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Poems On / About BROTHER  1/29/2015 4:22:48 PM
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My Brother

My brother
Is my son
He is my elder brother
And yet
He is
My smallest
Eman Elbadawi

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To Have and Have Not

Another brother has a mother
A brother a sister a father
A daughter son and dog

The poor brother is
A father a son a master
& Yet has not known love
Deci Hernandez

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Half Blooded Brothers

You my blood half or full were brothers, regardless of what you do to each other, you my brother half or full, .

We keep each other good, you my brother half or full. We take care of each other, because we brothers half or full.

Imma stop trippin, it'll take a while, because im use to bullshittin and prickin, but you my brother half or full.

Stick together we will stay alive, all the bullshit I said, I've been a asshole, shit who hasn't, but you my brother half or full and I guess that's what family does.

Arguments and verbal brutality towards one another is what we do, because we will always be brothers half or full. Blood half or full, it doesn't matter, because we are brothers till the end of time, your my brother half or full.
Arthur V. Miller III

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My Brother, Barron Smith

I never quite have met a man

like Brother Barron Smith.

I never knew a happier man

than Brother Barron Smith.

Never have I seen a gait
quite as loving, quite as straight
with such passion to elate

as Brother Barron Smith.

No one bore the light of life

like Brother Barron Smith.

Not despairing, nor in strife

was Brother Barron Smith.

He showed me how to go my way:
A beacon glowing night and day.
And, in my heart will always stay

my brother, Barron Smith.

He left his mark and mem'ry here,

did Brother Barron Smith:

A mem'ry I will hold most dear

of Brother Barron Smith.

He lifted me, and did his part
to give my soul a running start!
I hold a chamber in my heart

for Brother Barron Smith.
Chris Schleier, Jr.

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Poems On / About BROTHER