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Poems On / About CHANGE  12/18/2014 1:13:18 AM
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I Love Not The Unfamiliar

I love not the unfamiliar
And yet here I am

Change is coming, something else too
Death, perhaps, new life
Or love.

I resort to something I know
Which has strengthened me before

And change still comes, but I care not
Death, life or love now
Worry me not.

I still care not for the unfamiliar
Though now it is easier understood

Change comes, but I now am prepared
And I change new death, life
Or love.
Emmanuel Stone

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we made an agreement
it was carved in stone to your mind
i agree there must be no changes
without prior notice
but you change it a bit
and so i am canceling the whole of it
that is what it is
carved in stone, put a change
the slightest one
can break the whole of that stone
a little change in temperature
or pressure as the case maybe
can make this world crack
without prior notice
now don't cry foul
for both of us prior to that
have assumed the shadows
of the wolves.

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A place on the corner

From which to watch.

Watch which?

I can critique,

I need to critique.

If I don't critique,

Who will critique?

We're promised change.

We must have change.

Power has changed.

Hurt hasn't changed
Merle Steinmann

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Don't Change

I love you the way you are
So don't change a single thing
Because your eyes
Take my breath away
Because your smile
Is glittering
Your sweetnessis more
Than anything
Don't change because someone
Else wants you to
Don't change for her
Or for anyone
You are you
And nothing can
Change that
Lux Fayt

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