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Poems On / About BEAUTIFUL  9/16/2014 2:24:06 AM
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beautiful heart

everything is sweet and everything is beautiful nothing about you is bad jus great sweet and supreme u make those around u feel good cuz u exhuberate the the sweetest of feeling the very emotions u produce u make things great good and beautiful i feel like a flower and ur love to me is like that warm light and water i need i grow everyday thnaking the very maker for knowin sumone like yerself so classy sweet and beautiful jus perfect to me i thinks anyways everyone likes ya everyone lovs ya i really admire you jus for being sweet and havin such a beautiful heart
dorian suchelle

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The Flower

A flower blooms in Spring time because there is love and happiness
When winter comes it dies
Then the seeds fall into the ground
Come spring time it will bloom again but this time more beautiful then
ever and when he picks the flower he will say, ' you are just as
beautiful as this flower'
Each flower is beautiful in its own way
The rose will always be the most beautiful one of all
Erica Santana

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Poems On / About BEAUTIFUL