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Poems On / About BUTTERFLY  10/1/2014 9:14:21 AM
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Butterflies fly

Butterflies fly
Making me shiver
Inside and out
I'm all a quiver

Winter turned warm
Summer turned colder
Old ones seem young
Young ones seem older

Suddenly I've
Lost words to tell her
Words I knew all
Before I saw her

Even at night
I hear her calling
Butterflies fly
Though snow is falling

Strong as an ox
Yet strangly tender
Carressing thought
Arms to defend her

All day my heart's
Lifted up high
When I see her
Butterflies fly
Walter Krijthe

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Used and Abused

Defenseless as a butterfly
Vulnerable, soft and fragile
Playing a role only to please
A cycle that will not cease
You call and I come
You ask and I provide
You seek and you find
Only for you I shall die
But love was never there
Expecting only my reward
Like a butterfly that provides
Beauty, life, love and a sight
Whose life is short and swift
Only to exist for your want and need
Then this defenseless butterfly
Shall leave the earth when unwanted
Used and abused in twenty-four hours
Now gone to live a new life
Kay Barcelon

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The Beautiful Dream Butterfly

Past the silvery resplendent moon
Through the silken curtain
Tumbled gently the blissful breeze
Like the falling tendril of hair across the lovers face
And with her alights the beautiful dream butterfly

With delightful wings of gossamer
She flutters and flies
Dances and glides
Casting her divine silhouette
Across his mysterious face
As he sits with his head in his books
He glances up into the air

He puts out his hand gently softly like the whisper
Of the secret love
But she swoops away
He watches mesmerised
Absorbing like a candle the beautiful dream butterfly
As her presence illuminates his darkness with an aurora of stars
He sighs as he closes his eyes and when he opens them
She is gone
The beautiful dream butterfly
Lilac Wine

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Butterfly Wish

Vulnerable, soft and fragile
Delicate to the touch
Dodging, ducking, evading
Every attempt to clutch

Indian lore has told me
A butterfly can grant a wish
But first it must be captured
And my desire whispered to it

For the whisper to be granted
The butterfly must be set free
A difficult choice I ponder
Will my butterfly come back me?
Jack Prost

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Poems On / About BUTTERFLY