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Poems On / About BEAUTIFUL  10/8/2015 5:07:41 PM
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Beautiful Blue Moon With The Touch Of Respect.

For when one see the blue moon for one wish for the blue moon to touch one with respect an yet one see a star that has a twinkle in the nigh but for one who wish to feel respect thus once been touch with the twinkle that one saw but for who will feel the touch of the blue moon and yet beautiful blue moon with the touch of respect.

For every moon that one see is the moon of the angel for who is full of respect but where there happiness for there the blue moon that has the touch of respect and yet for one could feel a warm smile that shine like the morning sun for every moment that one see the beautiful blue moon with the touch of respect just to see the moon is like seeing the moon yet beautiful blue moon with the touch of respect.

Thus the more one see the blue moon the more one wish to feel the touch of the blue moon that have the touch of respect night after night one wish for the touch of respect where one sit for one could see the star with the twinkle every min that one wish the more the star touch one with the touch of respect and yet beautiful blue moon with the touch of respect.

Just to feel the night breeze that whisper in the night air the more the night breeze whisper the more the stars will fill the night air with the touch of respect for respect mean a lot to the family that have for who's heart is fill with respect and yet beautiful blue moon with the touch of respect.
Raymond Sawyer

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Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful

Really beautiful,
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,
Nothing but beautiful.

Your eyes, Your hand-less hand,
Your presence, Your leg-less leg,
And Your doing all action
Without any presentation.

Really beautiful, and one who
Is not able to recognized You
Is really a fool and see
That fool himself is also beautiful.
gajanan mishra

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For My Beautiful Wife Savannah Marie Sarah Garcia

ms.garcia this poem is for you baby i love you more than all the stars in the sky i love you more with every teardop i cry i love you more than all the water in the sea i love you more than you love
me when i look at your beautiful smile so amazing and bright it makes my night :) it was from the very start where your beautiful green eyes pierced my heart ;) i fell so hard i fell so deeply baby i
love you you complete i love your sexy stare and that long flowing beautiful hair ;) damn baby your so beautiful your so fine im so happy that your ALLL mine :) you put the smile on my face you make my heart race ? :) baby the day we met it wasnt fate god knew you were my soul mate ? i dreamed of a girl like you and you came true baby i love you! ? :) No one else in the world can even compare You're perfect and so is this love that we share :)
its just a few days away
ima see my beautiful wife and love for the very first time! ?
ima grab your hand and show everyone your all mine! ?
baby your my one my only true love i love you higher than the heavens above no matter what people say or do baby ill always and forever love you! ? baby i love you 2day i love you 2morrow add that up and it makes 4ever! you make me soooo happy i smile all the time i smile knowing your mine ;) i cant wait till the day where i say those four lifechangeing words! :) i hope you say i do when i ask to marry you baby in your beautiful white dress ill be a happy nervous mess :) when you walk down the isle showing that beautiful smile ill be right there with my puffed up hair ill grab your hand look into your eyes and ill say i do with a i love you! :) he'll say you may kiss the bride and baby! : D ill give you a big passionate kiss full of love and bliss ill enjoy every moment and every second that goes by i might even cry: ') baby i love you with all my heart just like i did from the start ? ill never stop ill be faithful and make you happy forever hurt you? NEVER baby you mean the world to me we were meant to be i know things get rough and tough but we just push it away and laugh the whole day we dont fight and we dont scream baby we are happier and sweeter than ice cream! :) i never told a lie and ill never say goodbye your my perfect girl and im your perfect guy whenever you cry ill dry your tears whenever you frown ill be there to turn it upside down if you get hurt ill take care of you and make sure your alright ill love you forever a=each day and night! ? together forever it'll be just you and me baby! ? ?
michael garcia

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Beautiful Girl

Ohh Beautiful girl standing their all alone.
Ohh beautiful girl oh how i want your kiss. Your Lips like angles so beautiful to hold to desire in every way.
Ohh beautiful girl your so beautiful to hot to handle to hot to hold.
ohh beautiful girl oh how you put the moon to shame whit your shimmering glow the stars sparkle in your eyes so bright not even the brightis whit pearl could match
And yet i wonder and wonder how could i be whit this angel clearly from heaven as a gift from god him self. Ohh how
You keep me destracted all day and keep me up all night.
Ohh how am i ment to get you out of my head my inword eye a place of solitude that i and only i can be myself but you always seem to creep in somehow.HELP! ! ! HELP! ! ! I cry so loud even in the most loudley of place the seem so quiet compard to my crys. Ohh beautiful girl ohh how i love you i wish you new that.

patrick reilly

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