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Poems On / About BEAUTIFUL  7/31/2014 6:27:08 AM
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The Flutist

Oh sweet beautiful flutist
Play for me the beautiful melodies of your hearts desire
How softly do the graceful notes come from the instrument of your musical prowess
The sweet melodies that pour from your instrument of the heavens
Oh how they soothe my soul
Oh how they take away my past
Those beautiful sweet melodies from heaven
Oh sweet beautiful flutist
Let me play for you to sweet melodies
For I am not worthy to hear your melodies
The melodies from heaven
Alex Fischer

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forever tomorrow

beautiful yet ugly
the jellyfish stings until you die
ugly animals turn adorable
beautiful peace,
turns to dreadful hell
clean is made dirty
growing up is faster then ever here
sugar drops float and swim
molecules rush through the water
ugly old gray man monsters come to pray
life is just a hope
because the ribbons are here
ugly strings filled with beautiful nets
and the puffy disgusting mushroom looking things lurk too near us
beautiful and gorgeous when combined,
but ugly, deadly and disgusting when alone
Aurelia smith

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Poems On / About BEAUTIFUL