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Best Poems About / On CHANGE
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One Change

One smile can change the look on so many faces
One laugh can change the tone in so many voices
One tear can change the level of so many oceans
NaKendra Currie

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My Broken Heart

I can never keep my heart hidden. My days are long and hard. My tears are not disappearing. I can’t help it but keep on dreaming. My world keeps on raining. It keeps on draining me; you’re the only one I need to be complete. In this world there is only you and me. I blame my heart that keeps you hidden. I could never blame you for stealing my heart, No matter what happens. Revenge is never the answer Guns and violence is never the answer to anything, even though all you want is revenge. It will never change no matter what you do. You must not let it change you, because once its done you can never go back, and change it. It’s plain and simple don’t go looking for trouble because trouble will find you. When you find it you will regret for the rest of your life. I have gone through that path.
viviana garcia

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To You

Am writing this because I know it is not a secret.I know you know, you have known from the first time our eyes met. Am also writing because am going to read this and be moved as always. (I love the way I write)  
I love you.the way you stumble on certain words as though you do not want to say them. At first I was sure it was not love so I tried to call it any thing else but every time it is you.you with your silly clothes that you think are a new fashion trend, you and the way you never seem to walk with any grace it is still you in a Thousand books in a hundred thousand words countless dreams you will always be the one. But it is a different way every time. Ever so different but always leads back to you.at first I couldn't tell you.I couldn't tell anyone because it was my secret that I kept so deep in me it beat in tune with my heart but you know. And it changes me. And it changes how we see each other but it doesn't change itself the feeling still remains in me like a the ice-cream stain on your dress the time we went out and you somehow got half the cone onto both of us. I wanted to kiss you then but it wasn't perfect. You were.and I should have kissed you then coz you were the sun that day, I swear.you were then sun and you were shining from inside me.
Peya Jakob

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The Complexity Of Necessity

The complexity of necessity. Complacently completely and fully. The unruly giant sitting below the twilight. today which way will the wind blow. Who knows. It changes nothing, for things will get done. I will become a son of gun. Its not lust its a must. Winning favor with an alligator. Vicious but good to have around. Protecting myself with some razor claws. It me and you. what are you going do. Fool me once okay, fool me twice time to change your ways. Fool me thrice it ends today. It was a bad play. But the games up. For its time to shoot some ducks. So you better take wings and fly away. Before I change my mined. Your running out of time. Choices have to made. Even if it causes the house of cards to cascade. I can taste the marmalade. So bitter yet sweet and that's way you treat me. So here and now I'm calling you out. Without the slightest doubt. Your of the lost and found. You were found. Are you ready to be lost yet again?
Ace Of Black Hearts

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