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Poems On / About ANGER  11/30/2015 11:00:27 AM
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2 Worlds Tied

I am a string.
This string connects
Life and death,
Love and hatred,
Sadness and anger,
Sky and ground.
Life and death is I
When someone angers me.
Love and hatred is you
When I love you,
But you hate me.
Sadness and anger are emotions I have,
When anger comes in.
Sky and ground are my family
When they fly away,
But I'm left behind.
This is all I am with
2 worlds tied.
Jack Spurlock

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Anger will let you lead to
someday you might regret and
will hurt you...
This is the feeling that you can
learn how to forgive...

you can feel this when somebody
had cause you too much
pain, discomfort and disrespect.

Anger is the root of taking revenge
to those people who made you angry..
However, it is also a way to know
your companions attitudes...

But you still need to realize each
others point to avoid anger to
each other.
Not all the times those who are
angry are those who are right.

Nevertheless, that feeling will
fade once you have forget your
anger and what they have done to you
and learn how to forgive those people
when the time comes.
hannah baquiran

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Escaping Anger

hello anger, where have you been?
don't you like my kitten? It is missing you.
Don't you feel its hunger? It's thirst for you.

IT is its thirst that thirsts you. Don't you fret.
There is more to be done in this imperfection
Of what is felt and what cannot be touched
By our fingers.

hello anger, don't you have a comma for me?
Don't you stop for a while and see a new landscape of

I am inside myself. A rock. A river sometimes.
You too. A rock. A river sometimes.

There is this lively brook inside a book.
And I am trying to figure out some
Happy characters for you.

Hello anger. You smirk. Thank you anger. Goodbye.

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The Anger

The anger I have for you
What you say
What you do

You blame it all on me
You say things to make me angry

The anger you make me feel inside
It make me go crazy
Makes me want to fight
Makes me want to cry

What you do to make me angry
How you do things and how you act
How you think you always right

The anger that makes me hate
The things you do that makes me hate
Things you say that makes me hate
You think you always right that makes me hate
The anger that makes me keep hating
Tiffany Johnson

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