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Best Poems About / On CHANGE
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I Love You With All My Heart

When things are changing all around us, and the world seems to be cruel and not care, when you look ahead to future changes, or think about how the past used to be, don’t forget to look beside you, because that’s where I’ll love you with all my heart. That’s one thing you can always count on…That will never change…
I Love You<3<3<3<3
Elizabeth BarroTicas

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Desired Love 2of 2

Was she wrong to expect more from a mate that's her soul, to comfort her like a pillow of well manufactured feathers, the moistness from he's lips cover her hot spot just above the outer layer of her ear, closing her eyes in thought appreciating love. But reality paints the best picture, a casting photograph stuck in a nightmare of horror, why did she even bother, it was love and we all fell victim of this heart stopping destruction. Unsure of a future, destroyed by love, she surrenders to self, no one to dictate her mind, mis-place her heart, or even become part of her soul ever, ever again. Maybe if it was a different day and time, that knight would have swept her up, but times change, people change. You could never change on yourself, you will always understand yourself, trust in self cause, you make you.So Desire to love self.
wallace eaton

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Changing My Mind

Confidence up, confidence down,
Act like an angel, look like a clown,
Changing my mind, changing it back,
It’s all I need for a heart attack.

Smile at your failures, laugh at my own,
This isn’t right, should be home,
Under the duvet, safe from the black,
Changing my mind changing it back.

Accident prone, but never you worry,
I’ll tell you to leave in a big hurry,
Making up ground for the sense that I lack,
changing your mind, Changing it back.

I’ve done it again, Proved my reputation,
Is it smiles... Or is it frustration?
Statements once given, I cannot retract,
Changing my mind, Changing it back.

The notice I earn is diluted with pity
The smile that I give is a scorn which is witty,
While I hold my breath and start to lose track
You’re changing my mind and changing it back.

Fanciful feelings hiding a fool,
A cog that’s not turning, a bottomless pool,
Lend me what’s common, or just give a quack,
Because I’m changing my mind and I won’t change it back.
charlotte harris

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Change that's what I see
we still living worse
thinking money is the be all
I know we have to use it
to pay our bills
people being abject
corrupted inside a world of abomination
using money to erase unhappiness and pain
young people we still can change.

We can change
change the way we talk
always cussing
change the way we eat
always eating unhealthy food
change the way we treat each other
no matter who's dark or light
change the way we look at money
use it to build and make big businesses
we must change.

Change is hard I know
but it's within you
everybody living in pain
but we still can change
I see hop
I see a change for the better
we all should come together and share a bond
as I breathe each and everyday
we can change in the now
making the world a better place.
Angelo Mitchell

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