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Poems On / About BROTHER  4/18/2015 10:09:19 AM
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My Brother

My brother aged 18,
He's so annoying,
So crazy, he makes me mad,

My brother make's me constantly yell,
My brother makes me go nuts,
My brother always irratates me,

Someday I won't have my brother,
And I wish that day never comes.
Pritisha Sardesai

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Good Morning Blood Brother

Good morning blood brother
Are you alright this morning?
How is the war blood brother?
Do you think that you are winning the battles?
Blood brother
We have the same mother and father
And that is why we are called blood brother
Also please remember that we have the same flesh blood brother
Aldo Kraas

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My Little Brother

I had a little brother who played with me in the rain,
I had a little brother who cried with me when I had pain,
I had a little brother who'd sing me funny lullabys,
I had a little brother who'd cry to me and love me.

I had a little brother who got very sick,
I told him I loved him with all my heart
But he didn't make it,
And now I have a little brother who watches over me everyday,
He smiles at me when I know he's there,
And he tells me that I'll be ok.
Paloma Castaneda

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To My Brothers & Sisters Adrift In Troubled Times This Poem Of The Moon.

Since the disorders in Henan and the famine in Guannei, my brothers and sisters have been scattered. Looking at the moon, I express my thoughts in this poem, which I send to my eldest brother at Fuliang, my seventh brother at Yuqian, My fifteen brother at Wujiang and my younger brothers and sisters at Fuli and Xiagui.

My heritage lost through disorder and famine,
My brothers and sisters flung eastward and westward,
My fields and gardens wrecked by the war,
My own flesh and blood become scum of the street,
I moan to my shadow like a lone-wandering wildgoose,
I am torn from my root like a water-plant in autumn:
I gaze at the moon, and my tears run down
For hearts, in five places, all sick with one wish.
Bai Juyi

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Poems On / About BROTHER