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Poems On / About CAR  10/25/2014 12:30:31 AM
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To the memory of the Rhodesian Helicopter Pilots and
the 20mm cannon Gunner.Two men one helicopter;
known as K-car…..Killer-car.
A formidable force in the Rhodesian Bush War.


‘Chopper’ pilot calmness,
Cannon gunner’s skill,
Two minds in perfect harmony,
Flew in now for the kill,
Ten comrades in arms,
Pinned down by enemy fire,
Ambushed and compromised,
Their backs now to the wire.

One pilot and one gunner,
Men who knew no fear,
S.O.S. came through to them,
Urgent… but so clear,
“K-car, Call sign Bravo, ”
“Contact, contact, contact”!
Pilot with nerves of steel,
And veraciously exact,

“We have you visual, four o’clock”,
Crackled in the pilot’s ear
He responded calmly “Roger
Call sign Bravo… illuminate a flare”
Flare lit up and in they flew,
Oblivious of the danger;
Twas deaths turn to roll the dice,
With life their coin of wager.

Two hands upon the cannon grips,
One finger on the trigger,
Gunner’s eye took a site,
Through peep site to the jigger;
Bullets ripped into the cockpit,
Of that killer-car machine,
Barely two year out of school,
K-car gunner… aged nineteen

Fire Force airborne pilot,
Turned cannon to the smoke,
Gunner pressed the trigger,
And the dragon now awoke;
Twenty millimeter cannon,
Boomed forth volcanic life
Spewing deadly rounds,
Of instant death and strife.

No place for enemy to hide,
From this matchless opponent;
Terrorists now in full flight,
Were gunned down in a moment.
The Kill-car hovered overhead,
Just six foot off the ground,
Two enemy lay screaming,
But from thirty dead…no sound.

Most men of war, whom I knew then,
Have turned now to the Lord,
They have turned into plow shears,
Their weapons and their sword.
Lord please teach us here in Africa,
Love for one another;
Take xenophobic intolerance from us,
Teach us to love our brother.
Alf Hutchison

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This place is the darkest of dark and the blackest of black
as I look all around after just reversing back.
I parked here because it’s usually a secure well lit car park,
but the lights are off and I’m in the dark.

I’ll switch off my lights I don’t want to cause undue attention down here,
and I’ll just sit back and wait for the ceiling lights to reappear.
I’ve been waiting for a good fifteen minutes and still there’s no light,
isn’t it odd how these things always happen at night.

With my window half open I can hear unusual noises that I haven’t heard before.
Now I can hear something heavy being dragged along the floor.
How can the makers of these noises see what they are doing in the dark?
It’s certainly unnerving; I wish more vehicles would enter the car park,

I feel tempted to turn on all my car’s lights and the main beam,
but that would show my whereabouts, and allow me to be seen.
I think that I had better shut my window and secure all the doors
I don’t want to end up being dragged across the floor.

I’ll just try and stay calm by taking deep breaths, and closing my eyes.
What was that..? Something has rubbed against my cars near side.
It shook the whole of the car; oh why can’t I vanish and be elsewhere?
Something else has just passed through my car as I was sitting here.

It’s time to get out of here fast, I’ve had enough of this dark,
but my lights won’t come on and my engine won’t start.
God, I’m stuck with no apparent way of getting out of here,
it’s gone quiet and still, and perhaps there’s nothing to fear.

The car has shook and I think someone or something’s on the roof,
no one would believe this; they just wouldn’t believe the truth.
I can’t believe that this sort of thing could actually happen,
it’s straight out of a movie set of New York and Manhattan.

The car is still and what was on the roof seems to have gone,
again I’ve tried my ignition and lights, but they won’t come on.
I’ve never before been in a dark space for this amount of time
and I’m seeing shades of black as though I’m not quite blind.

I swear a greyish figure flashed by in front of my car,
but I can’t be sure, it’s impossible to see that far.
There was definitely something there, it flashed by again
and one passed in the rear view mirror exactly the same.

What a time for my lights to fail and the engine not to start?
This is supernatural and definitely a world apart.
Despite everything I’ve got to stay calm and do nothing untoward,
so I’ll slowly remove the flashlight from the car’s dashboard.

As I switch on the flashlight I scanned around the other parked cars
and inside them are ghostly white figures covered with scars.
When I shine the light into their faces they turn and point at me,
as if they were giving me a warning of how things will be.

I immediately tried to turn on my engine and lights once more,
then the car park lights came on, and lit up the roof and floor.
The ghostly images all vanished from the cars and from sight,
and I decided I no longer wanted to park here tonight.
Orlando Belo

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Last Night I Drove A Car

Last night I drove a car
Gregory Corso

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Mexican's car is

Stolen so then he names his

New baby Carlos
Ken e Hall

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