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Poems On / About ANGER  11/22/2014 3:12:03 PM
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I am bottled anger.
Violence burns within me;
A potent drug, rage.
With it, I could topple
The mountain's height:
How much more could I destroy you,
Pitiful worm.
I am danger incarnate:
Death personified.
Be thankful I am sane,
And controlled;
-Bottled anger-
If I were not,
You would cease to be.
James Grengs

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Life Story

The flower wilts,
The grass sways,
Life is bare and cold.

The wind howls,
The thunder roars,
Love is unpredictable.

The thunder howls,
The lightning strikes,
Anger is sudden and strong.

The bird chirps,
The mouse squeaks,
Harbingers of spring.

Life is cold,
Love is unpredictable,
Anger is strong,

I look forward to spring.
Nicholas Lim

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Envy of Me

envy of me
for im stronger than thee
living this life full of treason
harsh manner with out a reason
jealousy is what we sought
but cannot seek
it blinds us deep
closing our eyes shut
envy of me
for im stronger than thee
words cutting me deep
stinging, sinking into my skin
anger slowly seeps in
the taste of bitter tears
the choking of hated fear
envy of me
for im stronger than thee
heart beating
fists tightening
anger bursting
we seek what we sought
but cannot get
envy of me
you're blinded & binded to ever raging jealousy
Cynthia Sok

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Destined for Failure

America, she made me see
she had little dignity, shown
from a weakness of favoritism.
She completely exhausted
her eyes in anger, as she held grip of me.
She didn't care
anymore for herself.
She made me bitter, for her
remorse and anger, she had
towards her sons of light,
her sons of peace.
She was destined for failure, her character
was valued low.
I see her lips are daily
struggle of lies.
Alex Blea

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Poems On / About ANGER