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Day From Hell

Today has been the day from hell
I'm sure there will be more
The car broke down in the middle of the road
And we don't know what for.

Daughter went out in her car today
She was driving to a friends and it died
She's upset it broke down but it's a cluncker
so she's really not surprised.

But it's strange to me that they both broke down
And it happened on the same day
Both the cars just died in the road
It's strange how it happened that way.

The hubby is sick and called out of work
And now he's depressed about the cars
He's an Aquarias and our daughters a Scorpio
Maybe it's something in the stars.

What ever it is that has cursed this day
It's all coming down on me
Mommy can't make everything better today
Her head is pounding so hard she can't see.

No matter what I say or do
They get irritated I can tell
So I just go to my room and try to unwind
From the day from hell.

Dianna Nally
Dianna Nally

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Never say never

Her voice breaks on a complaint
She was furiously mad and yet she wanted to plant a sweet kiss on him
She watched him yell enraged
Fliching at his painful words

Never say never
Never try to fix the unbroken
Never hold on too tight
Never say never

He watched her flap her arms as she screams
The trafic slowing in a blurr
Tears fill his eyes as he realizes that this is the end
He grabs her shoulders in rage

Never say never
Never hurt the wounded
Never love someone who is not worthy of love
Never say never

He watched her turn to hide her pain
He took that moment to flee
Ignoring her screams for him to stay he gets into his car
Starts the engine announcing he was officially gone

Never say never
Never leave the lost in a maze
Never look back
Never say never

The car pulls off and races into trafic
Just as a truck pulls in, the car collides with it head-on
She races to the car to save her love
Falls to her knees for he is gone

Never say never
Never try to save the gone
Never try to stop fate
Never say never
tiffany fawcett

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To the memory of the Rhodesian Helicopter Pilots and
the 20mm cannon Gunner.Two men one helicopter;
known as K-car…..Killer-car.
A formidable force in the Rhodesian Bush War.


‘Chopper’ pilot calmness,
Cannon gunner’s skill,
Two minds in perfect harmony,
Flew in now for the kill,
Ten comrades in arms,
Pinned down by enemy fire,
Ambushed and compromised,
Their backs now to the wire.

One pilot and one gunner,
Men who knew no fear,
S.O.S. came through to them,
Urgent… but so clear,
“K-car, Call sign Bravo, ”
“Contact, contact, contact”!
Pilot with nerves of steel,
And veraciously exact,

“We have you visual, four o’clock”,
Crackled in the pilot’s ear
He responded calmly “Roger
Call sign Bravo… illuminate a flare”
Flare lit up and in they flew,
Oblivious of the danger;
Twas deaths turn to roll the dice,
With life their coin of wager.

Two hands upon the cannon grips,
One finger on the trigger,
Gunner’s eye took a site,
Through peep site to the jigger;
Bullets ripped into the cockpit,
Of that killer-car machine,
Barely two year out of school,
K-car gunner… aged nineteen

Fire Force airborne pilot,
Turned cannon to the smoke,
Gunner pressed the trigger,
And the dragon now awoke;
Twenty millimeter cannon,
Boomed forth volcanic life
Spewing deadly rounds,
Of instant death and strife.

No place for enemy to hide,
From this matchless opponent;
Terrorists now in full flight,
Were gunned down in a moment.
The Kill-car hovered overhead,
Just six foot off the ground,
Two enemy lay screaming,
But from thirty dead…no sound.

Most men of war, whom I knew then,
Have turned now to the Lord,
They have turned into plow shears,
Their weapons and their sword.
Lord please teach us here in Africa,
Love for one another;
Take xenophobic intolerance from us,
Teach us to love our brother.
Alf Hutchison

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On the way to Uniondale

One stormy Easter weekend
while I was driving on route sixty-two,
I found a beautiful girl
next to the road
just twenty kilometres from Uniondale
at the Barandas turn off,
the wind was swishing through her dark hair
and I heard it cry over the Kammanassie Mountain
and her thumb was out asking for a lift.

I brought the car to a standstill
and next to the road red allows were flowering
and she was dressed in a navy blue jacket,
and dark green pants
and I was worried that she was getting cold
and in the inside light of the BMW
she looked whitely pale
and smiled brilliantly
when we drove away
and when I asked where she was going
and she just answered
that she was coming along
which was kind of strange.

I still wanted to ask
what a lovely girl was doing alone
next to the road
when I smelled the apple blossoms
of her perfume
and she suddenly laughed shrilly
and the car door next to her
opened and closed and she was gone
and immediately I stopped the car
as I was sure that the woman
had jumped out.

Outside the car the road was empty
and while I walked up and down
without finding a sign of her
a police patrol car came along
and parked behind my car

and the constables were convinced
that I had given a lift to a ghost
and they called her Marie Charlotte Roux
and said that during Easter weekends
she wanders along that road
and to them my narrative
was an old well-known story.

[Reference: Accident on R62 where Marie Charlotte Roux passed away on the back seat of a Volkswagen Beetle, when her fiancι GM Pretorius lost control on 12 April 1968 in stormy weather. A year later he married and it is said that she started appearing from that time, but stopped after he was killed in a car accident in 1984, but who really knows? Maybe she will appear again.]
Gert Strydom

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