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Poems On / About ANGER  7/23/2016 9:52:15 PM
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Best Poems About / On ANGER
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Anger (This Is Not Directed At Anyone)

You want to know what anger is?
I tell you, you do not!
For it is a feeling that extinguishes all life,
Destruction and rage is what it has in store for you,
Your soul will be tortured at every last minute,
You waste, with anger's villainy.
Anger swears to muderously end all existence,
And it will threaten everyone and everything,
I tell you now...not to fall into it's cunning trap,
For anger can be devious at times.
And if you fall into it, get out quickly,
For every second in there is a second lost to it's wrath,
Be sure to avoid it poet,
Do not be tempted to serve anger.
Robert Gardner

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Anger An Insight (Note)

When does the anger stop? Where does the happiness live in this broken world? As people live through their lives, we all experience the uncontrollable outbursts of harsh words and sharp meanings. But even though, these words and actions may affect us wecontinue on, walking down the path that leads us farther away from any foundation built upon the knowledge that we had obtainedsuch a long time ago.

There are those days that we all feel happy. We want to laugh andshare our feelings with others but is this real happiness, or is itj ust a facade of short lived joy that we use to get through what we are really feeling (slightly like adrenaline...helps us get through life threatening situations) ? How can we really be happy when the world around us is so dark? Do we just report whats going on, and then hide from it all under false blankets of security in a high drempt up world of fantasy that allows us to escape the reality of where we are and what we are apart of? Or, do we, instead, choose to ignore it all and just forget about what does not directly concern us? The choice is yours, do what you like but honestly... no matter howlong we escape what we don't want to see, no matter how long we train our brains to only see what we want, and no matter how long it takes of just hiding and forgetting, it all comes back because until it is all solved...it will only continue to get worse. So in a sense, why don't we all just stop being cowards?

Happiness is a hard thing to find...and when you are a child you had no concerns of what we deal with now. It was all much simpler, and theworld might just say, 'grow up and stop wishing.' And if that is the casethen I will say the exact same thing right back, 'we need to stop starring and do something about the hideous things that go on inour world.' Many will say no, many will not care, others won't want to do it alone, and the rest just ask how...

Well sometimes you don't need to know the way or how it will happen, all you need is the will, the will to fight the anger and everything and everyone will come into play. Lets stop wishing and lets act because the sooner we act the faster real happiness may come.

Now if you are still reading, you may ask what does this really haveto do with anger...you're mainly ranting about happiness and how we donot have it...and such. Well in fact it was anger that allowed meto pick up the pen and write what you are now reading. It's quite ironic that such good things can come from such a negatively displayed action. However, anger it seems, is not doing us very much good as a whole...if you take one look at the world, it's all in plain sight.So now I ask...if we are so proud to be who we are, if we are so proud of our countries, of our accomplishments, of our religion, of who we are. Then how come we are ignoring one of the major thingsthat are putting us too shame? We have many things to be proud ofI have no doubt in that...but in order to live a happy life, in order tolead a life of guiltlessness and prosperity, then we must also, not just be proud, but own up and mend what we have done wrong.

In this case, we all need to as a whole, mend the pandemic of angerthat's being displayed in a negative manner. Let's not spread the shame, lets take it away and not hide it, not sweep it under the rug, letsvanquish it. Then we will really have something to be proud about.
You may say we are doing all that we can, but I say, ' Are you sure...because we can always do more, be more, and achieve greater.'

If you liked what you've read today, or perhaps disliked, then please be sure to leave a comment, they are always appreciated.

Thanks again,
Chantelle Clark.
Chantelle Clark

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Even When It Doesnt Go Your Way!

Mixed emotions, not knowing which one to feel the most.
Sadness, anger hatred, and many more. Not knowing which one is hurting me more.
Sad f0r my family and myself, not to sound selfish but I cant help it. I really do. I don’t want to fell bad for myself but it’s hard. When your depressed and practically insane. If your not insane you will be some day. Depression ruins your life and makes everything and everyone around you hurt. It’s never just you. Which makes you hurt more. You never want to be left alone for fear you will remain alone. It’s hard. It’s so hard. Everything you do makes things worse. Depression sucks it really does it makes you feel worthless. And gives you so much anger.

Anger is a bad thing to have too. Anger towards yourself or maybe worse others. You never want to be angry at yourself. It makes everything you do seem wrong. Like nothing you do is ever right. To the point your crying yourself to sleep every night. Anger hurts not just you as well, it hurts others around you too. Which makes you feel hatred towards yourself for making yourself sad and angry.

Hatred is also a bad one. Hatred towards yourself I think would have to be the worst. Its one thing to hate another but to hate yourself is big trouble. It brings every emotion back and much more. It makes your mind so sore to think. It makes you feel so weak. Sometimes you look into the mirror and wish your reflection wasn’t there! ! that’s usually just the beginning when you feel all three emotions and many more. You forget that your even here. Because you remember how alone you are and how scared and how lonely and everything else. It brings to even more hatred and you just want to end it all.

Ending your life is never the answer. It may feel as it is, but once your about to take your life you will hopefully wake up out of this dream and realize that life isn’t always bad it can be good too. You just got to make the best of it. So before you take your life and regret it remember that life isn’t always bad. And sometimes you have to go through bad to get to the good. But life is always worth living, even when it doesn’t go your way.
Katie Priddy

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Kettle Boils Like My Anger

As the kettle boils.
So does my anger.
My anger is reder than the heat.
Its not just the heat of the moment.

The kettle is getting hot.
My anger nor depression will cease.
Its like some kind of disease.

As the kettle boils I melt.
In the heat of the depression.
And the mist of the anger
Amy Kerswell

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Poems On / About ANGER