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Poems On / About BUTTERFLY  1/26/2015 10:26:16 AM
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One new Butterfly!

One day I know one new butterfly will be born
His mother is busy to keep a watch on the cocoon
She is waiting to see her baby
Stage by stage the caterpillar is taking shapes and try to form in to a butterfly from that cocoon
As the time fled
Alas, after a time
The baby is taking birth into a butterfly
Time to fly!
Time for the farewell with his mother
Now it is becoming mature slowly...
It is born successfully for his mother's watch!
Z.I. Mahmud

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a butterfly
on the lawn
in front of me

fluttering poorly
several times
most beautiful wings

reached out
with my hand
so he or she
could land

that softest touch

as nearby
as never before
that butterfly
those magnificent wings
a few times more
folded together
for the last time

feeling speechless
with the gift
of sharing those last moments
of a butterfly
now flying
on eternal wings
Ellie Daphne van Stralen

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Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses

I write my suicide note
So I can be kissed by a butterfly
I can live tonight
But I choose to die

I'm crying on the inside
And bleeding on the outside
I show my pain, blood, and tears
I don't want them to hide

Tears fall from my cuts
As blood drips from my eyes
I see them now
The kissing butterflies

This is my note
For after I die
Goodbye life
Hello butterfly
Brynn Fier

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Butterflies fly

Butterflies fly
Making me shiver
Inside and out
I'm all a quiver

Winter turned warm
Summer turned colder
Old ones seem young
Young ones seem older

Suddenly I've
Lost words to tell her
Words I knew all
Before I saw her

Even at night
I hear her calling
Butterflies fly
Though snow is falling

Strong as an ox
Yet strangly tender
Carressing thought
Arms to defend her

All day my heart's
Lifted up high
When I see her
Butterflies fly
Walter Krijthe

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Poems On / About BUTTERFLY