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Poems On / About BROTHER  10/31/2014 9:09:14 AM
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Kids country's voice

A year passed by
like a school day
Without freedom, or asking why
Why are you all my brothers? !
you just set and watch, i say
The unfairness that i am going thru
yes you are all my brothers though
Hating you i can't
but seeing me putting up with that
brothers don't do
taking our rights, you have to go
because we are brothers so, don't say no
but no, you said
and now i paid
for your price, now i am in a raid
you have so many voices
so speak up for me
so speak and say:
Free my Brother
coming across our borders will be no further
My home, nor my country
you have Wronged us and our country
We put up with all of what is going on for century
But now It's our voice that is louder than yours. :)
michelle al G

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She said: I have four brothers
Some are called half brothers
Or rather step brothers
And some are full brothers.

To me they are all the same
Two of them are closer
Than the others;
The youngest in
Each group.

All of them run
To me when they
Want to marry,
Divorce or
Think of a second wife.

And I
feel happy for them,
Cry with them,
And advise them
With all of my heart.

But when I ask
Them when someone
Proposes(the are
So many since youth,
Until middle age) .

They get annoyed
Make fun of it,
Or be little the man,
If they could.
I do not know
Is it jealousy
O carelessness.

So I decided never to
Ask them for help
And I kept it
In my CHEST,
With all the tears
In the world
I ask how does it feel
To have a true brother.
nadia abduljabbar

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My brother.

Don't ever lose your brother,
and always keep him near.
Never say you hate him,
tell him you're always there!

The pain of losing your brother,
is so much more...
Than any one person,
should have to endure.

The phone call that night,
that my brother was gone.
I honestly thought,
someone had it wrong.

I didn't get a chance,
to tell him I how much I care.
All I keep thinking,
is, at the end, I wasn't there.

To many people, he was many things,
but to me he was just my brother.
A childhood shared, the memories made,
memories I have with no other.

So if you have a brother,
you must hold on to him tight.
Cos one thing I've learnt is you'll never know,
When will be his last night.
Stacey Ann Hendry

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Two Soldiers, Two Sisters Each

So proud we stood,
My sister, Marge, and me-
Our brother, Bruce,
As he was meant to be-
And who'd of thought?
Our country 'tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee we sing, and send
Our brother, Bruce.

While over there,
Somewhere across the sea,
Two other fools,
With brother proud to be-
And he so brave,
To save his family
And keep his country free-
His death for liberty-
Wears soldier clothes.

Our brother, Bruce,
Will meet his destiny.
Their brother too,
As he was meant to be,
Will take a life,
Protecting liberty-
That Bruce again won't see
His sisters proud that he
Wore soldier clothes.
Hm. Nes

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