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Poems On / About ANGER  8/5/2015 5:26:12 AM
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Best Poems About / On ANGER
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Anger Nonetheless

Slow to anger
And quick to anger
Anger nonetheless

You are the thief who has
Robbed me of all my patience
i will flee from your presence
i cannot promise my fists
Will relent

i wish you were a frog
You could change with just a kiss
To brace you will make me toad
i could fill pails with tears

How i loved you
And your love was a trick
A tug of an ear

You didn't know how
You loved me
And only thought of yourself

Your selfish deeds
When i flee do not be quick
To remember me
i was another one of your kicks
Was one of many

Be glad for me
That i don't have you

Slow to anger
And quick to anger
Anger nonetheless
Deci Hernandez

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It lays in sleep, unmoving & silent.
It seeks a host in our biggest weakness like a parasite of darkness.
Its a knife to your heart, quick yet effective.
It is anger.
Kamalu Ng.

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Lil' Siz

To tell you the truth I have had a crush on you. Since we first met love was the first thing I felt for you. The problem was that I was so naοve to tell you that I was talking to “my girlfriend”, that I have feelings for you but just as a little sister instead of as girl that was, is & will always be the stupidest thing I’ve done, but what demolished my hopes was that you told me you had a crush for a guy in another school for you’re the girl that lifts me from a great depression to the best mood ever. You are the first girl I’ve like to be with because when I’m with you I never get annoyed nor bored for you bring me a smile every time I see you. You literally cause my mind to go blank & just focus on you. I trust you so much that I even trust you with my own life. Which I would give for you to just get a little smirk, because your happiness is more important to me than anything else in the whole world. You not talking to me hurts me so bad that it kills me for you’re the reason I like my life. You make it feel like paradise you in my life is the best thing that has happened to me since we met my life has been going smooth without any bumps for you make my miserable life vanish into thin air. You’re so perfect there’s no one that can be compared to you, and your beautiful brown eyes that mesmerize me in seconds your kindly purse little lips that I’ve always desired to kiss, your smooth gentle skin that, when I feel it, I know it’s you, your wonderful high pitched voice that brings joy to my ears, your amazing black silky hair, waving by the breeze & sparkling like the ocean does with the moon light always leaves me astonished & what I love more is the way you laugh, for your giggles tell me that I’m doing my job as a friend & a guy for you should never be in a negative mood for anything. Because nothing is worth your tears, sadness or your anger, for your happiness is what makes the world go round. Without you, I am nothing & if I would ever see you in a negative mood, I would be angry at myself & at who ever got you in that mood because you should always be happy & never care for bad things. Your tears would make my world go gray & flood it with pure rain, your sadness would make it go pitch black, without knowing anything about light & your anger would be an apocalypse. Nevertheless, when you are happy my whole world becomes perfectly peaceful.
Javier Solis Jr.

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Razors Or Pens?

If black was an emotion it would be sorrow and anger in a combo of one. LIke the feeling of my heart beat against my chest as thy blood pumps with rage.

As one slits his wrists from depression, I take the other road. The road of courage to write this poem.

As one screams with dreadful anger, I write these golden letters.

Some people can't take pain. They don't feel accepted. I turn anything of the sort into a sorrowful yet glistening piece of art, with the hope of good luck waiting for me around the corner.

I know it can only get better from here. Here I write this poem for the sea of outcasts that stand before me waving their hands and standing out of the crowd. Here...I write this... for you.
Elizabeth Turner

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