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Poems On / About ANGER  5/24/2016 2:59:30 AM
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Best Poems About / On ANGER
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Kettle Boils Like My Anger

As the kettle boils.
So does my anger.
My anger is reder than the heat.
Its not just the heat of the moment.

The kettle is getting hot.
My anger nor depression will cease.
Its like some kind of disease.

As the kettle boils I melt.
In the heat of the depression.
And the mist of the anger
Amy Kerswell

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I sit here as i ponder all the thoughts that flow threw my brain. Thoughts flowing like a raging river, never ending. I begin to stare off into space mind goes to another world. Why do people do what they do? why do they speak with such anger, disrespect, and hatred? Words full of anger spewing out of their mouth like lava spewing out of a volcano..... amusment rises inside of them as they speak these words, watching their victims stair a blank stair.. waiting for their reaction of these deadly words. What thoughts are they thinking? astonished at the ut most disrespect that these people have. Do they not have any respect for fellow people? ? its like all these feelings are kept in their dwelling places then taken out on the next person they talk to as tho they are their next victims...? ? ? why? ? ? why do people say such hurtful things? ?
Brittany Julia Longhi

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The storm gets close, thunder and lightning sound as the rain begins to come down. I see the look of anger in your eyes as we have one last big fight. I tell you im done i cant take it anymore, the fact that there aint love no more is to much for me to handle. Tears run down my face as i say im sorry, i will always care and love you. I just dont feel in love anymore. The anger in your eyes turns to sadness and hurt as you dont know what to say, i turn to walk away as i feel the storm is calming down but i know in reality the storm as only begun.
sarah dawn saylor

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Have You Ever *2*

Have you ever gotten so angry that you wanted to punch everything in contact with you until both of your hands break? But that anger isn't just anger it's also sadness, too? Have you ever gotten to the point where you couldn't take life anymore? Where you would put the knife on your skin or the gun to your head ready to slice your arm open or pull the trigger? Have you ever gotten so angry and sad that you didn't care about life anymore nor any of your friends and family? Sat on your bed thinking that you wish you were never born? That you wish nothing ever happened and that everything would just fade away? Cried yourself to sleep and when you wake up you'd realize what happened and cry even more? Hoping it was just a bad nightmare, but it was real? Have you ever thought that whatever happened, happened for a reason?
Alicia Meyers

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Poems On / About ANGER