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Poems On / About BUTTERFLY  10/26/2014 3:28:58 AM
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a butterfly
on the lawn
in front of me

fluttering poorly
several times
most beautiful wings

reached out
with my hand
so he or she
could land

that softest touch

as nearby
as never before
that butterfly
those magnificent wings
a few times more
folded together
for the last time

feeling speechless
with the gift
of sharing those last moments
of a butterfly
now flying
on eternal wings
Ellie Daphne van Stralen

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To one that has so much
some may say everything
what can i say
to make your happiness eternal
stay the course
oh beautiful butterfly
find that light
within yourself
and dont let it go
silence is supreme
be aware for conscious
sense the sublime
to make it all the way
keep to the air
oh butterfly
and fly towards your dreams
greatness is there
waiting for the butterfly
bruce butler

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Trivial Pursuit

ah the pursuit of butterflies,
maybe mostly trivial as we run
around chasing them with our nets,
a trivial pursuit you may say,
and yes you would be right,
but a pointless one 'never'! ,
to chase a thing of such elegance
and vibrancy, that gives such need
of a longing life.
Of course butterflies have no needed
and bare no bread and only wine,
but what is life without the trivial,
what is life without the pursuit of
butterflies, their needless golden
so pure,
so eternal,
so fine.
William Cohen

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Summer Home - Lincoln Park Zoo

A travelin' butterfly, I do
Wing it to the Nature Boardwalk,
Summertime at Lincoln Park Zoo,
A place where lots of us jet set flock.
Butterfly bunches - rabble name,
A colorful sight to behold,
In search of that for which we came -
A haven to have and to hold.
Partying hearty nectarwise
From the flora blooming abound.
Keen sensing to naturalize
Such beauty all the summer round.

So if you see this butterfly,
Give a wave as I flutter by.
Ima Ryma

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Poems On / About BUTTERFLY