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Poems On / About ANGER  5/28/2015 1:03:08 PM
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Best Poems About / On ANGER
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Only Bad

And only bad.

Anger is bad
If I have no
Control over my anger
I have no right
To control others
Through my anger
And to Control others
Through anger is
Also not possible.

Anger is bad
And Totally bad
The result of
Anger is also bad.

And only bad.
gajanan mishra

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The Cloak Of Anger

I once knew a person who seemed angry all the time.
I did not know the reason- couldn't figure out the rhyme.

I never knew why she allowed her anger to surround her
Why she was unable to escape the jungle anger built around her.

I imagine she thought she was in control of the feelings she attained
She did not understand that her anger held the reins.

She was engulfed in anger every day, it was like a cloak upon her back
It weighed her down, it darkened her mood- it transformed her world to black.

I wanted to express my wish for her but I knew that she would scoff
I wanted to tell her how life would be better if she took that cloak of anger off.

I wanted to tell her she could start tomorrow- with the coming of the dawn
To remove that cloak of anger and never again put it on.

But I didn't, I never said those words, never found a way into her heart
And I haven't seen her in many years as lives sometimes drift apart.

I hope she finally found the reason, I hope she figured out the rhyme
That life's too short and too wonderful to be angry all the time.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when we build jungles that surround us
If we only took the time to change- the evolution would astound us.
Jim Yerman

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Anger takes a hold of me and makes me what I’m not
It makes me say what I don’t mean to ones I know and love
My anger is so powerful that my body becomes an inferno
Boiling away and eating at my sanity and what little love I’ve got

Anger takes a hold of me right around the neck
It slowly begins to strangle me till there’s no compassion left
It turns me into an animal I never meant to be
I wish there was something I could do to tame this animal inside of me

Anger takes a hold of me and makes me hurt ones I love
It takes a hold of me and makes me hurt myself
It makes me love nothing more than shedding much more blood
Be it that of an enemy or someone I truly love

Anger takes a hold of me destroying my whole life
It takes away my sanity and leaves a monster in its wake
It takes such a toll on my health it’s eating at my soul I fear my time is spent
For death hath taken hold of me no that there’s no more anger left

This is to the ones I’ve hurt
The ones I truly love
The ones I never meant to hurt
I’m sorry...
Jade Hymora

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Sorry For Those Days With Anger

I Sincerely Apologize For Those Days Anger Took Me Away From You. I Am Truly Sorry For Everything. For Both The Physical And The Unseen Elements Wants Me For My Beauty's Sake And For Honor's Cause Of Which One Of Them Was Anger—The Beautiful Beast. He Said, He Loves Me The Most Amongst My Suitors And I Fell For His Coated Lips, Forgetting That I'm Still In Love With You. Though I Struggled To Get Loosed From Him (Anger) But Couldn't Because His Irresistible Presence In My Life Has Already Eaten Up And Occupied The Most Crucial Parts Of My Heart. The More Effort I Make To Get Free From Him, The More He Fortified His Grip On Me And I Was Helpless.

When He Noticed That I Was Serious About Walking Him Out Of My Life, He Seduced Me With Those Wrong Words You Said To Me The Other Night At The Confectionery That Got Me Hurt And Then I Fell For Him Again. To Show His Appreciation For My Loving Him Back, He Gave A Gift To My Emotion Wrapped In A Beautiful Wrapper To Finally Wave You Off My Heart And Never To Feel Anything For You Again. But When I Unveiled The Gift, It Was A Beautiful Token Of Gold Engagement Ring Of ‘Intense Dislike' For You.

He Was Very Jealous Of You Always Being Happy With Me No Matter What Happens, And Wanted To Take Absolute Control Of Me And My Life Just To Hurt You, And He Succeeded. But Just When I Realized That I Had Left You And Had Gone Far With Him And Wanted To Come Back To You; He Sent His Agents To Possess You. And As A Result, Our Relationship Became Worse, So Much That If Not For That Particular ‘Angelic Language' (Music) That Our Hearts Loves To Listen To And Get Sweeten, Who Stood And Said ‘NO' To Him, Perhaps We Would Have Gone Our Separate Ways… I'm Very Sorry.
I Am Really Sorry For Everything,
My True Love.

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Poems On / About ANGER