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The Death Of A Hare

He ran across in front of his car confused in the headlight's glare
He heard a bump he could not stop he knew he had killed the hare
Another car followed close behind so he had to drive on
'Twas not his fault though that in itself of no consolation to Ron.

And though the hare he could not avoid about it he feels bad
For the creature his car killed last night today he does feel sad
Though the hare he did have a quick end and did not suffer any pain
That his car should have caused it's death the regret with him does remain.

When he tells his friends about last night they tell him it's okay
The poor hare you could not avoid such things happen every day
That was how the hare was meant to die it was it's destiny
At least it did not suffer pain and death came suddenly.

A wildborn creature dead on the roadway is not an uncommon sight
But he does feel quite sad today that he killed a hare last night
He is compassionate of heart his type of person rare
It saddens him to think last night he caused the death of a hare.
Francis Duggan

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Supermarket Etiquette

Supermarket etiquette - is there such a thing?
People shoving others - and grabbing everything
Screaming brats with mums and grans
Pushchairs, wheelchairs, double prams

Trolley leaners are a pest - clogging up the aisle
Dirty trousers and string vests, lazy and so vile
Kids In Need - of - a good slap, irritating folk
Mums on phones, talking cr*p, isn’t it a joke?

Checkout bints sitting there, just like battery hens
Queues are getting longer - while they chat to friends
“What’s this like? What’s your sign? What is your cat’s name? ”
While I’m fuming, tenth in line, going quite insane

Pushing trolley out to car - wheels going different ways
To find some joker’s parked his car - just an inch away!
Empty car park - just two cars - standing side by side
This is the type of mindless clot - I really can’t abide!

If you think that this is you - a supermarket fool
Who doesn’t follow plain good sense and etiquette type rules
Please give a thought to basic - manners that you flout
And could you please - stay at home - when I’m going out!

copyright Victoria George

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Day From Hell

Today has been the day from hell
I'm sure there will be more
The car broke down in the middle of the road
And we don't know what for.

Daughter went out in her car today
She was driving to a friends and it died
She's upset it broke down but it's a cluncker
so she's really not surprised.

But it's strange to me that they both broke down
And it happened on the same day
Both the cars just died in the road
It's strange how it happened that way.

The hubby is sick and called out of work
And now he's depressed about the cars
He's an Aquarias and our daughters a Scorpio
Maybe it's something in the stars.

What ever it is that has cursed this day
It's all coming down on me
Mommy can't make everything better today
Her head is pounding so hard she can't see.

No matter what I say or do
They get irritated I can tell
So I just go to my room and try to unwind
From the day from hell.

Dianna Nally
Dianna Nally

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Never say never

Her voice breaks on a complaint
She was furiously mad and yet she wanted to plant a sweet kiss on him
She watched him yell enraged
Fliching at his painful words

Never say never
Never try to fix the unbroken
Never hold on too tight
Never say never

He watched her flap her arms as she screams
The trafic slowing in a blurr
Tears fill his eyes as he realizes that this is the end
He grabs her shoulders in rage

Never say never
Never hurt the wounded
Never love someone who is not worthy of love
Never say never

He watched her turn to hide her pain
He took that moment to flee
Ignoring her screams for him to stay he gets into his car
Starts the engine announcing he was officially gone

Never say never
Never leave the lost in a maze
Never look back
Never say never

The car pulls off and races into trafic
Just as a truck pulls in, the car collides with it head-on
She races to the car to save her love
Falls to her knees for he is gone

Never say never
Never try to save the gone
Never try to stop fate
Never say never
tiffany fawcett

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