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Poems On / About CAR  9/4/2015 8:10:29 PM
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Margret's Smile

Margret's rearview mirror rosary swayed,
as her wrinkled car filed into the lot,
falling in step to the airy chant
of those black crows atop the belfry.

She parked her ruddy Cadillac,
(third spot, left of the center lane)
and sat with the snow fall,
while the bells chimed, and chimed,
and echoed off the abandoned cars.

A smile sprouted above her chins,
like a crooked tulip in winter
creasing a new line in the old snow.
And she abandoned her old car.

After Mass Father O'Hullihan walked out
to the rose of a car in the empty garden,
and sweeping the snow from the windshield,
Margret smiled at someone, for the first time.
Jacob Bearer

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Chasing A Dried Leaf Down The Freeway

I chased a dried leaf on the freeway,
The long and twisty freeway of fun.
This dry leaf knew no speed limit,
Nor laws of the road, over which many cars would run.

Unlike you who drive on the freeway at night,
Towards the exit approaching so fast.
Welcoming you to a nighttime car crash,
A bloody, freeway, car crash sight.

But that leaf didn't mind,
It wasn't obstructed by humankind's,
Rigid and nature violations,
This leaf was free to travel fast on Freeway 4 0 5.

To do as it pleased, to roll around as it pleased,
To dance as it danced.
On the freeway of his life,
That we could not access,
For ourselves, the builders.

Traffic so thick, we may as well,
Get out of our cars and walk next to them.
And still the dried leaf,
Rolled off the freeway exit,
And returned back home to his garden.
Vera Sidhwa

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Family is a car.

Parents are the engine,

Bringing the car to life,

Steering its way most of the time.

Grandparents are the headlights,

paving the way.

Cousins are the radio and air- conditioning,

There to make the ride more enjoyable.

Aunts are the seats,

There for support.

Siblings are the color of the car,

there to make the car look better.

Pets are the passengers,

Just along for the ride.

And you are the driver,

deciding where you go,

and what happens next.
Lila Holmes

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I Just Need Some Old Cars

Tell me are these problems Heaven sent,
Or just another way to make me Hell bent?
You know what, I don't even care
I just wanna go somewhere
I don't want my old life back
I just want a great big Cadillac
I just wanna be rich as a pharaoh
I just wanna finish restoring my Camaro
I don't even need a girl to call honey
I just want cars and a whole lot of money
I don't want just a couple million
I want more than a couple billion
I'm totally fine with being a lonely outcast
As long as I got plenty of cars that go real fast
I just need Oldsmobiles, Chevys, Buicks, Cadillacs and Bugattis
Ferraris, Mercedes, Porsches, Pontiacs, Hummers and Maseratis
Cause when I hear them old cars roar
All the sudden my heart ain't so sore anymore
So, I don't need a girl to love the real me
I just need some old cars you feel me?

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