does she feel? ' Those are the questions he asks them. 'Respond with anger' they say. 'Respond with aggression! ' But the Guardian is tired of being mad, tired of the violence, tired of the tears he sheds when he's alone. So he says 'No! ' 'I won't listen to you anymore, I don't need you to control me! ' 'I have more than just ANGER: I have love, I have compassion, I have people who don't fear me! ' he responds. 'You need us' they say, 'you are nothing'. And with that, the Guardian yells 'BE DONE DEMONS, I DON'T REQUIRE YOUR GIFT OF ANGER AND HATE' After they are gone, the Guardian hefts his weapons and supplies, and returns to his life. He returns to you(Tricia Dildine)
Tricia Lemaster

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Power Of Anger

Turn your fear into anger, and your anger into energy!
Burning fire of anger, driven power of strong mind.
Sparks, lights, and the striking bolts from our eyes!
Arwen Lee CW

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Fall From Grace

My Accent into Darkness was a long awaited one, even now as the Light is fadeing from my eyes. All I see is a never ending image of me falling from grace, falling from what was my time among the people of light. Tormented by visisons of when I was a Champion of the masses, tormented by my shame, tormented by My Pride. They say the Darkside of Ambition is ones Promise of Redemtion. But I seek not redemtion I seek darkness the one Power that know no equal if weilded correctly. Now I place my shakels and chains of Aggony, Anger, fear, and Hate. Now I'm a slave to the darkness, my only friend is the voices I hear within but I keep them at bay, I keep it inside for I fear it will take over so I hide IN-SANITY, till the voices stop long enough to hear my new masters. Teachings. Fear, leads to Anger, Anger leads to hate, hate leads to death, death leads to suffering. For the master i serve is one far more powerful and wiser. I fear this darkness within but I'm compel to use it for it is my masters will and not my own but such is life to obtain true power. My master show me a new light, a new power and a greater perpose........... So what is thy Bidding My Master! ! !
keron Johnson

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Poems On / About ANGER