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Poems On / About CHANGE  7/9/2014 10:57:38 PM
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All you guys change,
I just stay the same
we don't see eye to eye anymore
we wonder why,
We cant talk like real friends do
you got the lights and
i got the brights,
We wonder why
you the the weed and
you planted the seed,
I look around now
see the days go by,
Now I know why
we all change but
never in the way we want,
You changed for the bad and
i for the good
we wish it wasn't true,
We look back on our life's and
wonder why we had to change
we never knew
until life changed you.
linsey miles

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because i love you

i can always
that i welcome

that i can change
to suit
your mold
about what
love is

and you take
charge of my
life and soon
i will let you
see that
i master change
and change
shall i

into not loving

do not regret
your wish
for changes

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Slowly nature changes seed to tree.
Slowly sun changes snow to stream.
Slowly time changes night to day.
Slowly master changes pillar to fly.
Slowly love changes evil to wise.
Kranthi Pothineni

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theres gonna be change
in everyones life
but it shouldnt be forced
cause sometimes its not right

dont let anyone change you
if you dont wanna be changed
because its your life
not theirs to rearrange

don't get me wrong
sometimes change is for the better
but theres some things that you can't change
like your family and the weather

just remember that
today happened like it would
so that tomorrow can
happen like it should
Chelci Oliver

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Poems On / About CHANGE