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Poems On / About ANGER  1/31/2015 8:37:23 AM
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Best Poems About / On ANGER
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Just Wanting To Be Understood

No one understands
No one comprehends the pain I feel
No one cares
What happens to me
No one cares
How I end up

Anger running so deep inside
I've been hurt on too many times
Pain strikes with every thought
Of how life used to be
Friends and loved ones lost
Relationships once had ignited
Everything in life killed
By one feeling

Pain streaks through my veins
As I try to feel what I used to
As I try to imagine
The good old days
When everything was better
When someone actually cared

The pain never leaves
From way back when
Images stuck in my head
Thoughts never said
Life sinks into a hole
No one notices what happened
Disappeared and never returned

Best friends never again
More pain hits
Nothing ever the same
Anger so deep you want to kill
Given the chance you probably will
Hatred, pain, past memories relived

Wondering what is in store
How you hate the life you live
Want to hide
And never return
Die and never be seen
Live a different life than you lead

Get out and roam
You've tried before
Never quite got out that door
Always one more thing to do
Never time for just you
No one ever seems to care
Life was better somewhere else

Death seems so much better
But deep down inside
You know it's no the answer
Get out you scream
To your pain
Leave forever
And come not again
Hatred is the cause of this all

Nothing understood by those who care
They don't seem to know you're there
They hear but don't understand
They see but don't comprehend
Life so simple never repaired
Everything seems so useless there

Killing all around us
Between ourselves
Wanting to get out
Of this world we live
Death seems the answer
Yet never said
Tried so hard but never won

Anger towards ones your supposed to love
No more trust
To him you give
Hurt you one to many times
Permanent was the pain
Bruises from his anger you recieve
More anger you then get

Killing not the answer here
Wishing it was
So you could be free
One more freedom you would get
If he weren't around to hit

Anger can't be released anymore
Trouble is caused to much
Always more pain from it
What to do you do not know
Leaving for good would be so great
Getting out of something so bad
Worse than thousand about to die
Dani Sears

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Dear hate...

Dear hate...
Who am i meeting today?
Is it Fury? Rage? Pain?
im hosting Depression, anger,
and you...hate. And sadness...
She came yesturday
and she's been crying ever since.
Was it you? Making her cry?
I felt your wars inside of me,
You and anger,
Batteling ferociously, while
Depression sit's in the corner
Turning all black with his soft whispers of
'you aren't enough! ''
And Sadness sobbed
Which fueled your hate
And fueled angers anger.
Pain and Rage burst in
with a bleeding roar
Pain rests on my heart,
tired from her agony,
She bleeds through,
and, God, how it aches.
Rage joins
Yours and angers battle.
Who will rule my actions?
Who will rule my thoughts?
Who will rule my words?
You, and Depression, seem,
to have stolen my thoughts...Ruler of all.
You send Rage an Pain
to weave into my words
and anger and sadness
flow into my actions
All i hear is roaring, sobbing, agony
buzzing in my ears, words, thoughts,
and all i see when i look into the mirror
is fury swimming
in the eyes of a broken soul,
shattered and unwhole
like if i broke the mirror
watched it splinter into a million pieces,
then sent each piece to a different place,
Would they come back?
No...they would be lost forever,
With the mirror frame
Standing bare and empty,
Containing only memories of what used to be
It's wholeness is gone, and it is lost
And if some pieces did come back,
there would still be cracks,
and missing pieces...unwole.
Fixing the mirror, would be like fixing me
And like that frame, frames emptiness
I do to, except for my basic frame
Which is built from Pain, Depression,
Rage, anger, and you...hate.
Yours forever
Your Captured Soul
Chelsea Pieterse

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The anger that i feel seems to steal my only joy,
boy! i can't imagine another emotion that erupts into motion,
as quickly as eyes see a floppin' bee.
Anger is a traitor false like a frequent masturbator,
it hides between the lies that materialise between our lips,
if hips don't lie, than do eyes not cry?
Why I wonder do we anger ourselves in ways that prevent days from being ablazed with happy thoughts as preachers taught,
'the sinner will rot in a burning pot' so... is it anger or are we always in danger wether it is September or December?
Is it any wonder that we gather this useless treasure in banks and ignore the noisey tanks that run in Afghanistan or Iran.
Do we prefer to remain ablure of anger?
This emotion, the iron curtain that is certain to pain any person
that chooses to inherit it's possessions that of war, hunger and pestilence, that of scare, dishonor and sins.
So let anger not be amongst You for You will have no clue of how to unglue it's curse. It get's worse with every passing second,
minute and hour. Time takes no shower!
It is a constant power that blooms the flower and melts your butter, so let anger fly and send a taunt to it's reply, ' I, I will not die'
Adens Kamwi

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anger -part 2

angry, mad, confused, , abused, furious, hate, hatred, hate me kill me slap me slap u kill you punch me kick beat me shoot me do all this to u ur anger kills me ur anger makes me angry love is lost lost is hopeless i am not hopeless i am lost my hope ive killed it ive driven it away its not gone its here sumwhere it is in my surroundings sumwhere lost this anger it drves me crazy it makes me wanna become unhopeless but still i am lost confused in all this nonsense i smell the incense of candles burnin there far in the great darkness the darkside fear and resentment i felt these all thru the last year ise a fool foolishness ive been it killed me ive hated this fool i was i was angered i try i try hard ill slap it stop it stop me from killing my anger i need it but i dont im happy inside im a good guy or am i wasnt no this year has killed me it was a slow year i go go in my own way to anther way with this anger kept in check kept in the very being of my soul stay sudside go from the darkside avoid at all costs even yes it kills even if at all costs it kills me yes lose this furiousness stop the abuse its all in my head but sometime physical and confusion make one curious but must stop it end it must kill the anger so one day i can b happy and sane and never be lost or confused again.
dorian suchelle

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Poems On / About ANGER