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Poems On / About ANGER  3/1/2015 6:29:12 AM
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I'm seething
With anger rising
It is gushing
I'm flushing
I'm others blaming.

Things have gone astray
I have no say
My fuse is short
I'm in wrath caught.

With things irritable
I become irascible
I clench my jaw
I reach the final straw.

I'm exploding.

My good mind which is like nectar
Is smitten by anger's vector
My thoughts become foul
My whole body becomes foul.

The food I eat turns poison
I'm in a mental prison
In my stomach, knots spring
In me purity I can't bring.

Just a minute of introspection
Everything is of my own volition
It dawned on me pretty soon
With anger I'm farther off God's boon
To be close by Him
I should shed my anger's whim.
chandra thiagarajan

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Carve thy name into my heart,
in stead of stressed i lay here charmed
Charmed by the anger in my heart,
But the charm is coming undone
As thy carves in my heart with a bloody knife
Showing no mercy
Leaving open wounds bleeding profusely,
Wounds shown to the world
In this living black hell i see your eyes,
and the light flashing in them
Your blue tears mixing with my black tears healing me,
the charm of anger coming undone
taking part of me with it,
my anger at you and the blood i lost to you
So go on i will not shriek in pian,
carve anything in my bleeding heart
I shall only cry mixing my black no,
now my blue tears with yours
healing my bloody heart leting,
out the anger thats been charmed in me
Abby Sowers

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Kettle boils like my anger

As the kettle boils.
So does my anger.
My anger is reder than the heat.
Its not just the heat of the moment.

The kettle is getting hot.
My anger nor depression will cease.
Its like some kind of disease.

As the kettle boils I melt.
In the heat of the depression.
And the mist of the anger
Amy Kerswell

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Anger Rages Inside

Anger is bubbling away at me.
Burning a whole in my heart.
Making me burn with rage.
I have good reason to be angry.

I only wish
I could make them pay.
Put them through
What they did to me.

Anger is destroying me.
For Im hell bent on revenge..
I would love to dish out.
My own justice.
But I cant.

Anger Buabbles away.
Like a swishing sound
Of the waves.
Like a brook babbles
Anger takes ahold.
Amy Louise Kerswell

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Poems On / About ANGER