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Poems On / About ANGER  2/27/2015 1:29:32 AM
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Best Poems About / On ANGER
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Let it go

Is it possible to change
When nothing good comes your way
Holding on to all my anger
Trapping it deep inside
Can't keep it forever
This I know
How do I let it go
Therapy, family, and friends
Didn't work at all
They tried their best
My anger just sits and rests
I hope it don't explode
All in one shot
Might get in a tough spot
Freedom gone no one to blame
Going to try one more time
Punching pillows and screaming loud
Wow it worked now it's gone
My soul feels free and alive
Back in control of my own life
Always let your anger out
I learned how in my own way
Now I'm not locked away
Cherise Thornhill

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What Is Anger?

anger is fear
it's boiling within me within you
beneath all the applauds
corrupting all my thoughts
and slowly poisoning everything that's here
anger is hatred
it is a virus, that needs no air
my enemy, who'll kill me
my friend, who'll rescue me
it makes me scream
as I self-destroy all my dreams
anger is hate
that burns deep within
it is a red danger
but a familiar stranger
every second the fire burns brighter
and I fight, cause I'm a firefighter
Rahul Rajdev Singh

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Anger is a palace
cavernous and echoing
once something hits the floor
it echoes back, over and again
anger is a palace
large and menacing enough
for an army
anger is a palace
once you get a hold of it
its hard to let go
angel janes

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Anger From Love

Parents are free to spit anger
At their children, who are that free
To sulk or cry at their parents.
The anger from love gives no hurts.

At whom you are free to anger
And at whom it leaves no scars,
Him or her, you love with much care.
Quarreling couple is in love.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Poems On / About ANGER