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Poems On / About CHANGE  11/27/2015 9:24:54 AM
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Winds Of Change...

I sat across the street gazing at time,
Only to witness a grand robbery yet not a crime,
I asked time a question and it did mime,
In it's wondrous gestures which do claim,
That a change is essential in this evolving world,
It's absence could make everything to curl.

A change for the better is always welcome,
Many wonderful discoveries were the outcome,
A change is inevitable, everyone must sail the ship,
Failing to do so one is orphaned alone in the devil's grip,
A change for the good is good to change,
So embrace the time with the 'Winds Of Change'.
Deepak Calyampoondi

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I'Ve Changed

They say I've changed, ain't that right?
Is it cause I now put up a fight?
They say I've changed, from what I was before
Is it cause insulting me was what you would adore?
They say I've changed, as am not the same anymore
Was it cause I had too many challenges at my door?
They say I've changed, I now like being alone
May be cause when I did want company, this was the only route shown
They say I've changed, selfish as they had called
Is it cause trash was where my heart was stalled?
They say I've changed, I don't know how to love anymore
Question being, was i even being loved before?
Was I even being loved before? ?
Khushbu Kedia

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You Temp Me So

You temp me so to change my ways,
like a leaf true does change color.
But also they do fall away,
so the tree can bloom another.
You temp me so to change my ways,
like a rock the flow of streams.
But without the nourishment of rain,
becomes the driest of all things.
You temp me so to change my ways,
like the circle of the wind.
Never knowing where it starts,
or where its breeze will end.
You temp me so to change my ways,
to your lover from your friend.
These are the hardest words to say,
you temp me so to change my ways.
saint cynosure ( Ken Bennight )

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Smile... The Death Will Change To Birth

How long can stay the happiness?
How long can stay the sadness?

Nothing in this world can go always up
Nothing in this world can go only down.
Nothing in this world remains the same forever.

As the day changes to night,
And the night changes to day.

As the cold changes to warm,
and warm changes to cold.

As this natural law always changes everything,
up to down and down to up.

So long as there is nothing without an opposite, smile...

The Death will change to Birth!
Constantinos Grigoriadis

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