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Poems On / About BEAUTIFUL  10/30/2014 1:57:35 PM
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Grandma is sleeping in her bed
one of her thin hands
lies on the quilt
with long, beautiful fingers

Her bed is in an empty room
nobody there
except a young lady from the past
with long, beautiful fingers

Grandma can't speak or sing
even she can't see a thing
still she has thin hands
with long, beautiful fingers

The young lady used to sing
she used to speak cheerfully
cook delicious food for mealtimes
with her long, beautiful fingers

Grandma is sleeping in her bed
her long, beautiful fingers on the quilt
out fly three white doves
not true beauties, just shadows


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All is Beautiful, Everyone is beatuiful, even you.
The trees are beautiful, life is beautiful.
The water, the sky and the leaves are beautiful. Love most of all is beautiful.
Raquel JeanJoseph

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The Most Beautiful Thing

The most beautiful thing around or above
Is Love, true Love:
The beautiful thing can more beautiful be
If its life be free.

Bind the most beautiful thing there is,
And the serpents hiss;
Free from its fetters the beautiful thing,
And the angels sing.
Louisa Sarah Bevington

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A beautiful bird that got away

Help me cry for the beautiful bird
So full of life and spotless in nature
Help me cry for the beautiful bird
The one who found refuge and treat me with pleasure

I will cry for the beautiful bird
The bird who shield me with feather and showed me love
I will cry and cry again for the beautiful bird
My beautiful dream that left my heart in knots.
Funmbi Aransiola

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Poems On / About BEAUTIFUL