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Poems On / About BEAUTIFUL  5/25/2015 4:23:46 PM
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Another Beautiful Morning

A new day has begun, I can feel the warmth as the sunrays touch my skin.I can hear beautiful melodies as birds' voices spring into the air.It's another beautiful morning, making ma every day special.I half-open my eyes as sunrays hit my face.Mr.Dark is gone, Mr.Light is in charge.I have to face my today's challenges, where my first challenge is to overcome my bed's gravity.
Oscar Shedah

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Forever Missed

Tears dropped down her face as the other side opened up for her it was a cloudy and rainy day that day and the sun still came through the window from where i was sitting at it shined a most wonderful beautiful light she lived a beautiful life now in peace and now at rest and now will be forever missed...
gerald cree

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A Dazzling Night

The moon is bright the stars are white, the sea is calm and reflects the beautiful light of the moon and the stars.The seagulls cried what a beautiful night.I remember this gorgeous night well because I have seen every crab stare at that wondrous night as long as they might.If you get a chance to look at that marvelous night remember this poem of the dazzling night.
serge nikitenko

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Love At First Site

The first time I saw her, beautiful hair, gorgeous eyes, perfect from head to toe I couldn't help but wonder will she be mine. The days past soon became years, she is stil beautiful but still not mine. Forever the hope I dream of her holding my hand as I kiss her cheek, the days are forever when I look into her eyes. If not a dream but reality I want her to be mine.
Dustin Hardin

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Poems On / About BEAUTIFUL