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Poems On / About BROTHER  10/21/2014 6:59:09 AM
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A True Brother

A true brother is the one who
Builds an unbreakable bond with you
And it doesn't matter from where he came
Or if you were the same
It only matters that both of you share
Friendship, respect and care

A true brother may be old or even young
He may be also short or even long
Matter not the outside
Only look through him inside
If you found a pure gem,
Then this would be him

Don't say that your brother
Is only the son of your father
For he can be
Anyone you see
Anyone who shows loyalty
Accompanied by true principles pf morality

A true brother is the one who shows
Tolerance where ever he goes
A true brother is more than a friend
Where the formed friendship can never end
He is absolutely more than a buddy
He is like an organ in the body

A true brother is a hidden treasure
That conceals friendship's pleasure
He is the one who never lets you down
And never irritates you or makes you frown
And never leaves thee alone, but always be with you
When you're desperate, sad and glad too

A true brother is the one who you can trust
Because he knows that friendship is a must
Your secrets he'll never spread
In brief, it is true what is said
That a friend in need
Is a friend in deed
Jawad Al Harake

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The Soul Brothers Death

The burial of a soul brother
Was not good for a rainy day
Maybe his death
He could be wet to paradise
The burial of a soul brother
Was not good for a rainy day
We will need umbrellas
Forming a canopy over his benediction
While his soul is trouble by thunder and storm
The burial of a soul brother
Was not meant for crocodile brow
Mocking with their hypocritical tears
But pray than deal us a deadly blow
When we feel we have some peaceable murners
The rain in the soul brothers death
Fell to water away all wishes against him
And when all roof is wet
You rust to imagine the hole that cause the rain
As everyone celebrates the downpour
The rain in the soul brothers death
Was not good because
It only washed our faces not our hearts
And when we return
Is with conscience laden with guilt
The death of a soul brother
Was a warning not to the rain
But to all that need the rain
The soul brother just died like everyone of us
George Egba

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Brother Man

Hey woman can I be that man for you?
When I say that man I don't mean your lover.
I don't mean your daddy.
What I mean is your brother man.
Not brother man in the afro centric way.
But a brother man that is your friend.
A brother man is a man that will tell you when you are wrong.
And encourage you when you right.
A brother man is also a man that gives you an ear when you need someone to listen; and a shoulder when you need someone to lean on.
A brother a man is a man you can laugh with and hug with no sexual overtone. Every woman need a man. Can I be your brother man?
Lore Me34

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My Brother, You Forget Not Your Sister On The Eve Of The Raksha Bandhan

My dear brother, you forget not this sister,
Sad for you today, on the eve of Raksha Bandhan
Even if you far away from her,
Wherever you are, she wishing you for to be happy
And this the internal wish of the sister.

With tears into the eyes, she remembers her brother,
Going to the market to pick up and purchase
A colourful rakhi for her brother
To tie on her hand.

Brother, forget not your lovely and dear sister
Who always keeps thinking about
Her brother's well-being and welfare
And this the inner yearnign of every sister.

The colourful wrist band she bringing to tie on the hand
Of the brother,
Only she, none but she knows it,
Can take to it so piously.

The price of love, internal bonding, one cannot give,
You forget not your ssiter
Whatever be the situations binding upon
And compelling you.

The love of a sister, try to feel it
And you will feel it when she will not be nearer to you,
The heart of a sisiter so loving
For her brother.
Bijay Kant Dubey

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