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I Call You Brother.

I hope you can hear me well brother,
This jungle is not enough to hide you brother.
Oooh! Brother.

My brother,
Try to repent before one day.
When there will be no excuse,
When everyone wants to save himself.
When nobody cares for anyone,
Oooh! Brother wake up.

Try your best brother,
Dont be among the victims of tomorrow,
Dont be among those who will regret,
Dont be among those who will cry for their deeds.
Oooh! Brother, think well.

Oh! Brother,
Try to look at yourself,
Trust yourself brother.
Have confidence on your deeds,
And look down brother.

Oh! Brother,
I call you brother not because to the same family, nation we belong.
Nor race as well as the same continent.
But i refer to the all people who are living this sphere.
Well bro us live togather.

Yes! Brother…
I hope you understand me well,
And i hope you will repent before the sunset...
Abdulkadir Abdulrahim

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The Palatine

In the 'Dark Ages'

'Have you been with the King to Rome,
Brother, big brother?'
'I've been there and I've come home.
Back to your play, little brother.'

'Oh, how high is Caesar's house,
Brother, big brother?'
'Goats about the doorways browse;
Night-hawks nest in the burnt roof-tree.
Home of the wild bird and home of the bee,
A thousand chambers of marble lie
Wide to the sun and the wind and the sky.
Poppies we find amongst our wheat
Grow on Caesar's banquet seat.
Cattle crop and neat-herds drowse
On the floors of Caesar's house.'

'But what has become of Caesar's gold,
Brother, big brother?'
'The times are bad and the world is old
Who knows the where of the Caesar's gold?
Night comes black o'er the Caesar's hill;
The wells are deep and the tales are ill;
Fireflies gleam in the damp and mold-
All that is left of the Caesar's gold.
Back to your play, little brother.'

'What has become of the Caesar's men,
Brother, big brother?'
'Dogs in the kennel and wolf in the den
Howl for the fate of the Caesar's men,
Slain in Asia, slain in Gaul,
By Dacian border and Persian wall.
Rhineland orchard and Danube fen
Fatten their roots on Caesar's men.'

'Why is the world so sad and wide,
Brother, big brother?'
'Saxon boys by their fields that bide
Need not know if the world is wide.
Climb no mountain but Shere-end Hill,
Cross no water but goes to mill.
Ox in the stable and cow in the byre,
Smell of the wood-smoke and sleep by the fire;
Sun-up in seed-time a likely lad
Hurts not his head that the world is sad.
Back to your play, little brother.'
Willa Sibert Cather

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My Brother’s A Charver

My brother’s a charver,
he has all the known traits.
He summarizes everything
that everybody hates.

My brother’s a charver,
he’s into all the brands.
He’s lazy, fat and useless,
forever making demands.

My brother’s a charver,
he wears the Rockport shoes.
It definitely isn’t arguable,
just look for all the clues.

My brother’s a charver,
he has a Berghaus coat.
The worst thing is he thinks he’s hard,
and loves to try and gloat.

My brother’s a charver,
Henri Lloyd, Fred Perry and bling.
Standing on street corners,
dissing everything.

My brother’s a charver,
drinks and smokes and swears.
Has to be a label
in everything he wears.

My brother’s a charver,
he has the golden chain.
The one thing he doesn’t own
is a normal, human brain.

My brother’s a charver,
he has the usual ASBO.
Earned from mugging OAP’s,
and vandalising the Metro.

My brother’s a charver,
a Daddy by sixteen.
Only remembered the condom,
when the baby’s head was seen.

My brother’s a charver,
has a gang of mindless friends.
Doesn’t have emotions,
he only ever pretends.

My brother’s a charver,
doesn’t know how to speak.
A fully English sentence,
takes him nearly a week.

My brother’s a charver,
he loves senseless songs.
There is nowhere in society
where my brother belongs.
Dan Brown

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He is My Brother

Polio-struck eleven-year-old brother waits daily
Staying in an ill-kept two-room apartment
For street-story happenings told passionately
By his elder brother: a chosen commitment

Elder boy met his new pastor for his food ration
Noticed the pastor's new car parked outside
His eyes glued on the car, caught pastor's attention
Who offered him a joy ride by the countryside

Driving past picturesque fields, farms and lake-side
Ecstatic, he begged pastor to do another round
For his disabled brother who'd never seen such sights
Touched, pastor whisked him off home-bound

Pastor eagerly awaited by a dirty back alley below
Giving his brother a piggy-back, came down iron stairs
Four floors down, treading steps carefully slow
Dropping jaws, pastor fixed on them his anxious stare

He isn't heavy: it is love, not burden, he carries
For brother's sake, willingly he sweats it out
Never has the pastor seen such love as this
A brotherly love-bond overtly lived out

Countryside car ride, a lifetime-treat for the boys
Vividly, the talkative elder boy described the sights
The younger, wide-eyed, gleeful, on window poised
The teary pastor learnt a lesson, never he'll forget

The elder brother had deep compassion
Loving his helpless brother, his conviction
Had clear sense of life's purpose
Paying the cost, however adverse
Passionate to fulfill another's need
Expressing love daily, is committed
He had a clear and vivid vision
Carries out his defined mission

Paul Sebastian

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