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Poems On / About CAR  9/2/2014 9:00:18 AM
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Do not take on his car, please

For me, your going is very bad,
Instead of love, you gave me sad,
You have got chance, I can be glad,
Do not take on his car, please.

In my heart your love is grief range,
You do not love me, this is not strange,
I know, nothing will be change,
But never take on his car, please.

Know that, you are my heart's capital,
Everyone is the same, you are single,
I think, you must honest as angel,
That's why do not take on his car please.
Mr Tebriz Musayev

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050210o all clear and quiet

my neighbor seems to be resting
cars left slowly to point soundless
only my silver car trying to light up
whole neighborhood with alien logo
i love that car; doesn't give me pain
rides smoothly; must be the shocks

grass is just a patch of darker color
i know they are growing inch by inch
and beneath those leaves could be
roaming ants looking for food; seeds
earthworm are known to crawl at night
to get fresh air without getting dry
Manonton Dalan

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Someone Is Always In Charge

for instance the driver of this car
whose name we do not know
whose life story we do not
we are inside this car
and we do not know the mechanics
the name of its part
and how it functions

what is important is that
we will be here only for a short while
since we have an office, a home,
or any place
for a destination

we know what to do, when we arrive there
we pay what is due, then we go out of the car
and that is the end of that Someone
who has taken charge of our life
only for that moment.

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Lady in the car

Walking, head down
lost in thought
I stopped at the sound
of screeching tires

I almost stepped
in front of the car
while crossing the street

The lady in the car,
young, red hair, freckles
impatiently beckoned
in my direction

Soon there was screaming
and scrambling
skinned knees on pavement

I'm sorry - I thought
you were saying I should get in the car,
not that I should cross.

I thought you thought we could be friends.
John W. McEwers

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Poems On / About CAR