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Poems On / About ANGER  11/27/2015 4:02:11 AM
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Best Poems About / On ANGER
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The Cloak Of Anger

I once knew a person who seemed angry all the time.
I did not know the reason- couldn't figure out the rhyme.

I never knew why she allowed her anger to surround her
Why she was unable to escape the jungle anger built around her.

I imagine she thought she was in control of the feelings she attained
She did not understand that her anger held the reins.

She was engulfed in anger every day, it was like a cloak upon her back
It weighed her down, it darkened her mood- it transformed her world to black.

I wanted to express my wish for her but I knew that she would scoff
I wanted to tell her how life would be better if she took that cloak of anger off.

I wanted to tell her she could start tomorrow- with the coming of the dawn
To remove that cloak of anger and never again put it on.

But I didn't, I never said those words, never found a way into her heart
And I haven't seen her in many years as lives sometimes drift apart.

I hope she finally found the reason, I hope she figured out the rhyme
That life's too short and too wonderful to be angry all the time.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when we build jungles that surround us
If we only took the time to change- the evolution would astound us.
Jim Yerman

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The Feeling That Persists

Hatred is the red suit,
a fleeting moment it rests,
then it is time to rise to the head,
by accessing head of a hate - puff veins.
Your feelings will go into the background,
it takes very back of the head,
anger goes a banging door
and more than his must have.
Open jacket passes screaming,
anger becomes blatantly, - are you ready never?
It then grows inside a mountain.
Anger is like a perfume,
which provides you with an allergy attack!

Anger wells up from deep within,
The roots are deep in his devil ass, - and top are there thundercloud.
When you give the wrath of the little finger.
You can find it on own pocket,
anger stinks far and wide,
anger does not reward anyone,
his hatred have its benefits - they are the opposite sides.
ari alsio

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Not Being Angry (By St. Thiruvalluvar)

301.Where your anger wreaks havoc, there you’d restrain it.
Elsewhere what does it matter if you check it or not?
302.Being angry, where your anger works not, is harmful.
More harmful than anything else, where it works.
303.Who he may be, forget your ire against him;
As anger begets all evils.
304.Wrath kills smiles of face and delights of heart.
Is there anything more lethal than anger to one?
305.If one wants to shield oneself, shield against ire.
Or else the ire kills the one who breeds it.
306.The fire of ire destroys your near and dear ones.
And it will burn the protecting raft of your kinsmen.
307.One who nurses anger as something of some merit
Moans in pain as one who strikes at the earth.
308.Though one does harm you like stinging tongues of fire,
It is good to you not to feel anger against one.
309.If one doesn’t think of raging fires in one’s mind
One will get all the things, one’s heart desires.
310.Men of raging wrath are dead alike.
Men who renounce wrath are like sages.
rajendran muthiah

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Dangerous Anger

Dangerous anger!
Dangerous anger!
Angry of poor social?
Angry of financial issues?
Angry of familial situations?
Angry of business or job problems?
Dangerous anger!
Dangerous anger!
You lead to all sorts of fight...
You make us feel sad and cry...
You frustrate us...
You are responsible for our control...
Dangerous anger!
Dangerous anger!
you come anytime
You go any time
We the mad people
Dance on your command! ! !
Who the hell are you? ? ?
Heenal Vora

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Poems On / About ANGER