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Best Poems About / On BROTHER
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Dont Ever Let GO

Dont Ever Loose Your brother
And always keep him near
Never say you hate him
Tell him your always there
The pain of loosing your brother
Is so much more
Something no teenager should have to indoor
I always wipe the tears off my face
Make it seem like i can keep on going
But i dont know hom much more
Of this fake joy i can keep on showing
So keep your brother near
Never let him shed one single tear
Why are brothers so daring?
Cause they will never stop careing
My brother is gone
It seems like he has been gone for so long
My brother took his life
He never even thought about it twice
I have things to fear
Cause he is not here
So hold on to your brother tight
You Never know when it will be his last night
Heather Hesse

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He is My Brother

Polio-struck eleven-year-old brother waits daily
Staying in an ill-kept two-room apartment
For street-story happenings told passionately
By his elder brother: a chosen commitment

Elder boy met his new pastor for his food ration
Noticed the pastor's new car parked outside
His eyes glued on the car, caught pastor's attention
Who offered him a joy ride by the countryside

Driving past picturesque fields, farms and lake-side
Ecstatic, he begged pastor to do another round
For his disabled brother who'd never seen such sights
Touched, pastor whisked him off home-bound

Pastor eagerly awaited by a dirty back alley below
Giving his brother a piggy-back, came down iron stairs
Four floors down, treading steps carefully slow
Dropping jaws, pastor fixed on them his anxious stare

He isn't heavy: it is love, not burden, he carries
For brother's sake, willingly he sweats it out
Never has the pastor seen such love as this
A brotherly love-bond overtly lived out

Countryside car ride, a lifetime-treat for the boys
Vividly, the talkative elder boy described the sights
The younger, wide-eyed, gleeful, on window poised
The teary pastor learnt a lesson, never he'll forget

The elder brother had deep compassion
Loving his helpless brother, his conviction
Had clear sense of life's purpose
Paying the cost, however adverse
Passionate to fulfill another's need
Expressing love daily, is committed
He had a clear and vivid vision
Carries out his defined mission

Paul Sebastian

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Brothers, Sisters

I don’t care what skin you’re in
You’re my brother
And I love you

I don’t care how messed up its bin
You’re my sister
And I love you

The past
Its history
He’s won the victory
You’re my brother
My sister
I love you

South African
Through and through
Should have Gone through pain and sorrow with you
My brothers and sisters
I love you

I watched as people discriminated
They ostracized
The pride
The pain
My brother
My sister
Love hurts

But by Christ we see
It’s the only way it should be
Sacrifice fuels our hearts
It sets us ablaze
For you
I will risk it

Our citizenship
On paper- False
But in our hearts- the rebirth certificate
A citizenship not of this world

Made one by Christ
We’re together
No more divides
My brother and sister
I love you

How can I just stand by?
How can I live my life without loving you?
You’re my brother
You’re my sister
And I love you

By his scars we are made one
By his bruises set free
He accepts us as we are
Broken and battered
He loves us at the greatest cost
So why should I hold back?
How can I?

With such knowledge all I can do is love you
My brother and my sister
Jessica Nobubele Frame

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Where Eagles Fly

The eagle circles high above the canyon caves
the dolphin leaps through the ocean waves
as we walk the promise land
our heads held high giving not a helping hand
The eagle my brother using his gift of sight
flies higher than most into the night
below he sees a crying young man
with compassion he lands as only he can
the young man explains that he is lost
I asked for help, but at what cost
The eagle my brother with power wings
picked up the young man and started to sing
the love he heard was ever so clear
as he was held by my brother so near
so thick and armor plated was his heart
that nothing could penetrate
the young man had to go and isolate
The dolphin my brother lives in the seven seas
with angry young men who couldn't live in harmony
the pain of loneliness was their only bond
which helped them live on the world's largest pond
the wisest of all on the highest high sea
The dolphin my brother with his sonar engaged
found the buried pain that has kept me caged
the dolphin my brother with love in his eyes
sends me back to Where Eagles Fly
the pain of loneliness and fears of mine
are cancelled by my brothers' love combined
James Pendleton

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