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Poems On / About CHANGE  10/6/2015 7:14:05 PM
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Little Boy Blue

We look but never ever touch beyond the shadows of the lights of dawns morning. As life turns and we face the changes do we ever engage below life's and lusts visage. Do we smile and defy life anyway? As it all recedes in the review view of another forgotten moment is it worth the changes and the chances? Little boy blue with his finger of a leaking dike heading towards overflow.
dave kennett

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♥ Without You♥

I'm laying here on this cold wet pavement, gazing into the stars, listening to the crickets sing, thinking about you wondering what it would be like without you, Please don't leave, i can't live Without you, I will die, cry and die inside, i will not show my pain but hope you can still see, dying inside as i count he stars, wondering if you can see them from where you are, hopeng you never see me cring, every tear I shed is because of you, what you said what you did, it changed my mind it changed my life.
Chelsie Morrison

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Border Line Good And Bad

I was dark and you were light you wanted me to experience your angelic world but I declined but still there I stand at the border line wondering what could have been. I was to bad and you were good. One of us had to change but never did. Now we admire from a distance and go on wondering what could have happened if one had changed...
Jorge Pagan

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Dark Side

My dark side is starting to take me over i am not myself anymore i have no one to be my friend I am alone i have no one its posion is slowly spreading through my veins taking me over changing me destroying my soul whats left of my good side my humanity slowly painfully changing me no one will save me from my horrible fate that i must suffer no one has the cure that can save me no one to free me from this painfull toture
Karate Girl

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