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Poems On / About CAR  11/28/2014 6:06:29 AM
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Kasturi's Car

English professor and poet Narayana Kasturi
was an employee of All India Radio.
He had in an Indian humor magazine
made fun of Sathya Sai Baba. After
a series of miracles involving his
family, he became a devout follower
and editor of Baba's magazine
Sanathana Sarathi (eternal charioteer,
a reference to Krishna who would not
fight in the Mahabharata war but instead
was charioteer for Arjuna.)

One day a car caravan as often happened
was following Baba's car to a destination.
One after another, parts fell off of Kasturi's
car. When they arrived Kasturi took the car
to a mechanic who said it was physically
impossible for the car to have arrived.

Kasturi went to Baba and asked 'Was it
because we are good devotees that you
did this miracle for us? ' and Baba replied
'The car, the car is a great devotee.'
Saiom Shriver

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Drag Race

A loud crakle feels the morning sky
The engine that turns makes the Drag tires fry
As the tree lights up the cars get very loud
and as they leave the line the cars departure a thick white cloud
As the cars go by a horific rumble
The cars sound may cause you to stumble
In ten secounds its over it all comes to a stop
Except for the winners who will be place on top
Donald Duty 2nd

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The pace car is out leading the pack
slowly it moves around the track
the cars then speed up at a fast clip
no treads on these tires makes it easy to slip
but keep your eyes open and alert
cars get knocked and people get hurt
take a chance take a dare
but i warn you be prepared
if the sound of cars whizzing by
is the source of your high
maybe its a race you should try.
Elizabeth Walker

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My car

Here is my car
The driver sits in the car
And moves as he desires.

My body is a car
The car-body is moving
By the control of material nature.

My body is a railway train
The railway train-body is moving
Under the direction of the controller.

But I am a spiritual spark
Part and parcel of You, my dear
It is Your kindness that I am here.
gajanan mishra

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