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Poems On / About BROTHER  5/4/2015 8:10:08 PM
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My Brother

My brother is so annoying
My brother gets so mad
My brother drives me so crazy
It makes me ten times more mad
My brother makes dad constantly yell
My sister and mother cry
My brother goes crazy
My brother goes nuts
Sometimes I want to grab him until he dies
Someday I wont have my brother
I wish that day will never come
But he will fight me
But I know that shows a lot of love sometime I cry to show our love
Jessica Lee Workman

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My Brother is my Best Friend
How magical it is,
When you share secrets
With the one you love

My brother helps me in everything i do
Which makes me fall in love more
I will always love my brother
Even when we have a fight

We are brothers, cos we make each other stronger
We are brothers cos we feel each other
We are brothers cos we try and be the best
We are brothers cos we understand each other

Dedicated to Olamide Oladipupo
Samuel Ogbole

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BROTHER give you headache
they make sister sick
BROTHER get on your neves
that you want to hit
they blame stuff on me
I say no
I never wish to have a brother
i rather have a sister
oh well
I have to have
there silly
there cool
and that
my brother
stephany mejia

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I Am Pleased Not To Call You Brother

I am fortunately unfortunate
Not to call you brother
For a brother is never
Envious of his brother
He never prays doom to his brother
He never stabs on his back
He never plans against him
He never lose his faith in him
And you did everything with me
Which a brother cannot do with his brother
So I am pleased
not to call you brother.
Mohammad Akmal Nazir

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Poems On / About BROTHER