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Best Poems About / On BROTHER
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For My Little Brother

You will grow up, my little brother,
Just like me, in a matter of time,
You will face the wonder of teenage life, my brother,
Sweet and sour, like lemon and lime.

You will grow up, my little brother,
Unlike me, but you were a bit lucky,
Because you have a big brother as your tour guide, my brother,
So that you will not walk into adolescent in lonely

You will grow up, my little brother,
Unlike me, I was alone and knowing nothing, unexplained,
Who should I refer to? who should I talk to, my brother?
For all these changes-body, heart and soul, unexplained!

You will grow up, my little brother,
Unlike me, the other way around, simpler and uncomplicated,
What are the do's and don'ts, what are the right and wrong,
What are the normal and abnormal, clearly explained

You will grow up, my little brother,
Unlike you, you were maturing fast,
I have never know how to gain my self-worth and potential,
But I know I like arts, books, science and the green grass

You will grow up, my little brother,
Like me, in a matter of time,
I have forgotten how I spent those ten youthful years my brother,
But I recalled there were some laugh and tears from time to time!

Will you grow up, my brother?
Use the time wisely, for study, soccer, family and friends,
Waking up from the cocoon and fly high,
Spread your feathers and touch the sky.
Ismim Putera

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Bothers War & Peace

...My brother War, says he doesn’t care for me
Never has, says he even now despises me
Always has, and laughs out loud at me.
I tell my brother, I don’t understand:
Brother, I love you.
But my brother spits like a camel in the sand,
He says brother, Peace, I don’t just despise you.

Brother, Peace, I loathe you.
And I reserve the right to hate you.
You are my sworn enemy, I would dearly kill you.
Brother, War, I would gladly lay down my life for you
I tell you I love you and you say we are sworn enemies.
Brother War, tell me what have I done…
What have I done to deserve such a deep animosity?

My brother, Peace, you embarrass me
I cannot abide this or any other concord between us.
You are like air a rainbow, which cannot be caught
Brother Peace, you are deceitful and cowardly,
But I on the other hand am like the eagle rising above —
I am your lord & master; without my presence, elder
Brother who would appreciate you?

Brother, War, were that you were an eagle on the wind
I would but pluck out those evil feathers, one by one
And like a white dove naked you would plummet,
Praying for land, and longing for love beneath my lodgings.
You would long for a fig leaf to cover your own
Dishonourable shame, flights of fancy.
Mark Heathcote

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Goodbye Brother

Am off and gone,
for my paradise is far,
at least...paradise brother.

I doubt your tears brother,
for I found no home here,
but a place in a friends place.brother.

Voidness resides in friend's tears
for pain of loosing a love
Oh! weak blood bond.brother.

He gave me love brother,
food when I did starve, brother
but brother you bothered not.
Njuguna PM.

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My Brother

My brother is so annoying
My brother gets so mad
My brother drives me so crazy
It makes me ten times more mad
My brother makes dad constantly yell
My sister and mother cry
My brother goes crazy
My brother goes nuts
Sometimes I want to grab him until he dies
Someday I wont have my brother
I wish that day will never come
But he will fight me
But I know that shows a lot of love sometime I cry to show our love
Jessica lee Workman

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