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Best Poems About / On CAR

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The Scented Spirit

The Scented Spirit

January l999

After Christmas that year there I was me, Jacinta Imelda MulCathy. I was on my way with my boy friend Mark and his brother Reg, to buy car for Mark, we drove down to an old garage near the coast. Reg had a tip off about a car that was going for a song, so off we went in search for mission in possible.

At the garage we were looking at this beauty, a blue Ford Fiesta 1997 in perfect condition at a bargain price, to good to be true. Mark was over the moon and Reg said, gets it. He did, as we were on our way home, I felt it was a bad decision but as the two lads were so happy, I decided to keep my feeling to myself. They were a hint of rear cologne that I knew from working in the perfume department of the chemist shop. I could not put a name on it. There was also another strong whiff of Player cigarettes that only came when I looked into the mirror in front of the car. Some aroma linger on but this one had a haunting hold on me even thought it was faint but it was there in the background and I knew it had a connection to the car.

Two nights later
Mark and I went down a long lane to see a fellow selling spear parts. I remained in the car as Mark went to the house. The lane of regarded by the locals as been a places where in the eighteen century was used for hanging individuals for small crimes like steeling bread or food to feed family during the famine times. As I waited for Mark to return to the car, I lit up a cigarette when I felt the car vibrate as the windows filled up with condensation and I could not see out the windows. I panic and started shouting and screaming but no one heard me. I was determining to get out of the car but the doors would not open and I was trapped. My fear was causing my heart to palpitate and I could not cachet my breath and I could not call Mark from inside of the car. I then heard sound of voices in the distant coming closer to the car and as they came nearer the windows cleared and the vibration stopped.

Mark found me in shock and as I did my best to tell him all that went on, I felt he did not believe me. We went home to my house and my dad was still up, Mark started telling him about his new toy the car. I spent the night thinking of what happen. My dad said he was going to the city next day and Mark said he was to and he asked if I like to come to but I recline as I was afraid to go in the car. Mark laughed at me and this made me real mad, so I had argument with him. When Mark had gone and I was alone with dad, I told him my story and he believed me for I always had strange vibes concerning power normal activity. My mom came down from her bedrooms and dad told her my dilemma so she came up with an idea. Mom plan was that she and I would travel to the city in Mark car and she would give me her opining on the haunting of the car as she is who I inherited my feelings for the power normal from.

Early next morning
We were all ready for to go to the city, dad went first and we follow in Mark car. The car drove well and we had no problem all the way to the city. Mom said she could not be sure about the car and that it I was chosen for to be the medium. This scared me a bit but I knew it was true.

I decided to go back in dad car and Mark would go it alone but my mother said I should go in the car once more, so I agreed to do so. It was around ten that night and we were going to McDonnell's before going home but the moment I got into the car I got the smell of perfume and Mark said he could not smell anything at all. In McDonnell's I read my horoscope and it said beware of looking back. 11.45 We were on the road again and as we passed an old landmark. I lit up a cigarette when I relies the car reeked of perfume and smoke and I looked into the mirror to see if my lipstick needed a touch up when I saw a pretty woman with a cigarette and child in the back seat of the car. I nearly died with the shock and Mark ask me what was wrong but I could not speak and I dear not look back so I looked one more into the mirror and they were gone and so was all the odour. I did not speak to Mark until I reach my home and then I let him know that I was never going into that car again.

Two day later
Mark and Reg were going down to the garage where the got the car to see would they take back the car. The man in garage was not taking back the car under any circumstances so the lads were mystified to why. Reg begs the garage man to tell him the truth of what happen in the car or to the car to cause it to have a ghost or two. As the story unfolded and the two boys listen carefully the man voice got mellow when he told of the accident where a mother and child died at the famous land mark that we past on our way to city the day before. The car has been in the garage since then, when they both were killed. Then I remember the tragedy as lady was after buying a house near my home place just a mile down the road and the child had started school in the school I went to. The smell from the car was her, it was a French fragrance and very expensive perfume and the strong pong of cigarettes.

Now we knew the story of the car. Reg said he would take the car and give us his one. We agreed and I was glad I never have to go inside that car again.

Couple of week later
In Brookfield Estate where Reg lived with his girl friend, the car was playing up once more. This time is was moving by itself down the hill and turn into a cull de sack and stopping. When a well knowing mechanic looked at the car, he was puzzle to what cause it to happen but there was no reason for it.

One day it ran down the hill till it reach an area where there was a crossing, it turn over twice before going on fire and this was the end of the haunted blue Ford Fiesta.

By Mai Murphy
February the 2nd 2011
Mai Venn

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Car Is Here

Car is here and I am in the car
Car is here and car is within me
Car is useless if I left the car
Car is here and I am going and coming.
Neither the car nor I
Who can be termed self-sufficient
Inter-linking system is there
And I trust the car being my best friend.
gajanan mishra

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A Beautiful Scenery Of Relation

The car is mine; I drive it; It runs; Am I not related with the car speed sitting inside when it runs? yes, the velocity of the car has enveloped me; The body of the car is my body; I must take care of me-car body so that it would not collide with other things on the road.
The speed is me-contained
The speed is car-contained

The car is powerless! It has no choice by itself; Just runs as I drive it; And it is me who stimulates the car but when it runs, it runs together with me; At that time the speed of the car and the speed of mine is one dynamism.

My car is running on the road of the Earth;
The Earth has a velocity; It is running with all phenomenon it has
The speed of the Earth is me-contained, and car-contained too.

What a nice scenery! I am strung with all phenomenon here on the Earth! I am separated but joined, I am enclosed with nature but freed; I am related with all dynamism!

©copyright by sarwar chowdhury. all rights reserved.
sarwar chowdhury

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Almost everybody has one, but what little thought we give them.
We drive our cars to work and school but even then we don't give our cars much thought.
You go from one exteme to the other, one guy might pay about $20,000 for a car, while another may pay $150,000 for a car.
Cars are an earthly object, yet we all see people that go overboard with their cars.
Sean Bitikofer

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