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The Return Of The Curlews

At Mcloughlins beach in the Spring of the year
The beautiful flute of the curlews one hear
The eastern curlews they sing as they fly
Their music echo through Gippsland's coastal sky
From the colder northlands they journey on down
Above coastal City and Village and Town
Above beaches and foreshores in September they reach
The mudflats on the foreshore of Mcloughlins beach,
In fancy i can hear them fluting today
Above the white mudflats from here far away
The wild voice of Nature is a beautiful thing
The eastern curlews how lovely they sing
Their unmistakeable song in my memory remain
And in fancy i visit South Gippsland again.
Francis Duggan

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On Seeing Sanderling

From the Artic shores to Warrnambool in Victoria thousands of miles of sky
And the little gray brown sanderling that long journey does fly
And back again via coastal Asia to breed in the Artic Spring
The mysteries of Nature are such a wondrous thing
On the quiet beaches of Warrnambool in the warmth of a Summer's day
They eat tiny living things the waves wash in and from the incoming waves run away
Not much bigger than a sparrow for birds of their size
At the thought that they can fly such distances one might say a surprise
On the quiet beaches of Victoria in the Summer sun they feed
And when Spring is in the Artic they will fly north to breed
Their journeys a wonder of Nature from north to south they fly and back again to breed they go
The more we learn of Nature the less of her we know we know,
On a quiet beach at Warrnambool thousands of miles from where they were born
They eat tiny living things the waves wash in on a warm January morn.
Francis Duggan

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Port Fairy In January

Port Fairy in January on a warm and humid saturday
The beach full of people the young splash and play
In the shallows where the small waves splash onto the beach
In a place safe to swim where the life savers can reach
Anyone who gets in trouble and for help have to shout
To the beach for safety they will drag them out
And if necessary so give them mouth to mouth
The worth of the Life Saver is never in doubt
In the prime of the Summer at the start of the New Year
When people still enjoy the Seasonal cheer
Ageing and younger people and many girl and boy
A dip in salt-water do seem to enjoy
People of all ages and colours and mostly every Race
Make Port Fairy in January quite a busy place.
Francis Duggan

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Aam) The Origins, Amalfi And A Girl

In Saint Andrew's Square the salty penetrates the nostrils of donna Pina.
In history the trends are so slow!
Among the maritime republics, one of them was exceptionally fine.
However it was so little independent and completely free only for a little time.
Amalfi was under the light Byzantine yoke,
Was a ducky of Campania friend with the Muslims,
In the end some other maritime republics finished it off.
Bysantium starts as Rome ends,
The world center became the East, the West was not it any more.
Bysantium ends as the world center moved beyond the Atlantic.
A man dreamed that he was on the beach,
His mom sadly told him that his nephew came back from an English lesson at the girl teacher's.
The man asked his mom the girl's name, then began running fast strong along the beach in search of the girl.
At a machine shop he met the May woman who confirmed the presence of the girl under the beach umbrella.
That man was not in Amalfi any more...
Paolo Giuseppe Mazzarello

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