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Sitting here trying to think
Waiting for my eyes 2 blink! !

Wondering when it all will change,
Wondering Y I feel so strange! !

Though change is what I feel I need
I may need 2 change my need to change! !

For where it all ends, no 1 knows...
How it all began, only he shows! !

Coz Life is a strange journey of fate
in a twisty topsy upside down world of hate! !

A man can wait and watch 4 change
A woman he desires not so strange! !

2 take charge of his life & soul
2 make him feel alive & whole! !

Whole enough 2 be the change, the change.....
he wishes to see in the world.
kaavyaa kriday

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The change presents of life and the possibilities we have

The change presents
All of us experience in our lives. Change is the one constant in our lives. There are changes that we look forward to and change that fear. However one thing is for sure. Things will not stay the same no matter how mush we would like them too. When a life change occurs, we have two choices in how to respond. We can despair that a change has and assume that things will be worse, or we can look with excitement at the new possibilities the change presents
kristi hut

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Ruptured Script

I changed my name,
I changed my face
but who would know..
who know of this disgrace
I counterfeited my scripture
ruptured my latest siezure
& still life repeats its latest mistake
this redundant dream
turns to dust
this illusion is a MUST
& why just an illusion
for when we wake
we find what we haven't thought
to be a ruptured script
written day by day
plain and shining like the sunrise in the shattered snow
we are who we are not and I am what I wish to be
like we and you lost and dispelled from the dark
reliving the life of this ruptured script
we call it a day but yet days stretch longer
I changed my name
I changed my face
I know who I want to be
but still a disgrace
my life falls into my name like the pen synching with paper
I cannot change..
I cannot change this story I started, this life I'm living
I cannot change my name and not be this ruptured script
locked deep and tight into the pages still unfolding into my reality
I cannot be who I am not
I will always be
shut tight
tackled and shackeled down
released into mentality, reliving physically
I live in my dream in this ruptured script
Cynthia Sok

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A Million Todays

my hearts a lonely beat
beating for a thousand years
Painful as it is
I cant forget my fears

things gone down in the dust
lost because of you
Faded in the metalic rust
whats a girl to do?

drink and smoke just to get by
etching words into my skin
Can't get up the courage to cry
There's no use; I can't win

These games are making me sick
stop playing with my head
I've grown so old in my years
When morning comes I'll be dead

It's all the same nothing changes
not tommorrow not today
same old routine again
Im never good enough anyway

If I try to stand
you'll just trip me
If I cry again
You still won't see

You've made up your mind
about what I am
about what I'll aways be
Why do you hate me?
Why can't you except
that what you get is what you see
Why can't you except
that I'm your daughter; this IS me

I wont change
I'll be the same
I wont change
or play your game
I wont change
and pretend
I won't change
and be the 'good' friend
I won't change
and stop my foolish ways
I won't change
not in a million todays
If you look closer you can see that my eyeliner's running XD

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