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Poems On / About CHANGE  1/28/2015 8:08:25 AM
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It's easy to change
but it's difficult to pretend to change
all I need is faith
and believe in my own path
but I think it's too late
to change I need myself
but can't get my feet on the ground
the world seems brighter up there
I will ask nobody for help
for this is on my own
just give me a smile
and that will be another reason
for me to change, my friend...

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It was in 1999

It was in 1989
when i start to love
pour all the love

on lovers
who were looking at me.

nothing seems

and will change

whether you change
or look for and exit
or a change.

i will

make you

without a major
or minor

so take your whiskey,

your wine

and spilled

on me.
Atef Ayadi

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Did you know that there's a change? Right in front of you, behind you, and all around you? Through its darkness and injustice, it brings you light. Light that opens the doors to your options of life, that makes the change and keeps the changing as life goes on, as times change.
the darkness behind ur eyes ...

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Each set of eyes has its own story-
Its fears, joys and heartache
Glimmering in each, crowding out all
The hope of something new-
If only for a moment!
Will things change?
Will I change?
Can I change?
Do I want to change?
The questions clamour for attention
The windows to the soul-
Opaque, clouded by thought!
The moment is gone-
The eyes blink,
Their stories move on...
Michele Clucas

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Poems On / About CHANGE