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Best Poems About / On CAR
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Zephyr Hart

If you want your car repaired or want to fit an engine part
It well might pay you to ring Zephyr Hart
He's not hard to pay and is good at what he do
And he will be quite happy to help you.

Come rain or shine you will find him working hard
In his work shop a tin shed in his back yard
Working on engines and repairing brakes and punctured tyres
The work he does great character requires.

My datsun it is showing it's years in wear
And has rust spots on the body here and there
But despite all this the old car still survive
And it's thanks to Zephyr that it's still fit to drive.

In a mechanic's life there's lots of heavy toil
His hands and work clothes stained with grease and oil
It's not the type of work that many would enjoy
And there's easier ways to earn one's living by.

And though in the Yarra Ranges motor mechanics are not rare
And there's cars aplenty for them to repair
But for a car tune up or to fit an engine part
At a most competitive price your best bet Zephyr Hart.
Francis Duggan

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We Should Be More Like Davies

We ought to be more like the great poet William Henry Davies take time to stand and stare
Instead we worry about life and hurry here and there
We stress about our jobs and about our bills to pay
And yet we're getting older and our time clock ticks away.

To keep up with the aspirational Jones the family next door
We must work a bit harder and of money earn more
For they have bought a new car and a new car we too must buy
They smirk at us in our old car as we go driving by.

We should be more like Davies who penned poems of sheep and cows
Who stared for long as they chewed their cud from under leafy boughs
If the Jones have a new car to that they won't lose sleep
Enough of young grass to eat and nice weather satisfies a cow or sheep.

He lost a leg jumping from a train in his hobo days but he got on with his life
And he went back home and settled down and he found himself a wife
And he did not compete with the Jones next door he penned great poems instead
And Davies the Poet is remembered still though he is long with the dead.
Francis Duggan

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The Death Of A Hare

He ran across in front of his car confused in the headlight's glare
He heard a bump he could not stop he knew he had killed the hare
Another car followed close behind so he had to drive on
'Twas not his fault though that in itself of no consolation to Ron.

And though the hare he could not avoid about it he feels bad
For the creature his car killed last night today he does feel sad
Though the hare he did have a quick end and did not suffer any pain
That his car should have caused it's death the regret with him does remain.

When he tells his friends about last night they tell him it's okay
The poor hare you could not avoid such things happen every day
That was how the hare was meant to die it was it's destiny
At least it did not suffer pain and death came suddenly.

A wildborn creature dead on the roadway is not an uncommon sight
But he does feel quite sad today that he killed a hare last night
He is compassionate of heart his type of person rare
It saddens him to think last night he caused the death of a hare.
Francis Duggan

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Supermarket Etiquette

Supermarket etiquette - is there such a thing?
People shoving others - and grabbing everything
Screaming brats with mums and grans
Pushchairs, wheelchairs, double prams

Trolley leaners are a pest - clogging up the aisle
Dirty trousers and string vests, lazy and so vile
Kids In Need - of - a good slap, irritating folk
Mums on phones, talking cr*p, isn’t it a joke?

Checkout bints sitting there, just like battery hens
Queues are getting longer - while they chat to friends
“What’s this like? What’s your sign? What is your cat’s name? ”
While I’m fuming, tenth in line, going quite insane

Pushing trolley out to car - wheels going different ways
To find some joker’s parked his car - just an inch away!
Empty car park - just two cars - standing side by side
This is the type of mindless clot - I really can’t abide!

If you think that this is you - a supermarket fool
Who doesn’t follow plain good sense and etiquette type rules
Please give a thought to basic - manners that you flout
And could you please - stay at home - when I’m going out!

copyright Victoria George

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