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Poems On / About CHANGE  7/26/2016 2:50:04 PM
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Change In Scenery

I'll keep my small town girl name
but you can change the trees
change the breeze

I'll keep my big heart
but you can change the roads
change the toads

I'll keep my ice-melting smile
but you can change the distance
change the miles

I'll keep my soft hands
but you can change the grass
change the land

I'll keep what makes me me
but you can change our untogetherness
and change the scenery
Jasmine Thompson

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Change is inevitable in life but men has denied this fact.
My nation is stagnant and corrupt.
My world is permanent and egregious
If all I got is time then I cant act timid.

A life without a change is death.
Sellasie change Africa why cant I change the world.
We have all patronize permanence and derelict change.

Good is going and Man remains behind because we avoid change.
Of what profit will permanence give men that they jettison change in such.

What man call change is just 'A much-ado about nothing'.
I am changing and I am taking no man with me so they wont hinder me.
If you need change then you need no man.

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Change can be a good thing.
Change can be a bad thing.
Change can occur to you or any of your friends.
When change occurs,
your world seems different.
Somethings out of place or just not the same.
Change can be forgotten or always remembered.
We reflect on change and see whether it is positive or negative.
But one thing is certain,
change will never change me.
Vanessa Cabral

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I m sitting n thinking hard about life...How it changed frm simple college life 2 strict professional life

How pocket money changed 2 huge monthly paycheques.. But gives less happiness

How a few local jeans changed 2 new branded wardrobe...But less occasions 2 use them

How a single plate of samosa changed 2 a full pizza...But hunger is less

How a bike always in reserve, changed 2 a car always on, ...But less places 2 go

How a tea by roadside change 2 CCD, Barista... But it feels as if the shop is far away

How a limited prepaid card in mobile changed 2 postpaid package... But v dont feel like using it

How a general class journey changed 2 flight journey...
But less vacations 4 enjoyment..n many more

May b this is d truth of journey called 'LIFE'.
Harsiddhi Ruparel

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Poems On / About CHANGE