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Poems On / About ANGER  10/7/2015 5:05:29 AM
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My Crazy Anger

Anger is a feeling, something that can control you if you let it
Some people let their anger out on other people or other things I tend to do it...
Differently in a different way Some people write when they are angry while others draw
Me, i'm not like any of these people at all
When i'm angry i keep the anger to myself
I don't let it show I get my phone and have my headsets on
Go to my bedroom and lock the door
Open my drawer, get a pen and paper and i sit on the floor
And i use the ink in the pen to drain all my pain
The ink expresses my thoughts of what i'm about to do
The ink kills the terrorist in me and prevents me from acting like a fool
And when all my pain has been expressed in my ink
I get my phone and turn the loud music off
I unlock the door and smile again
Because i'm nolonger upset or in pain
abigail sikwenda

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Screams, yelling, heart break,
yelling, heart break, sorrow,
heart break, sorrow, anger,
sorrow, anger, crying,
anger, crying, tears,
crying, tears, running,
tears, running, door,
runnig, door, slams,
door, slams, locks,
slams, locks, scream,
locks, scream, grab,
scream, grab, razor,
grab, razor, cut,
razor, cut, blood,
cut, blood, relief,
blood, relief, coping
Sam Campbell

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Poems On / About ANGER