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Poems On / About BUTTERFLY  7/30/2014 4:14:17 PM
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The flight of butterflies

As soft as a fluttter
of a butterfly
on my dew-moist skin
the flight
of a thousand butterflies
from the still
swinging flowers,

you bat the eyelid
and smile
and the caress
reaches me
across the miles,

and I elate
basking in the sunshine
and feeling
what you unleashed:
is the flight of butterflies.

Chhavi Anupam

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blue butterfly
so blue fluttering alone
hovering on my yellow green leaf
and stopping for a while
on my shiny, brown twig
tell me if i am smooth
just tell me if
if am good
then leave

blue butterfly
do not ask if my heart is real
do not ask if you can have it
i do not have a heart anymore
for you see i am just this
tree, this twig, this leaf

but blue butterfly
if ever i have a heart

do not ask about it
i give it to no one

i am smooth
i am too good
to be owned by

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Haikus Butterfly Pink

laced pink butterfly
prettiest fluttering by
diamond glittered lullaby

butterfly in pink
elegantly fashioned, awed
posing on flower

flitters flutters by
beautiful pink butterflly
delights the garden

jeweled in pink silk wings
teases bees tickles flowers
touches my senses

(the end)

Dedicated to a young poet....can you guess who? Ha!

time: seconds...Ha!

dressed for butterfly ball
A Poet Who Loves To Sing ....AlvesHolmes

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Little Broken Butterfly

Little broken butterfly
You can easily fix those wings
All those tears and scars
Can be healed with cloth and strings

Don't be afraid because
All wings grow back anew
It will be no different
Especially for you

Those beautiful colors
You should proudly show
Taking people's eyes to another world
To places they've never known

Aw, little butterfly
Still so scared to fly again
If you don't test those wings
They will wither to no end

Little broken butterfly
Go on now, fly off into the sun
Amaze the people and yourself
Until all is done.
Airda Jones

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Poems On / About BUTTERFLY