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Poems On / About CHANGE  10/30/2014 11:45:38 PM
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You Must Change Your Life

Facing up to our responsibilities
And our maturaties
Is not a subject, on which I can preach
(You must change your life)

Setting records straight
Opening yourself wide to possible hate
Being abandoned there at the gate
(You must change your life)

And ages will come to us
And years will fill our heads
With wisdom, caution, an understanding
(You must change your life)

Consumed by love, for your man
To sustain what you've longed to gain
Now that we want the same
(You must change your life)

How can one of their own
Turn around in the family home
And stand to say, 'I don't live alone'
(You must change your life)

There are times that loom
Speak only of a endless doom
When you're in that room, and say
(You must change your life)

But you MUST change your life...

B.. Alexander

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Change Is

Change is scary, change is exciting.
It is repulsive and it's inviting.
Change is something made by you and yourself.
Change is the one thing thats not made by everyone else.
Change is something that starts with you,
And when all hope is lost, there is nothing else to do.
Change is not from everyone arround,
It's not somthing that can make a sound.
It is what you can feel,
The only thing that is real.
Change is there and ready for the taking,
And it all starts with the desitions you are making.
Jade Blaydes

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The Soldier
Kurdish who, fights ISIS
Has come back from front and trench
He converts; astronaut, man of space

Time has changed
Time has changed

And with time the soldiers
Then shameful now shameless
Leaves falling with colors
Soldiers fall wounded-red
They both fought to reach death
Death means change

Reach in deep; depth of delve
Where's spring?
Where are eyes fixed at door...?
See things changed...

Time has changed for Farhad
It's winter; fall is gone.
Seasons changed
Kaveh help
Nassy Fesharaki

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What If?

What is today was your last day
And tomorrow it may change....
Would you still feel the same way?

Some broken hearts never end
Even if it's all your days spend.
Will that make the way you feel change?

What is today was your last day
And tomorrow it my change...
Would you still feel the same way?

Do you think it is the ultimate
Sacrifice I should make?
To give up my last day even
If tomorrow it may change?

What is today was you last day
And tomorrow it mat change...
Would you still fell the same way?

My broken heart tells me it's the end
The way you feel changes every weekend
Should I feel the same way
Even though tomorrow it may change?
Danel Van Wyk

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