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A Million Todays

my hearts a lonely beat
beating for a thousand years
Painful as it is
I cant forget my fears

things gone down in the dust
lost because of you
Faded in the metalic rust
whats a girl to do?

drink and smoke just to get by
etching words into my skin
Can't get up the courage to cry
There's no use; I can't win

These games are making me sick
stop playing with my head
I've grown so old in my years
When morning comes I'll be dead

It's all the same nothing changes
not tommorrow not today
same old routine again
Im never good enough anyway

If I try to stand
you'll just trip me
If I cry again
You still won't see

You've made up your mind
about what I am
about what I'll aways be
Why do you hate me?
Why can't you except
that what you get is what you see
Why can't you except
that I'm your daughter; this IS me

I wont change
I'll be the same
I wont change
or play your game
I wont change
and pretend
I won't change
and be the 'good' friend
I won't change
and stop my foolish ways
I won't change
not in a million todays
If you look closer you can see that my eyeliner's running XD

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You Must Change Your Life

Facing up to our responsibilities
And our maturaties
Is not a subject, on which I can preach
(You must change your life)

Setting records straight
Opening yourself wide to possible hate
Being abandoned there at the gate
(You must change your life)

And ages will come to us
And years will fill our heads
With wisdom, caution, an understanding
(You must change your life)

Consumed by love, for your man
To sustain what you've longed to gain
Now that we want the same
(You must change your life)

How can one of their own
Turn around in the family home
And stand to say, 'I don't live alone'
(You must change your life)

There are times that loom
Speak only of a endless doom
When you're in that room, and say
(You must change your life)

But you MUST change your life...

B.. Alexander

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I would not wish thee other than thou art;
I love thee, love, so well in every part,
That had I power to change thee
In form or face or mind,
I could not find
The heart to re-arrange thee.

For we were made to suit each other, sweet,
Apart, uneven, but when join'd, complete,
With powers and failings matching
In each as strictly well
As in some shell
The sharp teeth interlatching.

And so I would not have thee change, for fear
The valves might ope and gape a little, dear.
But we are like the weather
A-changing every day,
And so I pray
That we may change together --

Change like twin shells, that nothing can estrange,
But ever changing never feel a change:
So grow for one another
That each may aye present
The complement
That doth fulfil the other.
William Cosmo Monkhouse

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One Cannot Change The World

One cannot change the World so why even bother to try
Since the fundamentalists out there do their best to deny
Others of their beliefs those who to them think differently
Extremists of any sort seem dangerous to me.

One cannot change the World but by good example one can lead
One cannot grow crops if one doesn't plant good seed
If everyone changed themselves for the better then all wars would cease
And there would not be mistrust and hatred and there would be peace.

One cannot change the World for that much help one would need
But where one would fail many might succeed
If billions changed for the better the war men would not have a say
And beautiful peace would be with us to stay.

For to change the World one can play a part
By helping out others out of kindness of heart
Down the pathway to peace you are leading the way
And with help from many the World may change for the better one day.
Francis Duggan

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