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Poems On / About ANGER  9/22/2014 5:18:20 PM
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All I can feel inside me
Is what they call anger
This is all I can say
You're a faker

I hated all of you
You made me feel alone
You made me feel cold
Inside me I thought I broke a bone

All I can feel is nothing else
But anger
I know one thing
My life's gone darker

Why do all of you
Made me feel like this
I hate you all
You're chances had been missed

I thought you all cared
But you all lied
And I feel scared
But also angry

Maybe I need to cool down
But one thing for sure
I had a melt down
You all lied

Maybe now
It's time to say
Liz Gellur

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Happiness, oh happiness,
waiting to burst forth from me,

To live in such splendour and
bathe in the milky sunlight,
I wish such a happiness,
existed for me.

To live in a world of anger,
trapped inside a bird's cage.
Why won't this happiness be mine?
Hatred fills my heart,
for this world full of anger,
Why can't this happiness be mine?
Sam Hughff

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I feel anger all around me
beside me
it guides me
it cuts me
it hurts
Sometimes i think whats the worth
when one day ill leave this earth
Death is what i feel
Death i want to kill
I want to leave
Im scared
No where to go
I feel all alone
I have no home
Just a sad old house
Fight is all we do
I dont need you
I'll make it on my own
I'll make it all alone
..........Anger is all around me.......
leAnna howard

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Poems On / About ANGER