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Poems On / About CHANGE  12/1/2015 8:39:44 AM
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Time to bring in few more changes
Yes! Time to rearrange the pieces
Polishing a few, abandoning others
Adding some and some to churners

With time ridding of the old, starting anew
These changes must come, long before I knew
I have been postponing it since long
Waiting any further will be wrong

Changes are not new, been doing year after year
But it's always painful to let go of old and to new adhere
And then to the new, I start seeking the pleasure
Till it's time again to take stock and for censure

With every change come few approvals
And there are few who lament the removals
Life continues and changes append
Only on death they'll come to an abrupt end

Years ago I learned a lesson valued
And ever after sincerely it I pursued

I cannot change others and it isn't even worth a thought
I can only change myself and only here are changes to be brought
Vikas Sharma

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Things Changed

We were perfect for each other...
But somehow we fell apart.
Things changed.
We both went out different ways
Things changed...
You Changed...
You were no longer the man i fell in love with

Everything about you changed...
Even your voice I can not recognize.
Things changed.
I changed.
I'm no longer the girl who wanted...
only what you wanted..no matter the cost.
All that was lost the day we said good-bye.
I now live for me and want what my heart desires.
Things changed...
As eventually things do.

Two hearts that fell apart.
One that found another.
That found a love like no other.

Things changed...
Trinidad Villafranca

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The ' Winds Of Change '

Late one night a news came, Little did I know they were 'Winds of change'
A nudge here a push there, in an instant shook my sphere
How many times do I have to go through this strife, O Supreme Power please give me some respite

I now see the reason behind your change in plan and treason

Numbness of the free fall, made me strong and stand tall
I won't give it up, you can bring it ALL
I see you ever more so clearly, from the pain that I bear ever so dearly
The 'Winds of Change' they are merely, bringing me closer to your heart merrily

Draw my strength from the Sun's power, let the obstacles loom and tower
When I have 'You' by my side, I can handle it ALL and with PRIDE

After all, they are just 'Winds of Change' and they too, shall soon 'Change'!
Yamini Khanna

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Things Change

Things are always changing.

You can't stop it, why fight it?

Things will always be changing.

Things changed when we parted ways,

I look back upon those days and say,

"My, how things have changed."

I turn to face this new reality,

With hope and a renewed sense of security.

For I know now that even though things have changed,

That we have those memories.

I know that one day, that you and I shall be.
D'mitri de Castro

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