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You Made Me Feel So Beautiful

Your kiss, your embrace, the way you touched me
I still shiver with delight
You made me feel so beautiful

The way your eyes held me
A rare feeling, when reality was more beautiful than dreams
You made me feel so beautiful

Your soft caress
Like you're touching the wings of a butterfly
You made me feel so beautiful

You gave yourself to me
And ignited my fire
You made me feel so beautiful

We laughed and kissed, discovering we liked the same things
Its rare to find a kindred spirit, in life’s rushed living
You made me feel so beautiful

I wish we could just lock ourselves away
On a seashore, with no such thing as time
And explore the world between us
You made me feel so beautiful
Anita Atina

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How Beautiful

How beautiful
To die and know you lived for nothing not;
To run in the rain with tears flowing on your chicks like the great Victoria fall;
To ride your bike on air behind and beyond the African mountains;
How beautiful it is to stir at the setting sun under African sky blue;
To understand reality and accept the things to be changed not;
Not saying easy is in the search for better understanding of reality and accepting it;
But understanding time is time an uncontrollable time;
How beautiful is the so perfectly created universe;
With all the stars at night and the beautiful Milky Way the Orion’s belt;
Far found the planet Hugo our next home maybe;
So beautiful as seating on the deltas of Okavango;
Looking through God’s window and accept the balance in nature;
I guess He knew exactly what is that He was doing before He rested on the seventh day;
But one thinks why He didn’t spend that day on compassion;
How beautiful to find meaning to life and share it with the self you;
You uttered by the heavens saying you are one’s mate of soul;
Not found but yet to be found and if not found heaven only knows;
How beautiful to live and live forever and die not in the face of this world;
But with your soul rested body buried and the name stuck on the lips of the world;
With the entire world finding the words under the sea written on a rock ‘forget me not’.

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Beautiful Lady 5

Beautiful Lady you are the one that I adore,
I dream of days ahead in your arms.
Just feeling safe and happy knowing all
my loneliness is finally done and gone.
Beautiful lady I so adore and love you true,
beautiful lady I'll always deeply love you through.

Beautiful lady I want to always give my best for you,
God bless you for the wonderful woman you truly are.
You are so precious and unique not changing
for others just to please their selfish desires.
Beautiful lady I truly love and admire your
courage pushing through to do the best for those you love.

Beautiful lady you hold my heart and soul,
you are the only woman I'll ever need and want.
You are an Angel and a blessing true,
beautiful lady I so dearly love you through and through.
Michael P. McParland

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I Wanted To Write The Most Beautiful Poem

I wanted to write the most beautiful poem
The one beyond any music I had known-
The one which would reveal the changes
in yellows and greens
spring sunlight whispered to the trees

I wanted to write the most beautiful poem
The one which would tell the stories of all those I have loved and cared for-
I wanted to write the most beautiful poem
As a poem of Kindness-

I wanted to write the most beautiful poem
Of sublime and overpowering distance
Of stars when stars were dreams -

I wanted to write the most beautiful poem-

But I knew many other poems already written
Would always be far more beautiful than mine-

So I tried to write the most beautiful poem I could-

But the light outside
The world and its colors
The beauties we see and hear everyday
Said to me again and again,

'Walk more humbly with your God and do Justice and love Mercy also'.
Shalom Freedman

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