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Poems On / About ANGER  2/1/2015 1:39:08 PM
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What Are Friends

Friends are those who keep his anger aside from his friend
Friends are those who understand misunderstandings
Friends are those with whom no network needed
They talk by the vibration
They see themselves closing eyes
They feel themselves without being in touch
Friends are those who never say goodbye
Friends are those who don't make one anger the last
They accept such angers, misunderstanding may come again and again.
Sabidin Ibrahim

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Let it go

Is it possible to change
When nothing good comes your way
Holding on to all my anger
Trapping it deep inside
Can't keep it forever
This I know
How do I let it go
Therapy, family, and friends
Didn't work at all
They tried their best
My anger just sits and rests
I hope it don't explode
All in one shot
Might get in a tough spot
Freedom gone no one to blame
Going to try one more time
Punching pillows and screaming loud
Wow it worked now it's gone
My soul feels free and alive
Back in control of my own life
Always let your anger out
I learned how in my own way
Now I'm not locked away
Cherise Thornhill

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Sonnet- Let anger not consume me

Let bitter anger not consume my soul
for its appetite is insatiable
let it not overcome me, all and whole
lest my will be unbreakable

Let anger not evolve into rancid rage
for then sweet countenance has no hold
and the big green man rules centre stage
letting lava spew till heat is but cold

Let rage not fuel itself into blows
to become only regret and shame
Let me not run to rage with eager toes
just to turn a fleeting ash to raging flame

Let not anger consume me
let calmness flow like tranquil sea
Allen Steble

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Anger And Frustration

Sometimes we get angry
over the silliest of things,
but it is not anger,
but frustration
over something we cannot do.
If we could have done it,
there would have
been no anger there.
There is no easy solution
to get over it.
It is part of our nature
I am afraid to say.
The sad thing is
it will never go away.
We will always suffer the frustration
and the anger that goes with it.

9 May 2008
David Harris

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Poems On / About ANGER