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Poems On / About CHANGE  7/27/2016 2:08:59 PM
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Today Is The Day

tiday is the day i make a change. today is the day i do what i gotta do. today is the day i change my ways. today is tha day i learn how to respect others. today is the day i put the past behind me. today is the day i forgive and forget. today is the day i stop being upset. today is the day i smile and not frown. today is the day i start caring bout myself. today is the day i take responibilty. today is the day i live life to its fullest. today is the day i realize life is too short. today is the day i see things through. today is the day i will make a change.
kiara lewis

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The Taciturn

I have doubt in my life, I have a knife and a soul full of strife. I'm out of drugs to sooth the pain, now I have sores I need to gain. Coming to a social stand point, hundreds change. And when the people change they unlock the chains from their cage. Curing me and killing at the same time. I am the equilateral of velvet. Pounding the poison through my chest. I am coming again to the point of no return, where people change and sands shift through time. Were the only remnants of the broken. The taciturn.
Joshua Vesofen

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Longİ Ng Through The Seasons

ARE WE CHANGİ NG...or the seasons...the last leaves of the trees...tend no to fall from the trees...the last flowers of fall tend not to bloom again.....are we changing or the seasons...are we changing or the seasons...happy tiny fingers caress the whiteness of the falling snow near the window pane...at the other side...bare feet are shivering in the snow...as though match seller girl of andersen has revived again..some people are begging in the wilderness for piece of bread..are we cahanging or the seasons..an old woman her hair bleached by snow opening her hand..for a stand...are we chaNGİ NG OR THE SEASONS....the last flowers of the seasons of the seasons tend not to bloom again...I envy the struggle between the seasons for being and overwhelming....and when every season changes...I long for a new fresh life and world towards goodnes...beauty...peace and brother hood.............
Metin Sahin

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The Way I Feel

Today Tomarrow next week next month next year, I will always love you. I will change, you will change but my love for you will never change. You lifted me up when i couldn't reach. you gave me strength when i was weak. You were my light when it was dark. Now all I want to do is be happy and love you. Tomarrow is here and I still feel the same about you. Next week will come jsut like next month and next year will come and I shall feel the same way. I always feel that way about you.
Makayla Straight

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