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Poems On / About ANGER  11/27/2015 12:22:41 AM
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Kettle Boils Like My Anger

As the kettle boils.
So does my anger.
My anger is reder than the heat.
Its not just the heat of the moment.

The kettle is getting hot.
My anger nor depression will cease.
Its like some kind of disease.

As the kettle boils I melt.
In the heat of the depression.
And the mist of the anger
Amy Kerswell

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My Children

My sister, i could not stand she angered me at first sight the smell of the boose the laughter in her eye, the pain she caused her son with her very sight, my sister! I watched my mother pray for her on hands and knees `, i wonder why coundnt they see a, waste of time it was to pray for some one who did not believe. i was imbaressed when i walked by her side. my anger for my sister oh god please make it subside, i woke one morning to my suprise my mother called and my sister was dry she made that choice to change her life, i smiled and cry oh god you have arrived just in time to save my sister life.
lena brooks

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~live, Laugh, Love~

Crying at night to get rid of the pain, all these tears are from anger and shame. Building up all this anger inside, when live, laugh, and love are the three L's of life. Wondering what my life would be like, if I followed these rules instead of cried. Starting to turn my back to the world, wishing to be like one of the other girls. I have so many dreams I want to achieve, but nobody has faith, they don't believe in me. The key to life is to be happy, but some people make that so hard. I'm going to push through those people, be what I want to be, even if people say that Im not. I am my own person believe it or not, I will Live, Laugh, and Love, and be what others think Im not.
Kalee Buster

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Regular Mind Of A Man

Writing in my book of rhymes that's concealed in my mind. The pain the anger, frustration all the time. The pain stops me from looking back into the future and forward in the past. I'm confused everything is backwards to me. Running from my fears a yo I gotta flee. The anger is the one that builds up inside of me. Just ready to burst on through my dome is the way to blind me. This thing is over powering me the rage is all inside me.
Dessie McCoy

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Poems On / About ANGER