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Poems On / About CHANGE  9/17/2014 12:30:28 AM
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A Change Sudden!

Wind changes
Direction suddenly from
South to East!

Night rain
Comes suddenly from
South West!

Nature changes
Suddenly from anywhere
Round the globe!

Change of wind
Direction from East to South
It's summer!

Change of wind
Direction from South to East
It's winter!

Now it's time
For Nature to settle itself
From hot to cold!
Ramesh T A

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You Changed...

My dreams,
my goals,
are falling apart

Everything that I've been saying i've wanted from the start
are changing
and rapidly rearranging
from boys to jobs

What happened to my well thought out life plan
the goals,
my dreams?

I know,
it was lost when i started dating you
my confusion all started because of you
you changed my way of thnking
my way of everything
my outlook on the world,
all thanks to you

You changed so much
you changed me
Jacqualyn Abeni

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One thing that can not change

As I sit here on my bed
All I think about is you
I think about how you changed me
how I changed you
You made me a better person
I made you talk more
you made me smile
and I made you smile
until one day it was all forgotten
When you left I didn't smile
when you left I changed
the only thing that didn't change
was the memory of you
Kelsie Bell

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It was in 1999

It was in 1989
when i start to love
pour all the love

on lovers
who were looking at me.

nothing seems

and will change

whether you change
or look for and exit
or a change.

i will

make you

without a major
or minor

so take your whiskey,

your wine

and spilled

on me.
Atef Ayadi

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Poems On / About CHANGE