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Poems On / About BROTHER  10/31/2014 3:17:54 AM
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My Brother

My brother aged 18,
He's so annoying,
So crazy, he makes me mad,

My brother make's me constantly yell,
My brother makes me go nuts,
My brother always irratates me,

Someday I won't have my brother,
And I wish that day never comes.
Pritisha Sardesai

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My brothers are amazing
They might not be my true brothers
But, they are always there for me
My brothers adopted me
In August 2008
It was then we became a family

We each have our own families
That love and care about us
Either way, they will always
Be my brothers

I love them like brothers
I know I can call on them
For anything

They are amazing

I love them
Laura Carie Dalton

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Demons (published in 'secrets of the heart')

</>Golden Demons spred
tearing light
causing furosious fright
frozen, held to tight
a Ying from when demons took part
so then and after us
we are brothers by blood
as blood binds brothers
our shadows shift darker
death comes bear and black
So now my brother can you
hold a Yang so proud
and find us after
my twin man my brother
I want to be by you
fighting my friend
together my twin
my blood man
my brother
Rob Francis Parsons

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Peace Be With You, My Brother

You have bitten my arm and
Drawn blood
Peace be with you my brother
You have gnawed my bones and
Eaten my leaves
Peace be with you my brother
You have withered my mother and
Stolen the years
Peace be with you my brother
You have taken my wife and
Left with my trust
Peace be with you my brother
And now life is good
Full and drunk
Pain part of the arc
Love is free and easy
Love is pulled from the dark
Sun is warm
Rain is fresh
And years flow
As years and water should
Peace be with you my brother
Guillermo Veloso

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Poems On / About BROTHER