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Changing Faces, Like Trading Places

changing faces like trading places
everything is brightly changing
i saw today like i never knew yesterday
i longed for tommorow like today never happened
i meet you now like we never met before
i wonder how things could change so swiftly
changing faces like trading places
aliyu bori

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You Really Are Gold Stars (Prose) (Part Four)

You could say some words to shine heart and view sunshine/ I say: “You can make the red sun when you speak through your smiling lips. If I held you... I could live again. Say some thing’s to raise the dead. I want my life, thru neon again. I want to hold those words out west and drink them from you”/ “You’re the red Universe and you could say some words for me to live again/ under the red mornings of blue sky and that’s me star/ your golden halo hair, with your smile/ you’re rainbow love/ you could say some thing’s to be oxygen/ I can taste your eyes and blue sky and gold stars while you watch my heart sky in your smile, and you goddess can do anything/ “Hey Aphrodite, I stepped outside”/ give me your red lips/ I’m dying as the light stars shine thru neon oxygen that colors my death/ you could say some words from your eyes that could soothe me/ something all day, my death/ I’m twisting thru neon that was crying/ give me your heart and say: “You waited so long”/ Fiber-optic heart and taste your picture with the light sun, and hold me at dawn, in neon shine/ you are red mornings of stars, broken heart says: “You can give me your smile and I want to live. Come around so I can taste your eyes and sky and know everything’s alright for us- so sad girl when the darkness falls, you’re love... give me all those words and gold shine”/ you’re neon and blue skies of the dead, and I was meant to curl up in my sorrow/we could be together/ You’re gonna break life girl. Only you could be hearts over world... I want to be pure heart and gold stars... you could be pure heart dawn/ love/ “I got star hope, and it’s tragic lives, heart connections, changing color with your smile”/ lips/ you came to break my grave- give me some words so I don’t have to be sad/ I’m twisting and you smile/ lips/ you hold those words so I jumped out west to become my eyes from your smile/ Hey Aphrodite... I’m looking alive again/ I need you/ I went out west and I had one wish/ you can make it with me and raise the light Aphrodite/ Just say some words I don’t understand... you could soothe my world, how you were meant to shine/ I want to drink all the dead/ “You can do it. You’re a paranoid day”/ sun jumped out west and you could be the palms of stars and know everything’s alright for you... This love/ you’re gold star hope, and make it all better/ “I’m the east, and we’re off sun. Out west and I’m neon oxygen and that’s me under the heart... I waited for so long, and you could stay with your smile star feelings for us/ “Hey Aphrodite, I want to raise my head in all that color until I see you could be that beauty that doesn’t exist/ my heart/ you raise the stars and make them shine your candy heart / Hey Aphrodite... I want to drink the day, through light breath that shines, star/ You’re why I held on, Goddess/ Only you and your eyes heart sky and I look deep inside you, your crayon eyes- that heart connections, changing color with you candy... and that’s gold stars and the world/ your beauty/ around... you’re the sky and I need you to be heart-say: “I’ll do anything to hear your lips”/ no, no, no, no, you were hope/ I had not yet taken the form of heaven blue and gold life/ I had not yet awoken/ so tragic here without you/ paranoid red lips/ I waited for you/ You could say words- I could drink your smile/ I waited for a while for candy heart/ I’ll crawl from my grave/ so tragic here without you/ I’m twisting thru that oxygen that was crying for you/ black night with the star of love/ the paranoid day/ sun jumped into the color over America/ glistening magnificently in your candy heart twinkle in the stars shine sky and I held it there feeling the palms of life... and drink your smile/ you’re all glow and held my heart/ break my world from the heart connections, changing color with you to shine/ connections changing color with candy heart/ “I waited for a while... so long”/ “Aphrodite... I knew you become a view of star hope, and words and my grave- make my paradise. You can be oxygen. You twinkle life girl”/ I don’t wanna die again... be my medicine/ “So tonight shine, Goddess... light. You’re candy heart and a mystery baby... and when people rise with your light, you’re gold stars/
J Knight

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Never change, be who you are, if this believe you won't go far.
We all must flex to some degree, or ones you love will set you free.
Set you free, if will not budge, your conscience you now have to judge.
A Chamelelon you must now appear, change to suit to hold all dear.
Yes it might go against the grain but a little diversion equals little pain.
But Chamelelon don't change scale to scale for that's a road addressed as fail.
Subtle change is all that's required and rewards the result you have desired.
Chamelelon be just what you are, you will succeed you will go far.
Mark Curtis

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Time For Change

Change your ways
or my feelings will change.
Lower your voice
before I change my mind.
Change your ways
before you break my heart.
A woman like me
is hard to find.
Loushandra Wright

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