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Best Poems About / On BROTHER
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Drug Addiction

Once more, like a perpetual cycle lasting into eternity, I have witnessed my own kinsman become overwhelmed, yet again, the most fatal addiction to substance abuse.

I have developed a means of handling such situations as an experienced and hardened individual, gaining strength in the ability to resist the strongest of emotions.

Yet even after taming such emotions; guilt, hatred and loneliness, provide the first examples of what comes to mind, the presence of something different this time.

Even if often it is not expressed, as my stoic conviction frequently prevails, the hatred that is imprisoned within one’s mind, so vast one cannot conceive.

What it has done to my family, not for what it has done to me, for I can handle myself, hatred is felt for what it has done to my family.

Memory of my father, eyes filled with tears, retreating into the dark to sob alone, the overwhelming somber a grown man feels, witnessing his father fetal positioned in such a helpless way, should never exist.

Grown man of twenty-four, equivocally strong in physical and mental capacity, provides no means of protection from the torment a soul felt in watching his own father cry.

The unchallenged voice of everything good, one is left hopeless in the powers to be, that when this source is brought to tears in such a way, only evil is assumed to prevail.

Evil, manifested in such a way, that a once beloved kinsman dubbed my brother, left embodied only with corruption, no longer existing in the light once known.

It is unknown and unexplainable, the hardened conviction of emotions once held, rapidly dissipates, and everything is different this time.

A new emotion was born, for better or for worse, most certainly for worse, only time shall convict; the irony of fear is, its arrival is fearful in itself.

Despite the perpetual nature of the monster, continuous conflict that would deplete the will of any man, the origin of a fear that one has never felt, one that longs for the lost brother.

Where has the brother gone, only the monster knows; but any hope lies in what the brother knows, shall he ever possess the will to return?

The arrival of fear, consuming ones mind like no other emotion shall, a product of losing faith, the very hope, the very will, that the hidden brother shall ever return.

The greatest triumph of fear, less in the process of actualizing a fear, the triumph itself is rarely triumphant; fear is most glorious in the tormented soul.

The decrepit monster shall forever rule the kingdom, enslaving the soul for eternity, no longer exists a brother once loved, only an emaciated body, a product of a substance.

Remaining, an isolated monster, cannibalizing the body, left with no utility, purpose or value, the once precious body is now only void.

Beloved brother, son and friend, shall forever remain lost, wandering the vast emptiness, what was once a source of bountiful life, is left only with disease-ridden decay.

A monster’s purpose is in lacking, meaning and reason, most cherished by the human; the monster is fulfilled with nonexistence, no value to gain, no utility can be earned, life as such is not to be considered life at all.

The monster destroyed a family, yet undeserving mother and father, such torture they must endure, for the hope that they will glimpse into the eyes they once loved.
Is this hope enough to endure, an eternity of grief, to love another, with only faith to tell that it is not true, the beloved is gone forever.

Acceptance, perched on the shoulder like a conscience, undisturbed by what one must do, relinquishing hope forever, emotions alongside.

The monster destroyed a family, murdering the life of my brother, imprisoning one’s own kin, constrained by the monster indefinitely.

The shackles need to be broken, or the family must endure, the prison is that of the monster, must be treated as such.

No soul left to save, no value left to measure, the body of the monster shall be taken, destroying the prison it holds, the slavery of my brother is abolished, only in death is this achieved.

In life, a brother, son and friend, felt nothing more than pain, he was tortured; with the end of a life, a brother, son and friend, feels no more pain, and will be set free.
Gabriel Gardner

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The Little Brother

O brother, brother, come down to the crags by the bay,
Come down to the caves where I play;
For oh! I saw on the rocks, asleep,
A fair mermaid, and the slow waves creep
To bear her away, away.
O brother, brother, come quick, till you laugh with me,
For no mermaid so fair is she,
But the little lass that I saw last night,
(I hid in the shade, you stood in the light),
And she weeping most bitterly.
O brother, brother, I watched her the live-long day,
Saw her hair grow jewelled with spray;
Once her cheek was brushed by a gull's wet wing,
And a finch flew down on her hand to sing,
And was not afraid to stay.
O brother, brother, will she soon awakened be?
I would she might laugh now with me.
She sleeps, and the world so full of sound—
She's so deaf, like the dead that are under the ground,
That I laugh and laugh to see.
Dora Sigerson Shorter

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My Brother's Keeper

Am I my brother's keeper? Is he mine?
I heard there was a thin line between love and hate
Making one wonder just how much one's heart can take.
I promised to be there for you thru thick and thin, and vice versa
But things never got better, only worse
Now it seems like our whole race is being cursed
So I ask, am I my brother's keeper? or am I my brother's grim reeper?
Now days people are so quick to take another's life
Quick to pull that gun, quick to stab that knife
They don't give a damn if you're a son, brother, father
They don't give a damn about your mother, child, nor wife.
We are quick to say that we need unity but divided we always act
But is it all of us? No, not at all, it is just a select few
Giving a bad reputation to the rest of the black race
Steady killing our own race, our people, each and everyday
Why do we resort to this kind of violence? why destroy each other?
We need to come together and become our brother's keepers
Stop the violence. Lets stop making our race suffer
I don't want to see anymore families crying, anymore brothers dying
Lets stop being our brother's grim reeper
And start being what we need to be, our brother's keeper
Craig Mize

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Why We Fight

We all fight for one thing
we don't fight for our country
we don't fight for family back home

We fight for our brother's
We fight for the guy's that are to our left and right
that is why we american soldier's fight

For we are a band of brothers
our bonds are greater than any others
our bonds are bonds forged threw war

Our bonds mean a lot to us
we would fight for our brothers
we would die for our brothers

We would save our brothers
we would do anything to keep our brothers safe
we care greatly for our brothers in arms

For our bonds are bonds forged by war
Cause we fight for one thing
For our brothers in arms
Daniel Bielke

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