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Poems On / About BROTHER  3/6/2015 2:03:28 PM
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Brother, Brother

Brother, Brother
thank you for being there
for me
I know sometimes I want
to help you but I'm a
girl! ! !

Brother, Brother
thank you for helping me
through my life! ! !

Brother, Brother
you graduated
in high school
You are moving on..
I will miss
you with all of my
HEART! ! !

Brother, Brother
thank you for
giving what I want.
Also thanks for being
the best brother
cause I have only
1 brother thats
you! !
Elisa Martinez

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My Favorite Brother (because he's my only brother)

My favorite brother is really helpful and even funny. He's really great at making friends, better than me ill say. My brother is always there for me and hes almost never annoying. My brother loves me and I love him too. Because he's my favorite brother, because he's my only brother.

Dedicated to my favorite brother
Nicki Faith

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My Little Brother

I had a little brother who played with me in the rain,
I had a little brother who cried with me when I had pain,
I had a little brother who'd sing me funny lullabys,
I had a little brother who'd cry to me and love me.

I had a little brother who got very sick,
I told him I loved him with all my heart
But he didn't make it,
And now I have a little brother who watches over me everyday,
He smiles at me when I know he's there,
And he tells me that I'll be ok.
Paloma Castaneda

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Brother and sister

Why we call each other
Brother and sister?

Why Brother call you Sister?
Why Sister call you brother?
Why Brother call me Brother?
Why Sister call me Brother?

That i want to know?
Don't you belief we know each other
and know we meet again,
in Human form
We meet again in the
Father and Son
There we will never be apart again
Without end
see fee lee

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Poems On / About BROTHER