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Best Poems About / On BROTHER
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Or friend I knew
I entrusted you
My secrets I disclosed
That trust you betrayed
You smile at me brother

I did no one wrong
For so long you have sworn
To read my name as good as dead
Why that kind of deed
Why soil my name indeed
What a day from you,
Brother I say,
You make me cry

When my wound oozes puss
Come and be my nurse
You know the contents of my purse
And you go ahead and make me frail,
You set out to see me fail.
Each heart I touch,
Of the lilies I browse,
And the roses I loose,
If you must know,
Then, I ask, must I go?
When all you do
Is pretend to be brother.

Life is cruel I say
To hear and be told
That you spoil my name
Too many a maiden I loose
Because of your foolishness,
I rest case knowing
I have you forgiven brother
Major Elazia

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Brother Wind

“I thank my god for brother wind,”
So prayed St. Francis long ago
In words of simple, joyous praise,
That fill my heart with sudden glow
As-braced by winter’s icy draught-
With singing soul, and strengthened mind,
I humbly join the good Saint’s prayer
Thank my God for “Brother Wind.”

For Brother Wind, who, whispering soft
Brings subtlest perfume on his wings,
The violet scent of childhood days,
The lost delight in simple things;
For Brother wind, who whistling keen
O’er open plain and storm-scarred hill,
Cleanses from mind, and heart, and brain,
All thoughts of wrong, and ancient ill.

Who wafts from scarce-stirred lily beds
Incense of early purity,
Or wakes to life our laggard souls
With stinging fragrance of the sea.

Echoes of Heaven, far-off and faint
For weary heart and tired mind,
Sweet long-lost memories, old and quaint-
These are the gifts of Brother Wind.

Ah! Dear St. Francis, let me kneel
Before thy shrine with joyous mind
Joining my humble, grateful prayer,
Thanking our God for Brother Wind.
Alice Guerin Crist

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In Big Brothers Eyes

In big Brother's eyes a great success in life
Yet he finds great pleasure in beating his wife
But such bad behaviour to little amount
They judge you far better by your bank account.

In Big Brother's eyes she is quite okay
Though the girls who work hard for her she underpay
That's not seen as cheating good business they say
Or getting rich quick in an underhand way.

He lives in the leafy suburb at a posh address
And Big Brother looks on him as a huge success
But every day of his life he lives with a lie
Narcotic addicted teenagers because of him die.

In Big Brother's eyes he is one to admire
And others to greater things he does inspire
Society stamps him with the approval seal
Though from others by stealth of deception he steal.

The bank manager he welcomes you with a smile
You've made your first million through deception and guile
You are a big hero in Big Brother's eyes
But lets face it Big Brother is not very wise.
Francis Duggan

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Big Brother He Is Listening

His ears are ever vigilant be careful of what you do say
Big Brother he is listening from you he's never far away
Your words he may put a slant on and one word in the wrong place
Could see you in deep trouble the court you might have to face.

The Government allows free speech free to a point maybe
But when mere words can land you in trouble that does not seem free to me
And big brother is listening and he hears what he wants to hear
The best way of freedom curtailment is the weapon known as fear

And big brother he takes note every time you speak your mind
And if he sees something he does not like in trouble yourself you will find
He is the Government watchdog your words can see you in jail
Big brother is always watching you he even checks your mail.

Big brother he is listening even when your friends you phone
And even those who live on their own in truth are not alone
For big brother is with them though him they cannot see
He remains as invisible and few as treacherous as he.
Francis Duggan

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