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Poems On / About BUTTERFLY  11/29/2015 8:05:42 AM
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Funny Habit

butterfly do on love

with a flower

the flower simply smile

a smile is flowers


raping is butterfly habit?
otteri selvakumar

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Butterfly, butterfly let it be;
Give me your wings to fly and be free;
Wish I could one day be turned into your form;
And be a beauty by your charm;
To be admired like you by all;
Let me be where the stars don't fall.
Frita Fritz

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G-reedy is the mentality when she's in mind
E-ven a smile towards others at times has my mind thrown
N-onchalant my actions seem yet butterflies brew
N-eeding the butterfly effect instead
A-s every thought I scribe of her comes true
Jamal Downes

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If I were a butterfly Id fly away.
Id spread my wings to touch the sky.
Id go as far as the clouds to breath in the air
Id go to the stars to seek my dreams up there.

If I had wings Id fly to the sky
If I had wings Id be a butterfly.
Vickie Burkett

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Poems On / About BUTTERFLY