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Poems On / About BEAUTIFUL  4/19/2015 7:35:25 AM
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Love At First Site

The first time I saw her, beautiful hair, gorgeous eyes, perfect from head to toe I couldn't help but wonder will she be mine. The days past soon became years, she is stil beautiful but still not mine. Forever the hope I dream of her holding my hand as I kiss her cheek, the days are forever when I look into her eyes. If not a dream but reality I want her to be mine.
Dustin Hardin

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Today Is May Day

Today is the very day, unique and niece Today looks good to behold Today is may day May day is very beautiful Beautiful looks surround may day See the may rain The first rain has started on a smooth note See the may rain falling, it is falling heavily See the tears falling down as rain, the clouds very heavy as well Miracle awaits you, when you put in your best at what you do to earn your daily bread Work does not kill but only replenishes Work the work, do your best The best awaits a good prize

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Loving Smile

a sweet smile a wonderful heart beats kind and gentle as her lips turn into a smile soft and serene everythign beautiful shes all that and more a small fire of desire burns in my soul my heart beats gentle its beats erratically she amkes me feel nervous but her smile calms me down time after time time marches forward day into night as night goes back into day a sun rises its warm and its bright it warms my body i love the sparkle of stars as they shine at night they remind me of her looking into her eyes they sparkle so beautiful your so wonderful all of evertythign and anything about you is just great smile forever please.....
dorian suchelle

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Love Is Not Honorable

) Love is not honourable. Love is neither fair nor just. Love, without our consent, puts us in such a beautiful state... Our hearts slowly turn to glass. And when it sees fit, it will snatch that one thing that put you in such a beautiful state and shatter it into a thousand pieces until the pieces are unrecoverable. This is not virtuous nor is it fair.
Mehdi Chith

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Poems On / About BEAUTIFUL