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Pedal Pushin' (Children)

Mom’s car has three foot pedals.
I think I’m gonna ask her -

Since daddy’s car has only two,
does her car pedal faster?
C.J. Heck

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Ghosts Inside The Engine Of My Car

There are ghosts inside of the engine of my car
And while I am driving my car
I hear some funny noises that the engine of my car is making
Aldo Kraas

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The Show Room Of Love

I site her think what is love what is the word mean as I close my eyes I search my memories and they flash like a movie and her is the movie I see when I think of love. love is a feeling a meaning like the word hate the sky is beautiful in the night sky with the stares so high so far like the person we look and seek there is only one word and one meaning for it there’s one word for love and one meaning it is heartbreak because that’s all it turns out to be in the end when on goes the other suffers with mourn or with disappointment but not all is bad there’s great disappointment’s people just look to close to find love when they haven’t even tested the new car they see it and want it right then and there u have to c how it drives u don’t want it and two weeks latter it falls apart test it before test the world around u. find more look around and check the diff cars around u so I’m saying don’t fall to soon in life walk the road float the sea travel and look around u don’t close shop to early stay open there’s always someone around better and willing to over big for something u have. (You’re heart) someone is out there for everyone people give up and stop when they haven’t checked all the cars in the lot. That is the meaning and feeling of love.By Bret Zeller 01/06/10
Bret Zeller

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Work, To Ends Meet

As I and ten thousand others burst out for the burnt rubber stop start stampede to make money, to make ends meet, I hear my car's crankshaft creak and the cheat comes to mind who charged me two hundred quid last week. I get I'm a mouse in the maze with a million other mice, but what a chase for cheese. If I pulled the strings I'd arrive late to the board meet, and for fun disguised as business needs remove the rug from beneath a family with the four by four with required labrador, wide screen TV displaying digital pics from the Florida trip in the game of one-upmanship when the 'friends' come round for red wine and cheese, and all paid by that sincere smile of the credit card catch. Regardless of this rant that runs through my brain I tow the line in long passage ways and push the pennies in their money meters, cause courage to change ain't a quality I've got. My only choice is to chose the route but the car in front chooses slow, and calm and collected might be the clever thing to do but being late means not pulling my weight. Now the car park has bust it's seam and spilt shades of silver and black onto the tarmac cause make the impression crowd have done it early, all pressed suits and smiling faces and clean brief cases. Now Joe on his bike, he arrives before he went. When, where, how he sleeps. What it is was to be a successful.
Dean Buckfield

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