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How Stupid Can She Be?

How stupid can she be? Knowing she needs to get away but her feet are cemented into the floor in front of him. Over and over her family and friends have told her he's no good for her. So why is he the only one she sees? She makes excuses and uses makeup and pretends everythings ok. She lies to herself and tells herself he will change. But night after night the bottle's in his hand and she's at his feet. When will this change. Noone changes and nothing is perfect. The pills, weed, alcohol, why can't he stop. The hands that's done so much pain, the mouth that tells her she's going nowhere. Someone save her please. She can't move. She ran out of lies, ran out of excuses, things are over the line and she sits and watches him do what he does. Her master won't let her go, the leash is choking her. She's close to disappearing from the whole world. His words paint pictures, that gives her nightmares. Every night in her own bed she cries and prays to whoever is out there. To help her, save her, let her free. How stupid can I be?
Jessica Lyle

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It's Not The Fear Of Change

The short time that a fish struggles for life, while it flops helplessly on a dry wooden dock is a pain equivalent to the fear of change. Or like a grown male lion, torn from the vast wilderness, separated from his family and all he has ever known of a world, and locked someplace in a prison of a cage. It’s not the fear of change….It’s the pain.
Just the thought of losing you Jody makes my soul cry and weakens my spirit. The thought of having to go through this world alone, living without your love…pains me indescribably. It’s not the fear of change, …it’s the pain.
Mr. Bumstead

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Have u ever loved someone that u give everything u never had and u know that they their your heart and they know that u are their armor.that’s what life should be about loving the people that complete not killing one another and stealing and drug dealing stop the violence and the drama look at the little vatos and little girls what about them did u ever think about them they look up to u and u don’t have they commonsense to change! ! Change your ways and come on they need u to show them the right path and all u do is smoke and drink and steal and sell drugs etc. straighten up your act don’t do it cause I ask u to but do it for u and your familia y los little vatos. Do it for you self, you messed up half of your life gangbanging try to get a G.E.D. and straighten up come on we’re better than that lets show that we can become somebody and be the negativity that they say we are! ! !


catalina herrera

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Think! ! !

Wow! ? ! Is my change a good thing? Being a happy yet a little emotional ball of joy… then changing to a stressed glob of who give a lucky duck? Do you want me to be someone who is carefree or do you want me to be someone who worries about everyone and everything just to keep herself from falling. You don’t want me to express my feelings through words you get annoyed if I sing too much what do you want me to do…you know what I aint down for that. Someone told me it looked like I was bendin over backwards to please you and I didn’t listen. But now my ears are open and I’m hearing every word. You want me to change is that what your saying. You don’t like me the way I am then leave sucka! ! ! No time for yo bull now and no time for yo bull later. Just forget it! Stop and then say, “im just sayin” WHAT! Man you know what forget that too. Cause through it all I see that you just too stupid to hear the words comin out yo mouth. But I excepted it! Now am I stupid for takin it in and letting it go because I wanted it to work? NO! I didn’t think so but now I do. At moments I struggle to understand you. But I stay strong. And im gonna stay strong and think. Think about what you said and what the world is saying, I’m doin, my part. So now I want you to do yours stop! … and THINK! ! !
Patience ''Cat'' Williams

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