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Poems On / About CHANGE  11/23/2014 3:41:59 AM
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Hold on tight
Bumpy ride
Cold at night
Hold on tight
Spread you wings
Fly away
Come back to me, don't
Spread your wings
Change is inevitable
Don't change
Not with me
Change is avertable
Be still
My lonesome heart
Be still
My dejected heart
Be still
My unsettled heart
Won't be still
Beats faster as
We hold on tight
We spread our wings
We change.
SharonAnn Dawson

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Time moves oh so slowly
I thought it would go faster
Its not as it used to be
Maybe that's a good thing
Maybe its just me
Time never stands still
We change every day
The longer we wait
The more we change
Over time we change
We don't like the same things
Time has changed
And we have too
Time is up
Lizzy Henry

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This Girl

She is different from any girl I've ever met
I can't be with her yet
She changes me
This girl

I know that she loves me
And she wishes we could be
She changes me
This girl

I'm madly in love
I can tell it's not a love from above
She changes me
This girl

I'm different you see
And unfortunately we can't be
She changes me
This girl

I Love You Girl
markis marlynn

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As time passes by
Things change, time changes
People adapt and change.
But you have to chose
To change or fall behind
For time stops
For anyone
Jaygirl Duchess

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