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Poems On / About BEACH  11/1/2014 5:15:49 AM
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Sitting down on the white sand I raise my coconut
Slash off its top with my machete,
And sip on the juice greedily.

I take a wooden spoon carefully crafted from twigs
And carve out the coconut flesh
And stuff my face handsomely.

Tossing the empty shell aside, I sprawl myself on the beach,
Forming sand angels with my arms,
And soak up the sun recklessly.

I turn to my left, and to my right, hoping to share my glee,
Of course, Im the only one on the beach,
And I weep, by myself, terribly.
Warren Augustus de Guzman

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Ebb Tide

When the long day goes by
And I do not see your face,
The old wild, restless sorrow
Steals from its hiding place.

My day is barren and broken,
Bereft of light and song,
A sea beach bleak and windy
That moans the whole day long.

To the empty beach at ebb tide,
Bare with its rocks and scars,
Come back like the sea with singing,
And light of a million stars.
Sara Teasdale

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Everyone has
at one time or other,
picked up a pebble on the beach,
turned it over in their hands,
sensed something of its uniqueness,
how millions of years have gone to the splitting
and the smoothing of the rock,
to the perfect shaping of the pebble.
Few of us stop and think for longer.
It is a momentary glimpse into an eternal process,
but we dropp the pebble and carry on walking along the beach.

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The Blue Sky

Walking down the beach today
Enjoying the crash of ocean waves
Seagulls gliding in the wind
The sea beckoning me to come in
Feeling the moist sand under my feet
I find my place and have a seat
Beach turns into natures stage
While storms at sea, begin to rage
Watching dark clouds as they approach
Winds turning seagulls, as if coached
Thunder roars, lightening crashes
All around me, bird and sand, dashes
Running to the shelter from the storm
Pulling on my jacket to stay warm
Thinking of you and our rocky relationship
Wondering if I was the port, for your storm tossed ship
james d nall,jr

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