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Poems On / About BROTHER  5/30/2016 9:03:57 PM
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Big Brother

Let us learn not to smile only when there is money in our pockets.
Let us learn to cover each other's anus and flaws.
Let us learn the act of love and butter the inner part of our souls with goodness that slice gently into us.
You left breast milk for me to suck and I must beg you this:
Take life like you take a hot tea, gradually, gradually.
Mother wasn't the problem we are passing through now rather father caused this pain that cried behind us.
Pains of discrimination and hurt can not stop unless we stop it from barking like a dog to us.
What love has brought is greater than the fear that dwells in you like a king of England.
The pest feasting on our skins now may hurl at us if we don't create a space for love to occupy.
Let us see each other as an egg that must be handled with care.
I know the cocroach can't be innocent in the midst of the fowl, I know your inner man seek revenge and death but; desperation and frustration can kill faster than death when you follow them.
Big Brother, the Big Brother up there is not blind to see your pains.
The Big Brother above said he is faithful when we trust in Him.
No man is greater than the Big Brother up there not even the so called Big brother of this World.
So rekindle your pains and let's lick gradually the hot soup that was placed in front of us.
They made us naked, I understand,
They insert blames into our heart; who cares,
Though they are the worst enemies we now have,
Walk carefully; for the Big Brother up there is watching.
Remember, when you point at someone with one finger, the other four fingers are pointing directly to you.
Please Big Brother, let's act wisely; for the Big Brother above us possesses the whole diaries of the world to give account on the last day.

(C) john chizoba vincent
john chizoba vincent

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Big Brother He Is Listening

His ears are ever vigilant be careful of what you do say
Big Brother he is listening from you he's never far away
Your words he may put a slant on and one word in the wrong place
Could see you in deep trouble the court you might have to face.

The Government allows free speech free to a point maybe
But when mere words can land you in trouble that does not seem free to me
And big brother is listening and he hears what he wants to hear
The best way of freedom curtailment is the weapon known as fear

And big brother he takes note every time you speak your mind
And if he sees something he does not like in trouble yourself you will find
He is the Government watchdog your words can see you in jail
Big brother is always watching you he even checks your mail.

Big brother he is listening even when your friends you phone
And even those who live on their own in truth are not alone
For big brother is with them though him they cannot see
He remains as invisible and few as treacherous as he.
Francis Duggan

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How I Feel About You Brother

I may not often talk to you,
I may behav like I dont bother,
But do you really know how I feel,
How I feel about you brother?

I may ignore you sometimes,
And fight when we are together,
But have you given a thought to,
How I feel about you brother?

I now long to hear your voice,
And that monstrous laughter,
Do you know how I feel,
How I feel about you brother?

I suddenly wana hold you in my arms,
The way I am held by mother,
Have you ever realised how i feel,
How i feel about you brother?

I don't know if the extent of my love,
Will ever be known to you brother,
But I'l still feel the same way for you,
And love you forever, brother..
smita prabhugaonkar

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Brother And Sister

Why we call each other
Brother and sister?

Why Brother call you Sister?
Why Sister call you brother?
Why Brother call me Brother?
Why Sister call me Brother?

That i want to know?
Don't you belief we know each other
and know we meet again,
in Human form
We meet again in the
Father and Son
There we will never be apart again
Without end
see fee lee

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