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Poems On / About BEAUTIFUL  11/25/2015 7:39:36 PM
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Her Eyes

To look at a beautiful woman one must look beyond her walk, her beautiful hair and smile.
To see the true beauty of a woman must look deep into her eyes and see the love she has.
For her eyes will tell the story of love, desire, fantasy, hope, kindness. Look deep and you will see all that and more. For in these eyes I look into I see these things and more. But I see the loving kindness of a mother and the hope of true love to come. For these eyes I see, I see the heavenly glow of a beautiful woman.

Timothy Honeycutt

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Music In This Life

After waiting, Searching for that special feeling, for inspiration to arrive. (and this is what she told me to write) .

As I listen to my heart thinking intuitively, as the lyrics of love that live in me flows, the music flows in the air into the lungs of my spirit, in remembering her love for me and my love for her. As stupid as it might sound and makes no sense to love; that someone who has lost hope to love, who has forgotten me, Yet I still can write of the music, the beautiful sounds we made together, the deep years of verse making in our bed because of passion, in the living room of arguments and in the hospital bed of birthing, with the contractions of life of pain of childhood. as our own reflection of love is ready to burst out and cry and live, resonating something beautiful yet painful from within our own lives, with every loud cry, erupting out, sounding like a loud bass coming from the depthness of our own childhood issues. Yet the music whatever way it came out, it was beautiful even if it was or is full of pain, sorrow and the best with tears of brokenness that in the middle of it all something in that tearful symphony of agony was born. We live, we learn, we became grand composers of our own song. Owning our unique sound that is pure Music as we live, as we sing, as we learn to love once again.
The music of life lives inside,
lives inside of us.
fabian montes

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Never Good Enough.

Im never good enough. Alwasy seen as just a friend, or only seen for the size of my bra. Never good enough for an actual cominement. Never seen as a possible canindent for the game of love. never seen for what really on the inside of me. Onlyy seen for whats on the outside. Alwasy compared to her. Never looked at as myslef. Shes beautiful, shes has the bubbly personality, the loving smile, the big heart of gold, she has the perfect figure. Id like to think of myself as all of these, but no one else seems to. I try to look tothe positive but everyone makes mesee the worst. I put on a front anr let everyone thinkim happy. Lett no one know im dying onthe inside. Everyone is in love with her. Everyone wants to be with her. No one sees me when she around. They all talk about her to me. Tell me how there gonna marry her. I dont wanna here all these things. I dont wanna here about how she beautiful, amazing, the most awesome and perfect girl in the world. I know these things, we live in the same house. I hate all these things about her. You can tell me im jealouse. I know it by now. I wish someone would say these things about me. Tell me how beautiful I am. How amazing I am. Do you know how that would make me feel? But instead i sit here as everyone tells me about her. I cant take it anymore. I feel worse and worse about my self each and everyday I wake up. I feel like im not good enough for anyone. Like everyone could do so much better than me. Is this true? When im a gonna be good enough for anyone? For you?
caroline beth

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Because You're Beautiful
This Poem's Addressed
To You.
Because You're Beautiful
No Matter What
You Do.
Because You're Beautiful
The Sun Rises
Every Day.
Because You're Beautiful
The Mist Floats On A
Rainy Day.
Because You're Beautiful
A Blossom Blooms And Holds
Its Scent.
Because You're Beautiful
Songs Sung In My Heart
Are Meant.
Because You're Beautiful
The Stars Glow
And Shine.
Because You Are Beautiful
This Is All That This
Poem's Said.

Just In Case You May Have
Any Doubt
This Poem Heaven Sent
To Tell You
You're Beautiful
And This Is Truly Meant.
Mauricio Campos

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