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Poems On / About CHANGE  7/11/2014 12:18:18 PM
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Who Am I

I came into this world
as some new
the one thing I didn't know
is that you have to be like everyone else
to be accepted by the people here
i've learned no one is accepted
until you prove you're perfect
being better than someone else
no matter what would happen
I know i'm my own perso
no one will ever be able to change that
i've become this person
who is hated by everyone
if thats how it will always be
thats who i am and i accept that
no other person can change
who I want to be
that's what's going to change
I don't need to change who I am
so that i'm not alone
danielle bennett

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You Are The Cause

My heart,
is now on the right side,
Coz you change me alot,
Coz you change me alot.

My brain,
is now crashed in the midst,
You really change me lot,
Coz you change me alot.

I am now confused,
I'm frustrated.
I need you now here,
Come and love me.

Coz all I need is you
Rudy Rico Castillo

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The clock ticks away the seconds pass by
I am still here nothing
The clock ticks away the minutes pass by
I am still here nothing has changed
The clock ticks away the hours go by
Move do something change
The clock ticks away as the days go by
Change hurry do something now
The weeks go by
I think I am content with nothing
The months go by
My age changes panic comes
The years go by
I did nothing
Priscilla Monroy

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Iam changing,

Iam changing,
Iam changing this face of mine,
That I may end that attitude,
Not a foe anymore,
Since change is all good for the better,
I can see that New World,
Emerging from this complex,
It's me that can see that change for the New World.
Maxim Muyu

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Poems On / About CHANGE