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Poems On / About BUTTERFLY  8/22/2014 8:45:05 AM
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Everytime he sees you, he gets those butterflies,
He really just wants to stare, deep into your eyes,
It hurts him when he sees you, with those other guys,
Especially because your only with that kid because he cries,
Even though he's hurt he still gets those butterflies,
He tried to get over you, but couldn't, no matter how hard he tries,
He's been stressing so much, because all you tell is lies,
Even still, everytime he sees you, he gets those butterflies.
KDE Joyce

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Synapses, flick flack, brain waves, where was I? There i went

Rewinded it, but it sounds all too different.

I better record this, but it's too late. Where was I?

A thousand smiles in my motor functions. It's moving, like a butterfly.
Im moving, like a butterfly, my mind is moving, like a butterfly.

And that's all there is to it.

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Flower fly

Want too fly...
Asking butterfly

'I want too fly
What can i do...? '
Butterfly say
'Next term

Born on butterfly'
Flower did not smile...
otteri selvakumar

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i get butterflies,
when i look into your eyes,
it something i can't explain,
but something i like,
it like i'm high,
because of you,
you became my drug,
i feel good when you're around,
i get butterflies,
when you talk,
your voice is sexy,
i lose sight on reality,
becoming hypotize with your smile,
i miss you for a while,
but, when we together,
everything is better,
than a dream,
it more than it seems,
these butterflies are not going away,
but, in a way it okay.
Copyright 2009
mona martinez

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Poems On / About BUTTERFLY