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Poems On / About CHANGE  3/5/2015 8:42:00 PM
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When the sun sets

When the sun sets
darkness sets in
a new world opens

In our heart
on a bad day darkness sets in
we are changed

Darkness within the heart
does not mean we are evil
just means we have changed

i slept one night and the next
i was different
my friends are different

what is the difference...

When the sun sets our souls change
we are never the same person
the ember light on the herizon changes all
Stacy Bea

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The clock ticks away the seconds pass by
I am still here nothing
The clock ticks away the minutes pass by
I am still here nothing has changed
The clock ticks away the hours go by
Move do something change
The clock ticks away as the days go by
Change hurry do something now
The weeks go by
I think I am content with nothing
The months go by
My age changes panic comes
The years go by
I did nothing
Priscilla Monroy

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Day light change to darkness of the night
Fresh rose change to dry by the time
Ice mountains melt and change to water
My love will never change, it'll always shine
Mohammed AlBalushi

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Words are floating flitting
Through the convex of my head
Turning statues into sculptures
Turning living into dead

Twisting people into poems
Warping pages into kings
Changing, changing every one of us
Into a new something.

Are you frightened of the future?
Do you dread the dying past?
'Cause I can drag the torture on
I can make it last

Turning springs into fountains
Leaping mutter into sing
Changing changing all of us
Into any everything
Liz Annson

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