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April's Pretty Cruelty

April is March's brother and All other year's months anytime, but It's the cruelest of all months Simply because that's the way We see it anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... Although it's great and wonderful, but It changes itself swiftly Into another month that bewilders us... It's changing itself as any snake Changes its skin anytime... It turns itself into a crazy month In a moment, but We see differently in another moment... It's sometimes out of control and It's greatly wonderful later on... It's the moody month that takes us Into the best and into the worst At the same... We all like it although it makes Looking at it as something weird and amazing... ______________________________________________________________________

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The New Visitor

The sky, a neon black with it's flares, that move in such a way through the unknown, has it's ways of slipping government secrets. The visitor I saw had the talent to put a sense of loss fear and wisdom into your soul with a glance of the eyes. It's clothes were a brilliant glint of metal like silver. It was so short, yet could be the ruler of time and space. The things you know now could be changed later, for they are here and have always been, for the future has changed the past and the past has changed the future.
Kailee Heckathorn

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When I Was Twenty Four Years Old Part 2

When I was twenty four years old. My life change forever I had to stop working. Not knowing that I would never go back to my job or any job. My life change before my very eyes. And now I have to change my whole way of living. Never be able to go back to my job. And never going back to any job that crush me. It turned my world up side down. Now my life will never be the same. I had to find something else to do if I could do anything at that time. written and Posted 1/21/10
Susie Hope

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Do You Care

Did you ever care, did you ever swear, did you ever stare into the light and hope maybe it will be alright. Did you try to make it work or were you just to hurt. Did you cry when u made it end do you ever think we will be together again, but here i am on my knees praying, pleading, and begging for forgivness trying to make everything right just trying to make it through the night. I wish i could have, would have, and did change but i didnt. This is my gift, this is my, curse, this my life, and it is the worst. I wish i could go back to that day and fix all my wrongs but it wouldnt change your mind. My heart in yours hands now in the floor to swept away another day. The flame we once shared has been blew out and now is just a burning ember of my hope that one day i might change.
chandler cooper

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