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Poems On / About BUTTERFLY  10/31/2014 9:54:27 AM
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A Flower's Song

Oh butterfly, beautiful butterfly,
when you first did flutter-by,
i said ' You'll not be in my life very long',
you said ' I will, for my love is so strong',
but deep in my heart, i knew that one day,
my beautiful butterfly, would flutter away,
you see, you take from me all that you need,
and all i ask is that you take my seed,
when you have finished and i wilt away,
because of you, the memory of me will alway's stay.
alan j duffield lock

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Butterflies And Kites...Goodnight

Balloons on strings,
Sailing, bouncing June
Into July kites skimming
Tails like afternoon

Mosquito hawks on quiet
Water. There! The butterfly
Making its rounds of
Moonflowers' snow petals

Enticing emerald hummingbirds,
Giant moths soundlessly
Fluttering topaz and ruby
Wings. Again! The butterfly

Dips, bobs angel-blue wings.
Balloons, kites, put away
For the night. Hummingbirds,
Butterflies vanish....

There is peace....
elysabeth faslund

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The flight of butterflies

As soft as a fluttter
of a butterfly
on my dew-moist skin
the flight
of a thousand butterflies
from the still
swinging flowers,

you bat the eyelid
and smile
and the caress
reaches me
across the miles,

and I elate
basking in the sunshine
and feeling
what you unleashed:
is the flight of butterflies.

Chhavi Anupam

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A candil burns in my room,
And a butterfly on the wall.
It waits until the night die down;
The butterfly on the wall.

It is a suspicion from shadow,
How many colors I saw,
It's me, it's me I know,
That butterfly on the wall.
Ali Osman Kurun

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Poems On / About BUTTERFLY