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Saturday, the 14th

Nancy left her car key in the house
And was too scared to go back and fetch it
Freddy Krueger, quiet as a mouse
Was hiding inside, not wishing to beat it

After failing to hot wire the car
She ditched it and walked fast across Elm street
For a cactus juice she dropped into a bar
But after taking a sip, she had cold feet

With heavy breathing behind, she smelled a rat
When she turned around, there was no one in sight
A familiar razor sharp hand gave her a pat
She woke up in her car, waiting for a green light

The red light lingered, and she thought 'That's all I need'
She was puzzled to see it turning ebony black
The car started to run, reaching breathtaking speed
Freddy, her backseat driver, was launching an attack
Aram Stefanian

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Mr. Wenceslas

Mr. Wenceslas went out
From his door one morning.
So much smog was round about
He couldn’t see the dawning.
He went to work as usual,
On the IRT,
The train stalled in a tunnel, oh,
What a place to be-e-e!

Haze filled up the train car and car-
Bon monoxide, too.
They choked and gasped, they cried and coughed,
Oh what were they to do?
For five long hours they stayed in there,
Each felt as dull as lead.
Then someone looked at Wenceslas.
My God! The man was dea-ea-ead!

Mrs. Wenceslas went out
In the funeral car.
Her husband would be buried in
New Jersey—pretty far.

But in the Holland Tunnel there
Were seventy cars times seven,
And that’s how Mrs. Wenceslas
Joined Wenceslas in Hea-ea-ven!
S. J. Fulton

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A Drop Of Rain

A dropp of rain
fell on the front glass of my car
i had to pull over again
with that squeeze in my heart
i remember when it did start
just like yesterday
more drops of rain
falling on the front glass of my car
and the mountains seems so far away
speeding on the highway by the lake
a bit cold in the winter
with that smell of fresh bake
and the coffee she used to make
i wished that i could stay
but you can't lose what you never had
death takes the best and leaves the bad
watching the drops of rain
on the front glass of my car
is what i need to forget
and thats all what i am going to get
memories and rain drops on my car
Ahmed Sabry

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A True Story

caught in traffic
in downtown orlando
on our way to meet up
with friends from
out of town
the traffic light
at livingston turns red

we are in the
right hand lane
when i notice a lone male
in the left lane
in a car same make
and model as ours
ogling me from a far

eventually my husband
sees the man stare
asks under his breath
why's this nut
staring at our car
my husbands curiosity
overwhelms him and he
calls out the window
to him asking if
he wants our car

the stranger shakes
his head and grins
'you can have the car'
he calls out and adds
'i'll take your woman'
my husband's face
reveals his shock
as the light turns green
and the guy speeds ahead
laughing his arse off

written 11/10/05
Faith Elizabeth Brigham

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