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Best Poems About / On BEAUTIFUL
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Guardian Angel

Nana you are a very strong and sweet woman. You were the strongest woman that I have ever known. You would tell all of us that pop pop (dad) is our Guardian Angel, and that someday you will be our guardian angel. We would say that you have years before that would happen, and that we are very happy that you would become our angel. You always said that pop pop (dad) is smiling at us and watching us, and that he would be with us when ever we needed him, and he was there with us. You said that when you leave you would be smiling and watching us and that you would always be there for us.

Well nana, now you are our Guardian Angel and you would always watch over us, smile down at us, and be there for us when we need you the most. Now you have beautiful white wings and you are in the most beautiful place called Heaven. You are with all of your loved ones. And you are not in pain, you are beautiful with your wings. And most of all you are happy nana, you and pop pop (dad) will always be our guardian angel no matter what, we love you so much nana. You are a guardian angel. And you are VERY beautiful, you are our angel and the most beautiful one that I know,

You will be there for your children, grandchildren and great granchildren. Nana I just want to tell you that you would always be here for us.

We All Love You Nana
May You Rest. In. Peace.
Love You Nana
Mysterygrl123 Angel

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Beautiful Eyes Of Yours

Beautiful eyes of yours show me beauty of life
I Just feel truly amazed with your love
It makes me feel the depth of love.
Love is so bright and I truly do require it
A girl with such beautiful eyes and great lips is a true beauty
Such a beautiful girl is all that a person could ever need
My heart wants to be in love with such an amazing girl
Still, my heart is looking for love of a truly beautiful angel to complete my life
Only if I ever do find such a girl who would not doubt me or my love for her
Then my life would be truly complete and that is all that my emotions desire
Love of a girl who is beautiful in heart and truly loves is my need.
Rohit Sapra

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What Is Beautiful

What is beautiful?
Children playing together not concerned with the color of their skin
Watching a child’s creativity in playing with an imaginary friend
Every child that we see playing happily and smiling
God’s gift of a child is life’s most precious blessing
This is beautiful!

What is beautiful?
Watching our kids growing up during adolescence
Discover who they are; the need to “fit in” is present
They may find that during this time, life is quite stressful
Yet, they’re finding new friends and this feels wonderful
This is beautiful!

What is beautiful?
Teenagers that becomes so excited in going on their first date
Parents reminiscing this moment; a lost feeling that was great
Both the joy and nervousness as a teen experience a first kiss
A first kiss is an unforgettable moment; the feeling of bliss
This is beautiful!

What is beautiful?
Watching teenagers emerging into young men and women
They’re bodies are maturing; their emotions are growing
They are about to leave to begin working or go on to college
They will learn more about life and gain much knowledge
This is beautiful!

What is beautiful?
Men and women during the prime of their lives
From healthy bodies outside to wonderful spirits inside
From men’s masculinities to a women’s soft, silky skin
Their hearts are filled with love and compassion within
This is beautiful!

What is beautiful?
From the appearance across the sky from the setting sun
To a couple’s minds, souls, and hearts uniting as one
From the wonderful beauty in the wings of a white dove
To the warmth and the feeling of love and to be loved
This is beautiful!

What is beautiful?
We grow older; wrinkles are now showing on our face
Yet within, the same love shines through with every embrace
The beauty of our once young faces is still present in our hearts within
Life’s utmost beauty; loving the times spent with our families and friends
This is beautiful!
David Hall

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For A Beautiful Face

For a beautiful face all that I could do
Give all my pleasures and take all her woe.

For a beautiful face all that I could do
Leave all my friends or make them my foe.

For a beautiful face all that I could do
make myself a pauper and let all my esteems go.

For a beautiful face all that I could do
Let my wishes perish to make her wishes flow.

For a beautiful face all that I could do
to make her a peacock could look like a crow.

© Palas Kumar Ray.All rights reserved. 
Palas Kumar Ray

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