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Poems On / About ANGER  10/31/2014 6:36:26 PM
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The Wind

Like the wind,
you know it's there,
but its invisible to the eye.
That's how i feel,
i'm the wind,
there but not seen.
You can hear it,
it's cry's for help,
it's howls of anger,
but you can't ever see the pain it's in.
Just like me,
they hear my cry's,
and howls of anger,
but can't ever truly see the pain i'm in.
Like the wind,
i'm invisible to thy eye's,
but heard through cry's.
: : end: :

written: 12/30/05
Broken Angel

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Don't run from anger

Anti anger campaigns
Psychological trend
Too much precaution
with behavior changes

Who hasn't felt a huge desire
of letting go a wolf howl
like a mad dog?

It's the teacher's job to domesticate
It's also the parents destiny to disguise!

Precautions taken
crisis avoided
but...swallowed anger
unsolved sorrows
end up in hidden ilnesses

Crying like a mad dog is allowed
Shedding tears is consented soothing
and the extracted sorrow
remains us that to move on, means:
making choices!
mitty wille

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I am bottled anger.
Violence burns within me;
A potent drug, rage.
With it, I could topple
The mountain's height:
How much more could I destroy you,
Pitiful worm.
I am danger incarnate:
Death personified.
Be thankful I am sane,
And controlled;
-Bottled anger-
If I were not,
You would cease to be.
James Grengs

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Poems On / About ANGER