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Poems On / About ANGER  7/13/2014 4:25:22 AM
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Best Poems About / On ANGER
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♥ ♥ ..SoRrOw..♥ ♥

My feElings FoR You HAd ChaNged,
I FouNd iT dEeP WiThiN,
I'm gEtTiNg WeLL wiTh ThiS PrObLem,
But ThErE's no oTher WaY.

You trEAtEd Me BAd,
What Do You WaNt ME tO FeEL?
jUSt BE Quiet?
And FeEL SoRrY FoR Me? .

mY ANgEr FoR you,
GeTtiNg ThiS BruisEs,
mkes Me WonDer, WHy diD i suFfER Like This?

My AngEr FOr You,
wAs LikE A bUrNing FiRe,
Not seeiNg You,
MAkes Me fEeL vEry Much haPpy.

My aNgEr foR YOU,
Was LikE A hELL,
And ThIS wiLL Be ForEvEr,
AngEr ANd HAtrEd In mY HeArt.
jade MOnteScLArOS

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'Be Slow To Anger'

Be slow to anger
And much quicker to love.
God didn't make mankind
To hate, hurt and our neighbors begrudge.

He gave each of us the holiest of gifts
Something we all posses.
And in our hearts, is where God’s love does its best.

So when you feel your anger building up inside
Go and give it to God, let in Him there reside.

His love is sufficient for all you see
He lives inside of you and me.
To bring mankind hope, joy and love
He gives it freely, from His Father God above.

It will smoother out any of anger's wrath
He will beat it up with the Holiest of bats!
He will beat it down, deep into the ground
So far, that your anger my friend
Will never again, ever be found.
Linda Winchell

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Anger Inside

this anger burns deep within,
every minute the fire burns brighter,
time is ticking,
waiting to see who will be on the other side of this raging flame,
waiting to see what will happen to people who mess with me,
this fire is on raging so hot i cannot put it out,
only in your preasence does it fade away,
the lines in my heart break me,
the fires take me,
time can only tell what this great anger will cause me to do next,
even the best,
are no better than the rest,
you can wish for it to disapear all you like,
but nothing you try,
will even compare to the firery anger and deep dispair,
this anger inside me died today,
for i died with it,
it was controling me,
had me under a spell,
nows the time to,
with compell,
to release it into the pits of hell where it came from..
Alicia Roseberry

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My Anger

Anger is a feeling,
something that can control you
if you let it.

some people take their anger out
on other people, or other things.

i tend to do it differently.
some people write when they are angry
some people draw.

me, im not like any of these people at all.
i dont let my anger show to anyone but me.

i keep my anger to myself
but when it gets to be too much
i just cant control myself

i go to my room and lock the door,
blast my music untill every voice in my head
telling me not to do what im about to do
is just a blurr

i open my drawer,
take out my sissors, and i cut
untill the pain in my arm dulls out
the pain in my heart.....

then im done.
put the sissors away,
turn off the music,
unlock the door,

and go on with my life.......
untill i just cant take it any more.
Mia La'Niece Washington

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