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Poems On / About ANGER  2/12/2016 7:59:57 AM
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Be Not Angry

He who angers you conquers you
Be not angry since you cant change that person
as you want them to be
since you cant change yourself
as you want to be.
anger is nothing more
but a sign of fear.
thou should reject false pride
and tame the anger.
Dont be angry since you have fallen deep,
deep into a black hole of evil
there are endless possibilities.
believe what you think is right
in your heart you are what you are
Anthony Zeigler

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These Tunes

the calming music makes me feel sleepy wanting to dream
i sit and type away looking at these messages pop up my thoughts are
wondering asking what is right and what is wrong
all i can do is listen to this song the anger plays on my thoughts

the quite noise that plays over and over keeps
me sober I'm trying to let go the anger is subsiding the music is blinding
blinding my thoughts maybe i can sleep

my thoughts still speak of a tune
music blocking the sounds of anger in my head
I'm going to lay down in my bed
looking for a tune that is calming to my head
sweet dreams its all in my head

Trippy: ]
preston trip

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Anger Finds Always Its Reasons To Be

Anger finds always its reasons to be,
And sometimes may use a more powerful voice
Than it really possesses; as birds fluff their feathers
In mock-deadly duels, when choosing a mate.

But anger too, has it's own place and time,
Though it is made weak, by continual use;
Like the hand always lingers, over the Queen
Feinting the win, in a tired game of chess.

If you would choose rightly, which to forget
And which to lose sleep, while it plots it's revenge,
The kind of anger that's best not ignored: the kind
Says no word; counting all your heartbeats.
Patti Masterman

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Poems On / About ANGER