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Poems On / About ANGER  8/21/2014 10:54:57 PM
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Best Poems About / On ANGER
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I know anger like the back of my hand,
Like the person I may have known for Millenia.
Like a sibling would know another.
Like a child who was brought up without knowing their siblings but knowing that they exist and who finds them.
You can only know anger if you live with it, know what causes it.
But what is anger really?
Is it the pain someone causes you?
Is it the annoyance you get from those surrounding you?
Or is it the guilt you feel for not knowing a parent well enough?
I believe it is all of the three,
Cause without them, Anger doesn't exist.
MaddiiAnne O'Leary

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Wisper Your Secrets

Whisper your secrets into my skin,
Come out clean, I'll hold your sin.
Whisper your secrets to my lone heart,
Before our sin's poison gets a head start.
Whisper your secrets into my hair,
And each strand will hold a care.

Whisper your anger into my pale hands,
Hate in my fists only you you understand.
Whisper your anger in my fragile mind,
Let anger simmer over time.
Whisper your anger into my head,
And I'll repeat every word you said.

Whisper your love into my palms,
And you will feel my calm.
Whisper your love into my lips,
And we'll lose ourselves in ignorance bliss.
Whisper your love into my soul,
And I'll show you something beautiful.

Whisper your secrets into my ear,
And know not a soul will hear.
Keli Mims

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The Mask

I wish there was someone could see throu my mask.
My mask that holds so, so, so, many secrets.
Secrets that are about me and other people.
People that think it is weriod to show and kind of emotion.
Emotion that turns in to depression.
Depression that turns into anger.
Anger, hiding behing the small mask.
The small mask, that isn't big enough to hide all the
depression and anger.
Depression and anger that turns into your character.
Character that tunrs into who you are,
Which is how you act.
Jennifer Ortiz

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Anger is a hydra -headed demon
A demon beating its furious wings
a volcano belching out fiery lava
a gloomy sky cracking thunders
a CSTC bus rushing on a smoky road
in the wintry evening

Anger is emptiness or losing
A girl being robbed of her angelic infancy
a nonagenarian mother denied her home
a lost child crying for its parents in the crowded local train
a child that loses her doll

Anger is the foamy sea writhing with pain
The sea that rolls its waves to knock the barge
Or the sapless champak losing its petals
Or a hilly town without the snowfall
Or on a fuzzy vista a lonely bird calls

Or when I cannot write a single line

Anger comes to me
I become really angry
Ratan Bhattacharjee

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Poems On / About ANGER