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Poems On / About ANGER  10/24/2014 2:44:36 AM
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Late-Night Interruption

Invisible tears stream inside me
In scalding alkaline trails
Melting my heart which was whole
Into a mutilated mass of clay
Weighing heavy in my core

Suddenly surrounding you is a wall
Of sarcasm, anger and insecurity
You wound with words
Benign at face value
Corrupted by tone.
The transparent wall
Reflects my words in elastic collision
Ringing hollowly like a leaden bell

My attempts at sharing you pervert into accusations
Your self-anger irrationalizing
The cold grey silence,
Stony flight
And projected blame
Leaving me steeped in metallic despair.
Velvet Thorn

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Inexplainable is her mood
Undescribable is her mood
No smile, no frown
Never up and never down

She's merely a body taking up space
Sucking in air, never changing her face
Starring in plain dismay

Whenever you look upon her face
Anger is what you think
She doesn't smile and she doesn't shout
She simply stares filled with doubt

Questions run through her mind
Am I happy or am I mad?
Anger is what she should feel
After all she's been through

She's just here
Ashley Stone

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Mislead Truth

Blood continues to seep
These wounds bleed deep
Never healing never ending
These thoughts never bending

This pain grows strong
Realizing everything is wrong
Why so tragic
This needless dramatic
This is me for a while
Ive lost that smile

Why, cause my anger grows
Cause my hate arouse
Continuing this thought
Finding myself caught
Are you worth it this time
For such a simple rhyme
These feelings confused
Knowing happiness refused

While anger now subsides
Back in my heart it resides
Half-heartedly content is what we decide
-mislead truth 12/2/07
Logan Summerhays

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Poems On / About ANGER